Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy pills!

Well I just noticed that my next post was going to be my 222nd so I thought that deserved a bit of notice.  When I first thought of that number it made me think of the headache tablets called 222's that we used to take back in the day, if an Aspirin wasn't strong enough.  According to Wikipedia's article on Codeine: The Canadian "Frosst 222"[contains 8 mg codeine.  But I would hate to think that I am a pill!

Then I wondered if there was any music about 222s.

Well, lo and behold! Little did I know that there was once a Canadian punk rock band called the 222's! And guess what? I think I like them! This song for sure! Here they are singing Fun, Fun, Fun from 1979!

Fun, Fun, Fun / 222's

I find it interesting that I am just discovering them now... ?   Way back in '79 I was just developing a taste for New Wave music but Punk was a bit too much for me.  I had moved to a city the year before after living all my life in a very small backwoods town.  When I first saw punkers in the flesh I was both fascinated and horrified.  Why would anyone want to look that way? The wild hair was one thing but the piercings!!  Back then, safety pins were the piercing of choice.  Yikes!

Yes, I was a shallow, sheltered creature.  Still am, I'm afraid.  But I wonder...

Would I become a sudden fan of Punk Rock if Richard Armitage were to play a Punker ... like one  of The Sex Pistols?
Sid Vicious 

or Perhaps another character named John?

 Johnny Rotten

Here is a punk band I've always liked.  I guess I should take their advice!

I Wanna Be Sedated / The Ramones 

Better give them some of those 222's!


jazzbaby1 said...

ROFLMAO! Have I mentioned that I love The Ramones? The shot of RAVicious is kind of disturbing but the RARotten one is hilarious! As for the 222's, what a great vid! Although I was kind of hoping for a punk cover of the Beach Boys I like that one!

IngeD3 said...

Hahaha... That Sid Vicious/RA picture is hilarious!!!! :-))

Phylly3 said...

@Jazzbaby - I remembered you were a Ramones fan so I was hoping you'd visit! Do you mean you have heard of the 222s before? And they do a cover of a Beach Boys tune? I must search for that!

@IngeD3 - Glad you liked it! Thanks for visiting! :)

tyme_4_t said...

too too toot your horn! Congrats!

I totally remember 222s - never took one but have heard of them.

RA as SidVicious - hysteRicAl!!!

Phylly3 said...

Well, let's just say the number was inspiring. And I did take a few of those 222s back in the day. I used to get wicked headaches!
That's 2 votes for Vicious and 1 for Rotten. :)

Anonymous said...

I liked punk, but RA as Sid Vicious, is hilarious!
Ana Cris

Anonymous said...

John and Sid - your toupees are slipping! Phylly, just how many of those 222s did you take? :D


Phylly3 said...

@fitzg - LOL! Not enough, my friend. :)

Phylly3 said...

@Ana Cris - So were you into the punk fashion scene too? Inquiring minds want to know! ;) Picture evidence would be good as well.

jazzbaby1 said..., I'd never heard of the 222s before. "Fun, Fun, Fun" is a Beach Boys song, just not this one. I love punk covers of 60's songs, like The Sex Pistols version of "Stepping Stone" or The Ramones cover of "Needles and Pins."

Phylly3 said...

@jazzbaby - Oh okay I get it now-- sorry I am slow on the uptake. :)

NovemberBride said...

Too funny!!! Everyone who just tilted their head to the left on the Sid Vicious pic, raise your hand! LOL!!