Monday, February 20, 2012

FanstRAvaganza 3

Graphic art by Bccmee
Yes, it is almost that time of year again my friends.  That magical week when all those who wish to blog about Richard Armitage may band together and celebrate.  It is the Third Annual FanstRAvaganza!  Mark your calendars for March 12-18 so you don't miss it!

Begun with a simple suggestion from Maria Grazia of Fly High! to Nat of Richard Armitage Fanblog, it grew from the beginning 7 participants to just over double at 15 blogs last year.  This year it has more than doubled and become even more complex.  With 10 anchor blogs leading the way, there will also be 24 tag team bloggers -- a grand total of 34 participating blogs!

Here is this year's line up:

      Anchor Bloggers:
        1.   Servetus @ Me + Richard Armitage
        2.   Traxy @ The Squeee
        3.   Nat @ Richard Armitage Fan Blog
        4.   Christine @ CDoart
        5.   Bccmee @ Richard Armitage Vids & Graphics
        6.   Frenz @ RA Frenzy
        7.   Mulubinba @ An RA Viewer's Perspective
        8.   Fanny @ Distracted Musings of One ReAlity
        9.   Judiang @ Confessions of a Watcher
        10. Jonia @ Jonia's Cut
      Tag Team participants:
      A is for Armitage
      An Obsessed Fanatic
      Avalon's Realm
      C.S. Winchester
      Cerridwen Speaks
      Crispin's Eclipse
      Do I Have a Blog?
      Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Country Life
      Fly High!
      Funky Blue Delphinium
      I Want to be a Pinup!
      Just Another Armitage Fan
      La Loba
      Me, My Thoughts & Richard Armitage
      Melanie's Musings
      Mr John Thornton
      Musings & Other Enigmas
      Phylly's Faves
      Searching for MY Mr. Darcy
      Something About Love (A)
      y que iba yo a contar
      White Rose: Sincere and Simple Thoughts

    As you can see I will be a tag along blogger this year.  I have only committed myself to 2 posts, after last year's juggernaut of 8 posts!  I will be away from home during the week so I hope I will be able to keep in touch from using my Kobo e-reader. Have fun everyone!

    You will be able to follow along on Facebook by liking the FanstRAvaganza page.


    bccmee said...

    I'm super excited about this year's FanstRAvaganza event! Can't wait to see your contributions.

    phylly3 said...

    Thanks! I'm very excited to see YOUR posts!