Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Richard!

August the 22nd is a special day for fans of the British actor Richard Armitage!
Although I am still struggling to learn how to make videos (so far all I can manage are musical slideshows), I felt the need to make one in honour of the day that my favourite actor of all time was born.  Why is he my favourite actor, and what is so wonderful about any actor that would inspire me to make a tribute?  That is a topic for another, much more long-winded post! At least his many fans (dubbed the Armitage Army by some long-suffering husband) understand [me] completely!

I have gathered together some pictures of him smiling (as we fans do love to see him happy). So I hope you enjoy my humble slideshow and celebrate the day in anyway you see fit! Natalie over at Richard Amitage Fan Blog will be displaying all the limericks she collected from numerous fans (who enjoy limericking). You can also leave a message for him (we hope he finds time to read them!) at Richard Armitage Net. I am sure there will be many more birthday posts by all his blogger fans. As well, the fan forums will be all aflutter, so I probably should check out C19 and Richard Armitage Central and of course, there is the Armitage Army forum.

 I am definitely going to be watching one (or more) of my growing Richard Armitage DVD collection.  Hmmm... maybe I'll go online and order something from my Amazon wishlist, so far I only have one audiobook! THAT sounds like a plan!


Traxy said...

Crikey, how slow am I? "Yeah that's plenty of time" - no, his birthday is TOMORROW (Sunday)! Duh! *bangs head on sofa* Thanks for reminding me! Hope you have a good weekend. :)

RAFrenzy said...


Before RA had you ever celebrated an actor's birthday?

Anonymous said...

That is the most lovely tribute, Phylly. You might have captured the only? wide smile of Gisborne in existence! Super birthday vid.


Fanny/iz4blue said...

Hey Philly, great idea! Since I got all his audiobooks i think I might get me some John Mulligan from Moving On, Drowning not Waving. Well, come to think of it the Robin Hood dvd set is due for release in September. John Mulligan will have to wait. Oh no that might have to wait too because i can get that at least from the library. Spooks 8 is coming out and don't think I'll have the patience for R1 version besides the fact that I hated it having MI-5 as logo!
Adorable vid, always love pics of our Monet.

Phylly3 said...

@Traxy -- I probably wouldn't have had time to think of it either but for Nat's limerick reminder posts! Thanks Nat!
@RAFrenzy -- Ummm, not as a "real fan", but in the library business I like to point out author's birthdays, and as Shakespeare was an actor as well as an author, I guess I might have sort of .....
NO!!! I have never celebrated an actor's birthday before. Richard Armitage is the only person on earth who has inspired me to learn to make a screencap, make an icon, avator or graphic, make a photomanip, make a slideshow, watch a fanvid, sign up for an account on Youtube, sign up for an account on Blogger, create a blog, and create a fanvid!
Phew -- and all that in a year! What a learning curve!

Phylly3 said...

@fitzg -- Thank you! I love to see him smile! And what better time than his birthday?
@iz4blue -- I have all 3 Robin Hood DVD sets. I just watched the last episode yesterday. I'm glad I was prepared from the fanvids. I can't imagine watching the end without knowing what was going to happen! Robin Hood series 1 has some great moments. The comedy is very clever. After I got over seeing Marian in camo bodices and practising martial arts - I was okay with everything. After all, fantasy is fantasy!

mulubinba said...

Thanks Phylly - lovely video!!! (I think I may just post up a Happy Birthday banner on my blog ... I can't think of anything inspired to write for RA's birthday ... I will leave the ingenious posting up to my fellow bloggers :) ).

Avalon said...

Happy B.Day RA

Myrtle said...

Phylly, a lovely compilation of smiling RA.

Phylly3 said...

@mulubinba-- Well you certainly got inspired, because that was a lovely post of yours!
@Avalon -- Hope you had fun with your Ben! LOL
@Myrtle -- Thank you very much! Nice to have you visit!

RAFrenzy said...


I thought so. LOL!

And I'm so glad you were inspired. :)