Monday, July 18, 2011

Good morning!

I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world.  This makes it hard to plan the day. 
~Elwyn Brooks White

Do you find it hard to get up in the morning?  I certainly do!  Perhaps (in my case) it might be because I stay up too late blogging and such!  But if I wasn't doing this, there would be something else that would captivate me past a normal bedtime hour.  I remember when cross-stitching was my obsession of choice.  I would tell myself, 'I will just finish this colour, then I'll go to bed.'  But after I finished that colour I would see another even more lovely colour that I just had to finish!  I also used to stay up very late when I was into cake decorating, for myself and others.  So I can't blame this latest obsession for my refusal to go to bed at a decent time.  It's just something I do!

But mornings are truly a beautiful time of day.  If I could live without sleep I would spend more time admiring the morning light.  So here is my musical tribute to morning, along with some purely gratuitous pictures of Richard Armitage.  That will surely wake up my senses!

Morning Mood / Grieg

As John Porter in Strike Back

I seem to do my best napping after I press my snooze button. 
But nevermind me ... look at how the morning light shines on his gorgeous face!

Cherokee Morning Song

We need some faster music to get us going!

59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) / Simon and Garfunkle

As Claude Monet in The Impressionists arising to capture the morning light on canvas.

That's better!  Now we're finally ready to get out of bed.

Good morning Starshine / Oliver

Are you alert yet?  Perhaps some coffee might help? 
As Lucas North aka John Bateman in Spooks /MI-5

How about in your own special mug?
Lots more stuff like this here.

This is sure to wake you up!

Goodmorning from The Beatles

The following Canadian band is the one that Howard Shore used to belong to in the 1970s.  Please see Calexora's interesting post where she actually met him at the Governor General's Awards Ceremony.  I have been a big fan of this band since before I ever heard of Mr. Shore.  But now that I know he is scoring The Hobbit, it makes me even more interested!

 One Fine Morning  / Lighthouse

And in case the music is not enough to wake you up, how about some more coffee?

As Faboamanto tells us, Coffee Fixes Everything 
(especially when we can look at pictures of Richard Armitage drinking it!)


Musa said...


Love the Cherokee Morning Song! I may have to use it very morning now to wake up.

Like you, I've always been a night person and often stay up very late on weekdays when I know I shouldn't and then never get enough sleep before going to work. Getting up and waking up is always slow for me!

Coffee and Richard Armitage helps get me through the morning also :)

Faboamanto :)

calexora said...

I'm the same way as you both Phylly and Musa/Fabomanto. And I'm now going to bed later and later because of all this blogging and RA goodness. I tell you mornings are ROUGH. And I have a built in alarm system in my cat Cléo. She won't let up until I get up. She doesn't even really want food - she just knows I'm supposed to be up for work and takes it upon herself to make sure I get up (got to love her for that even if I hate getting up). Too bad I don't drink coffee but a nice cup of tea will usually help. That and needing to see what new things happened in RA Land while I was sleeping...

phylly3 said...

@Musa-- Thanks for the use of your video! I love it! It takes me awhile to get out of bed, but once I'm up I'm off and running! The coffee helps me to survive the day, however as I am usually sleep deprived!
@calexora -- Oooo a kitty alarm clock! You are so lucky! I would love to have a cat but I am very allergic to them. (It's not fair!)

Anonymous said...

Tea for me, too! Morning person, actually. Years of staggered work hours, with husband night-hawk, and our individually natural biorythms. Plus now 5am alarms from 20 Ib cat and the 6 Ib one, who walks across one's face just predawn. Previously, 80 Ib dogs - nothing like something near your own weight launching himself onto the bed at 5am.

That op photo, Phylly, empasizes the eyes that might have been drawn by Raphael, or sculpted by Michelangelo. Love the music, especially "Starshine".


phylly3 said...

@fitzg -- I'm not sure which photo you are referring to, but I love his eyes in both of them. The sleepy eyes of the first one and the thoughtful eyes of the second. I would have included more pictures but Faboamanto has captured them all in her video.
Glad you like the Starshine song too. I have been singing it for my own enjoyment ever since I first heard it as a child.

bccmee said...

I'm just here for the gratuitous Richard Armitage pictures. ♥ I like the way he holds a coffee cup!

phylly3 said...

Me too!

Traxy said...

Good music ... Have always liked the Grieg song and Good Morning Starshine is wonderful. Thanks for reminding us of these melodies! ♥

phylly3 said...

@Traxy -- Glad you like my musical choices! :)

phylly3 said...

@All -- The heat lately has made my brain very sluggish, I forgot to include a couple of extra pictures which I have now added to the post. It has finally cooled down here, but it's almost too cold now! Sheesh! :S

Musa said...

Love the pic of Monet getting out of bed!

(thanks phylly!)

alfie said...

Grieg - so beautiful.

RA - so beautiful.

phylly3 said...

@Musa and @alfie -- Thanks so much for stopping by! said...

As usual, I'm late for the party :D which is ironic considering I am up by 5:00am every day whether I have to be or not. I cannot sleep late. It is hardwired into my body. Yes, it's a curse especially when I consider that I also like to stay up late. I'm one of those people who will probably die young since I never sleep more than six hours a night and usually only four to five. Maybe that's why I'm such a coffee fiend. Does anything else taste like coffee?!!

Love the music as usual! Haven't heard Good Morning Starshine in, well, I'd rather not say. LOL!

Love Musa's video!

phylly3 said...

@rafrenzy-- I rarely get more than 6 hours sleep unless I am on holidays, which I am now, thank goodness! I am a coffee fiend at work but at home I only drink it sometimes. Love a good cuppa, but at work I NEED it no matter what it tastes like!