Monday, August 8, 2011

He's so shy!

I was just commenting on Lady Rose's blog An Obsessed Fanatic about her latest post where she mentions the interview with Richard Armitage where he says he doesn't have a "nice-guy" face.  I beg to differ sir!  Basically your face is such a perfect combination of manly beauty that you can play a hero or villain as you wish!  Plus your prodigious acting talent can make us believe you are anything you decide to be. You even convinced me -- sadly -- that your heroic character Lucas North on Spooks / MI-5 was actually baddie John Bateman.  (Damn those writers!)

He looks pretty nice to me!
Lucas North series 7 Spooks / MI-5
Now he's being scary!
John Bateman series 9 Spooks / MI-5

 So do me a favour and stop being so darn modest all the time.  Yes, it is very sweet, and it's one of the main reasons I grew to think you were so wonderful (as a real person), but it won't be so great for your future career if you don't learn to talk yourself up a bit more!

 He's So Shy / video by angieklong

For instance, the second (annoying) interview on the red carpet in Hollywood for the Captain America debut, the interviewer asks him about the star Chris Evans.  Richard was very effusive in his praise for the actor, but totally missed his chance to put in a word for himself.  The reporter really had no idea who he was (other than a British actor) but she didn't even try to draw him out but asked him lame questions about the film and then about the London Olympics!!

The point I am trying to make here, is he doesn't need to be so self-effacing.  In fact. I think it is actually more about his good manners and upbringing than his actual view of himself.  This article seems to agree that perhaps some seemingly shy people are more confident than they seem.   I love the good manners, but geez!  Richard should toot his own horn a bit sometimes! 

But even if he doesn't (start tooting) Team Richard here will continue to trumpet his talents from the rooftops (or into cyberspace anyway)! :)


Musa said...

I love RA as he is, and his shyness and gentlemanliness are part of the very charming package.

But I do agree that as he becomes better known, especially in the US, he does need to be more assertive in talking about his talents and accomplishments. Unfortunately too much modesty can often be misinterpreted.

I agree with you that I think he knows his own value well, he's just too polite to say so :)

Phylly3 said...

@Musa -- Exactly! Who knew someone could be "too polite"? But there you go! He needs someone to coach him on being interviewed by absolute idiots and still getting your point across! :)

DEZMOND said...

he's really cute in that first pic :)

Phylly3 said...

@Dezmond -- You are so sweet for saying so! That reminds me to tell everyone to get over to Hollywood Spy and vote in Dez's latest poll - Who is your favourite Hobbit star? Guess who is winning? ;)

Anonymous said...

I think he should be able to walk that fine line about being honest about his achievements and not sounding arrogant. He just needs to start doing it now! And also get a better PR person (if he even has one) to coach him a bit now that he'll really start hitting the big time with TH. Now's the time to sow the seeds for the next project he'll work on after TH. :D

And Dez, have already voted, for RA of course!!!! :D

JeannieGisborne said...

His humbleness is exactly what made me love him all the more after his gorgeous handsomeness. Richard is very inrellegent and kind, but I do agree that he should play down the manners a bit and play up himself little more. Thanks for your wonderful article! Your always so insughtful.

Anonymous said...

Lovely video - I hadn't seen it yet.
Intelligence + humour + gorgeousness + shyness =
that's why he's so darn irresistible!
About being shy, I found this: "The vanity of shy person is his perfectionism, fear of making mistakes. It's the fear of ridicule, of getting a no, "not knowing", of being frowned upon that lead to the withdrawal. Those who accepted with humility his condition of being imperfect, always passive of errors, falls, inadequacies and failures, risks a lot more, not fearing excessively the trial from others."
I'm shy and (confess) this applies to me.

Phylly3 said...

@Jeannie -- Yes, his humility really is refreshing in an actor. I appreciate your comment!
@Fabi -- Irresistible is right! Anyone who has seen his interviews can see how special he is. Shyness is not a bad quality at all. And "fear of ridicule" is quite common I would think. Luckily most people are not in the public eye as Richard will now be -- even more so! I am sure he will learn how to handle the press soon enough. He is a very capable person! :)

Anonymous said...

All on the nose: shy people have to develop a confident air - in defense! And his self-deprecating humour doesn't hurt, either. (Say it before someone criticises you for it?)

But yes, at just about 40, I think he has a strong sense of himself now, and he also understands his attraction for many women. I don't hink he's stupid. He is an actor, and he's learned how to play the best attributes in interviews. And that's not hypocritical. We all play to our best in any situation, instinctively.


Anonymous said...

I think, maybe, he worries about developing a "Movie Star" persona, like so many actors. I think he shuns the idea of being a super-star. He wants the public to focus on his work, and not on himself as a person. I think he wants to distance Richard, the person, from the parts he plays. That's just my two cents.

Phylly3 said...

@fitzg -- He is definitely not stupid, but perhaps too nice? (Not really a criticism -- we should all have that problem).
Perhaps it is his publicist's fault? They should give the reporters more background info. (Of course one can't force them to read it!) Nevermind, I am a bit grouchy right now...
Thanks for your comment!! :)

Phylly3 said...

@Anonymous -- Is that you again fitzg? Or do I have a new anonymous commenter? ;)
Your 2 cents are worth much more than 2 cents!! :)
Yes, he does want people to focus on his work. That's is why I want him to call more attention to it.
But I think we may be missing an important bit of that interview. It sounds as if he is starting to mention being in New Zealand for The Hobbit but there was some interference in the video feed. If so, them bravo to him for getting a plug in for himself!

Traxy said...

I think Anonymous is on to something there - wanting to keep his personal life and his professional life apart. After all, he's there to plug a movie, and his part in it, not the pizza-and-beer-while-watching-rugby-on-telly bloke who enjoys skiing and fancies Nigella Lawson. :)

Enjoyed your post, as always, Phylly. :) Very thoughtful. Interesting article you found too!

Lady Rose said...

Richard has an amazing face, and part of the reason we love him so much is that he's fantastic at making any expression amazing and believable!