Saturday, May 19, 2012

Geeking out over stats

I have to admit that the part of my blog that I look at the most is my Statistics page.  I really like it when people visit me!  I always hope they stay to read my words, watch or listen to my Youtube selections or at least gawk at some pictures.  But I realize that since what I post is very picture oriented, that most of the hits I get are from people doing image searches and only staying long enough to snaffle whatever graphic was of interest to them.

This has been a rather unusual week for my blog's stats.  I was encouraged to finally reach one of my goals.  The number of UK visitors have finally exceeded my Canadian visitors!  This makes me very happy because I have always suspected that my own frequent page viewings have inflated the stats.  (Even though I keep clicking the option that says "Do not track my own page views".)  Not to mention the fact that since there are much more people in the UK than in Canada, and since Mr. Armitage is from the UK, it is only reasonable that I should get more visits from there.

By the way, I should mention that my top country for visits is.... (you guessed it!)  The United States of America!!!  Yay!!  Thank you kind, generous and very numerous American visitors!!

What bothered me this past week were the inflated stats from my Green Day post.  Apparently I had used a picture which was in hot demand by Green Day fans.  When I did google image search for Green Day, the picture I had used was a front runner and the source was my blog?  How did that happen?  I obviously got it from somewhere else -- did that source pull the picture?  Anyway, I got tired of all the meaningless traffic so I pulled the picture and put up another one which I didn't like as well, but added some colour and text until I was satisfied.  It took a few days for the traffic to die down but things are now back to normal.  Here is what my statistics chart looks like for the past few days.

Now don't get me wrong, I would be thrilled if my statistics more than doubled in a week.  IF I had been blogging about something I was interested in like RA, or even one of my many other interests.  But this was just a picture of a band that I only mentioned as an excuse to be somewhat topical and enable me to show some more RA fanvids.

As my son would say, what I had was definitely a "First World problem".  So nevermind.  Problem solved.  I am back to my usual "off the beaten track" corner of the blogdom, where I reside in peaceful good humour.

To all those who visit here, I say welcome, enjoy and if you like something please make my day by leaving a little comment.  I am always happy to meet my guests.


jazzbaby1 said...

Isn't it funny what drives people to blogs? I've had more hits total for Benedict Cumberbatch than for Richard Armitage and I've only mentioned him a few times. It's weird.

phylly3 said...

I guess Mr. Cumberbatch is pretty popular. My most popular post used to be the one I did about teachers for the picture of Serverus Snape. But that one as now been surpassed by Green Day. Sheesh!

phylly3 said...

Has not as. -- I'm texting on my iPhone so please excuse the mistakes.

Jonia's cut said...

Hello Phylly :)
I wonder if You have some connections with Your Blog, when people are searching for "Richard Armitage Shirtless" or "Richard Armitage girlfriend"?
Blogger as Google brand is very high in search engine optimization, positioning.
But the most strange is fact that someone were searching on my blog for "does richard armitage have a big penis" and I don't have word penis on blog ;D

phylly3 said...

Hi Jonia,
I have had some hits for Richard Armitage girlfriend but I never really wrote about that -- other my karaoke post, and the one where I compare him to Paul Newman - but those were pictures of him with women where the face was blanked out!
As for the "p" word! -- That word has never been on my blog UNTIL NOW!! LOL If I get some crazy hits from this -- I'll let you know!

tyme_4_t said...

As Lucas North once said.... "Bloody internet." LOL
This is one canuck who comes often, but just may not comment each time.
Keep up the gReAt work!

phylly3 said...

Awww! Thanks for visiting T4t! I didn't mean to imply that my Canadian visitors weren't as important. I am thrilled to be of interest to my fellow Canucks! I am always tickled when you leave a comment here. :)
I only mentioned the top 3 countries, but it astounds me to see the range of countries that visit here. I am very grateful for all my visitors!

Virna said...

Hi phylly, I just want to say that I've really enjoyed your site since I discovered...

the only thing is that until today I discovered that the page works better with chrome.
not even tell you how many times I've blocked firefox :P

phylly3 said...

Hi Virna and welcome!
I'm on Chrome mostly now too as I've had issues with Firefox. I think it's okay if it is updated often, but they don't seem to fix the problems quickly enough. Things seem to change so quickly that I seem to be always updating something!
Anyway, I'm glad something is working now!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Out of all my vids on YT, the most popular one (by A LOT) is the one about Mr. Darcy! (And that's the only one NOT RA-related... go figure.)