Friday, April 22, 2011

It isn't over 'till it's over

Sometimes it takes a friend to remind me what is important to me.  This post was inspired by a Facebook comment by JaneGS.

I have always had trouble with the Easter season, especially Good Friday.  When I first saw Jesus Christ Superstar as a  teeny bopper it was pretty heavy stuff.   I grew to appreciate it more by listening to the music (my older sister had the album).  Fast forward years later, and my son discovered the music from a High School music class.  So I bought him the DVD one Easter.  What followed was an Easter tradition for quite a few years that we both enjoyed.

There are so many songs I love from the 1973 production (that was the one my son preferred as well). This one must have been very difficult to perform, not only for its subject matter.  I don't think anyone could do a better version of this song than Ted Neeley.

Thanks for the reminder Jane! :)



This is one of the greatest musicals ever. Thanks Phylly! Happy Easter Time! Hugs. MG

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a FANTASTIC performations. A beautiful song about doubts and faith.

Thank you for the Utube link about vids blocking, but it seemed a little to complicated to me, so I put my vid on Vimeo instead:)

Traxy said...

I quite enjoy Rik Mayall as Herod ... but then again, I quite enjoy Rik Mayall in general! :) Oh, did you know that Agnetha Fältskog (of ABBA) was in a Swedish production of JCS some time in the 1970s? I don't know which role she played, as I've never seen JCS from start to finish (as far as I know - it's more something my sisters would be into) but it's the one that sings "I don't know how to love him".

Jo said...

I was introduced to JCS at age 11 when it was still very controversial (my sixth grade teacher actually got in trouble for letting us listen to it in class-Catholic school- this was a couple years before the movie) My choir teacher in high school was obsessed with this music and we perfomed at least one if not more songs from it every performance we did for 4 years. Thus I too became obssessed-- not a good Friday has gone by in 30 something years that I don't watch JC Superstar-