Monday, February 27, 2012


I have to thank Netflix for introducing me to this show.

Season 5 premiere trailer (2009)

She's gorgeous
And so is he!
I have finally found a TV series that both my husband and I can enjoy together.  He can ogle the female lead (Emily Deschanel as forensic anthropologist Temperance "Bones" Brennan) while I do the same for the male lead (David Boreanaz as FBI special agent Seeley Booth).  I wasn't completely taken with the the whole concept at first.  Deschanel's character was completely social inept and kept making irritating remarks like "I don't know what that means" for every reference to pop culture that it seemed like she must have existed in a cave.  I also didn't like it when Boreanaz's character kept referring to the scientists as "squints".  Seriously?  Do people really use that term, especially in front of the people they work with?   But the series grew on me because it is not meant to be taken too seriously.  It is actually pretty darn funny!  The romantic tension is very believable too, with lots of longing looks and witty banter, adventures and always a murder to solve, and sometimes one of them is in danger and the other one has to rescue them!  And did I mention the humour?  That's the best part.  Romance and humour - it gets me everytime!

As much as I enjoy ogling David Boreanaz's good looks, he is certainly no Richard Armitage, as was disappointingly obvious in the season 4 2-part premiere where they visit England. Booth has a melt-down in the middle of a traffic circle because he's annoyed that things aren't exactly the way they are back home.  Can we say "ugly American"?  I was not impressed.

Other than that episode, I really enjoy the humour and romantic sparks between the lead characters and also other cast members of T.J. Thyne as entomologist Jack Hodgins and Michaela Conlin as artist Angela Montenegro.

We have been watching an episode or two almost every day since December.  You might say we're addicted.  My husband remarked lately that he is glad we don't have to wait a whole week between episodes!  So now we have just started season 4 while they are on season 7 in the real world.  I have heard some of what to expect as the story moves along, but please -- no big spoilers!

Oh yeah, one more thing - I love the theme music!

Yes. I do like this series, and I make no bones about it!


JaneGS said...

My daughter keeps on telling me to watch this series, but now that you've said it, I'm sold! We just finished Bramwell (except the last two episodes which we started but hated as being totally out of character, but that's another story), and have been looking for another series that has addiction potential.

phylly3 said...

I hadn't heard of Bramwell so I looked it up and it appears you are not the only one with that opinion. Strange how they can muck up a good mini series. Was it based on a real-life person?
This one isn't perfect but it has enough great moments to keep both my husband & I interested so far. There are 129 episodes on Netflix and we are only about halfway through so far.

Anonymous said...

Will definately check it out! And you know what they say: Couples who watch Bones together, stay together ;)

Mommy LaDy Club said...

I have not watched this yet, but have heard a lot of good things. My husband and I watch Justified together. He likes it too, which is nice.

Thanks for coming and voting for Richard in our Battle! He's making a comeback now against Connery, and I still need to see North and South! One of our readers suggested him last year to be in a Battle, and that was the first I knew of him. Then many came to the blog to vote for him seeing it on Twitter, so his fan base is pretty incredible. I really like him!

phylly3 said...

Yep. The more we have in common, the less bones we have to pick! :D

phylly3 said...

I didn't see it on Twitter, I had a Google alert!
I can't wait to hear what you think when you finally watch North & South! It's on Netflix (but missing some scenes). It's also on Youtube if you don't mind watching it in 10 minute increments. But it is worth buying the DVD for the "extras" like a lovely interview with him.
Thanks for visiting!