Monday, January 10, 2011

It's half past Phylly's bedtime!

Lucas North in a Russian spy's bedroom

I didn't really make any New Year's resolutions. Well, sort of... but only two and they really go together.  That is, I want to go to bed earlier in order to do more reading. Oh, of course, also to sleep...perchance to dream...of you-know-whom! I do need much more sleep. But I also want to do more reading and the best place for me to do so is in my bed, just before going to sleep.

The way Lucas North is looking at the bed in this picture makes me think of how much I like to be in bed, but how difficult it is to get me to go there!

Here is a video about the television miniseries character Wallander and how he is so tired that he falls asleep in somewhat inappropriate places.  I was able to catch only a couple of episodes of this terrific series starring Kenneth Branagh on PBS's Masterpiece Mystery. Ruth at Booktalk and More has done a wonderful job reviewing the series on her blog. Servetus from Me + Richard Armitage has also made reference to her enjoyment of it.

Sadly the video I once displayed here, has been made private.  It was scenes of Wallander falling asleep (even while driving!) set to The Smith's song Asleep.  While I wish I could show it to you, at least you can still listen to the song -which is wonderful.  

It amazes me how The Smiths's music seems to fit so well to Wallander's personality.

Here is a lovely fanvid about the dreamy romances of Period Dramas:

Only When I Sleep / The Corrs by Joanamafalda

This magnificent fanvid about Guy of Gisborne and Maid Marian from BBC's Robin Hood series is like a sad lullaby.

Eternal Sleepsong / Secret Garden by JulietD001

My favourite way to go to sleep...Richard reading me a story! This is a fanvid compilation of all his CBeebies stories set to music. It has a very intriguing title:

Bedtime with Richard by AuzMoz

Shhhh! I think he's sleeping. I guess I should do the same...

I actually had my first RA dream on Saturday night (or Sunday morning to be exact).  I should have written it down immediately because it's a bit fuzzy now. I do know that he appeared as Harry Kennedy! He towered over me as he was leaning over me with a big grin on his face. I was very calm, in the dream -- like it was something that happened all the time! I do remember feeling very happy and comfortable and safe. Sorry, it's not more exciting than that, but it was lovely all the same. :)  Now that I know I might have another RA dream, perhaps I will be more willing to actually GO TO BED!


NovemberBride said...

I know what you mean about reading before sleepytime! And I discovered the same thing about RA reading to me: I plug into my walkman and LotN, and next thing I know, I'm waking up realizing that I'm sitting straight up, walkman is still going and I've missed 3 chapters. Accck! Then I have to go back and try to figure out where I dozed off...but not until the next am please. Not very clear minded at 2am. Ever.

I adore the "Eternal Sleep Song" video. Sad.

re: falling asleep at inappropriate times. I coached HS cheerleaders in the 90's. I was giving a really enthusiastic and moving speech about how cheerleaders not only "cheer" (duh) but are a support group and blah, blah, blah...looked over and one of the girls was sound asleep. I couldn't believe it. Here I was being all inspirational and she dozes off. Turns out she had a sleep disorder. I must really be boring tho, cause a bride's mom did the same when we were planning a wedding reception.

Are you still awake?

tyme_4_t said...

He's dreamy *wink wink*

Phylly3 said...

@NovemberBride -- LOL! Yes I am still awake! Don't worry you won't put me to sleep. Thanks for dropping by, but not dropping off. :)
@tyme_4_t -- Oh yes indeed! Thanks for entering the caption contest!

Traxy said...

Ahh, congratulations on your RA dream! Harry Kennedy leaning over you with a grin on his face ... woooonderful. You lucky woman, you! :D Sweet dreams!

Avalon said...

I need more sleep as well.

Great videos.

I have never dreamed about RA....and probably never will. I usually have bad dreams, so it is probably better that I do not dream of RA, or I might dream him as an ax murderer.

Fanny/iz4blue said...

I've only had 3 RA dreams so far. The last one so hilarious! It was about Wattpad where I read a lot of RA-character based fanfiction on my iPod. (And yes I often fall asleep reading a story or viewing a fanvid) I was in the RA lounge where the chaRActers hang out. From there one could beam UP into a story!! LOL the oddest thing was that Monet was hanging out too!! Perhaps someone outthere is writing a Monet fic?? :-) (Sounds a bit like 3-D slothfiction to me!!)

Skully said...

Welcome to the RA dream club!

Phylly3 said...

@Traxy - Thank you! It was a lovely surprise! :)
@Avalon - Yes. I imagine you are busier than ever now. I hope you do get enough rest, your health is even more important now that you have more people who depend on you. I wish you only pleasant dreams! Glad you like the videos!
@iz4blue - You've had 3 so far! Wow! That last one sounds quite surreal. ...I would like to read a Monet fanfic! :) Angie? Are you out there?

Phylly3 said...

@Skully -- Thank you! I am honoured to be a member. Maybe we should have a logo or membership card -- like the AdoRAbles?!

Unknown said...

I starred this post in my Google Reader ages ago, meaning to come back and comment, but I kept forgetting. ;) Anyways, thanks for the link shout-out, and I'm so happy you enjoyed Wallander too! And congrats on the RA dream...I typically don't remember dreams, only the freaky/disturbing ones, so I'm jealous. :)