Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Green Day!

Today, as I am in the mood to Recycle, I thought to showcase some fanvids from Youtube which feature music by Green Day.

Time of Your Life - (Marian/Guy) / by summergirl88

I Fought the Law / by PrinceZukoFanGirl

21 Guns (Robin Hood Cast Tribute) / by rach2xxx

The Green Day song starts at 0:35 seconds in.

Poprocks and Coke (Robin's a Stalker) / by thefiercefalcon

And finally, we can leave Sherwood Forest for Afghanistan and trade Guy of Gisborne for John Porter.

Know Your Enemy (Strike Back) / by bccmee

I hope these talented vidders don't mind it if I Reuse their videos.  I simply cannot Reduce my Armitage intake!

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2010 Earth Day post : Poetry of Earth


bccmee said...

Never would've thought of "Green Day" for "Earth Day" were it not for you! Thanks for posting one of my fanvids. I haven't seen the others before. :)

Phylly3 said...

What can I say? Any excuse is good enough to watch RA fanvids! :)

Faboamanto said...

Thank you for the Armitage Fix! Also great to discover new videos and new vidders.

Happy belated Earth Day!

Phylly3 said...

There are so many amazing vidders out there, I haven't even begun to do them justice. Choosing this band's music was just a lucky choice as the special day inspired me. :)