Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rain on

Thanks to our intrepid investigative bloggers and the Twitterers who follow Todd Garner, the producer of Richard Armitage's newest movie project Black Sky, we now know his character's first name will be Gary. We will now breathe a collective sigh of relief that he was not stuck with another John moniker.
Oh, please can we have more pictures like this?  Look at how waterlogged he is getting in all that rain! I don't know why, but it makes me very fond of all that wet stuff.   How about joining me for some of my favourite songs about Rain?

Since every time I see a new picture of Richard Armitage, it makes me ridiculously happy, I couldn't help thinking of this song:

Laughter in the Rain / Neil Sedaka

But since Black Sky is a disaster movie, I guess I should get more serious.  I have always loved this next song, ever since I first heard it.  This video has some beautiful scenery and a sort of Wuthering Heights feel about it, except for the creepy camera guy who is stalking the singer everywhere.

Here Comes the Rain Again / The Eurythmics

And this song is also pretty serious.  Sad too.  I don't want to think about why the rain might be red!! But I do love Peter Gabriel. (Sheesh I sound so shallow!)

Red Rain / Peter Gabriel

Okay. This next song really cheers me up.  I especially like the line that says, "Have you ever seen the rain... coming down on a sunny day?"  The answer folks is "YES!"  In fact, just the other day I saw that.  I do so love a sun shower!  It doesn't happen very often but when it does it just makes me stop and stare in complete wonder and joy!
Oh, and I am an unabashed fan of CCR.  I didn't realize how much I appreciated this group until I saw them perform a few years back at a summer concert.  It wasn't called Creedance Clearwater Revival but Creedance Clearwater Revisited (because John Fogerty was missing and he would sue them if they used their old name!). Well, sorry John, much as I like your sound, they sounded pretty damn fine without you!  As I stood near the stage and listened to this super group perform so many songs that I had heard throughout my childhood and teen years, it occurred to me how much I had taken them for granted.  I never truly appreciated them until that moment.  The feeling came upon me in a wave, and I bowed to the sensation, shouting out that line from Wayne's World when he meets Alice Cooper and says "We're not worthy!"

Have you Ever Seen the Rain? / Creedance Clearwater Revival

But this song is possibly my most favourite rainy night song.  I have used it in a previous post, but I can't resist listening to it again.  Brook Benton's voice is so rich and mellow I can't get enough of it!

Rainy Night in Georgia / Brook Benton

This song is quickly becoming a favourite in this theme.  I do love this indie Canadian group.  Corin Raymond is the singer and lyricist (and he certainly has a way with words).  The music and harmony is provided by Sean Cotton.

Rainbed (Live) / The Undesirables

I was very pleased to find an RA fanvideo with a rain theme.  I never tire of watching Guy of Gisborne chase after Marian and James Blunt's song works very nicely with these clips.

Guy and Marian (Robin Hood) Tears and Rain / James Blunt

Fanvid by CacaFM

I can't wait to see more pictures from Black Sky.  Please keep them coming Mr. Garner!

What are your favourite songs about rain?


Anonymous said...

Hi Phylly, what about It's Raining Again by Supertramp? Very "eighties", but I like it.
I hope the rain of pictures and news about Mr. A can lasts for a long time!

jazzbaby1 said...

"It's Raining Men," of course!

Phylly3 said...

@Fabi - Supertramp! I do love them. I forgot about that song. But I guess the lyrics didn't speak to me about this particular post. There are so many songs about Rain, I can forsee at least a part 2 to this post! :)

@jazzbaby1 - Ah yes! I did remember Raining Men. There are a lot of fanvids set to that song, it is hard to choose. I could probably use that song sometime for sure!

tereza tassuett said...

RAin and RA is a good match.That man all wet is something breathtaking.
But there is one song by Enya I like very much.For coincidence I made a video using it.Here is the link

Anonymous said...

Burt Bacharach: Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head. :D


Phylly3 said...

Oh Tereza! Your video is so lovely! Thank you so much for sending me the link. I am so sorry I missed it until now. I definitely have to do another post! I am sure there will be more pictures coming of our favourite star in the rain.

@fitzg - Yes. That is a great suggestion. I do love to sing that song. I believe it was one of the first songs I ever tried at Karaoke. It is a very easy song to sing.

Anonymous said...

Excellent selection!
Ana Cris

Phylly3 said...

Thank you Ana Cris. I am very happy you like my choices. I wonder what your favourite song about rain might be?

Anonymous said...

Hi Phylly3
In Brasilia, we are at the peak of the dry season, average humidity of 17% and more than 40 days without rain. There are several fires in natural areas around. And the rains will only arrive in October. So this is my song:Is not Gonna Rain Anymore - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds :0) Cheers!
Ana Cris