Friday, April 6, 2012

Hill Top Farm (part 2)

After my long walk up the hill (see Part 1 here), I arrived at Hill Top Farm and it was well worth the effort!  Beatrix Potter's farm is a delight to see.

Beatrix Potter Song   by Phylly    
(To the Tune of the Lonely Goatherd)

Beatrix Potter at Hill Top Farm
High on a hill in the La-ake District
To Hill Top Farm (Miss Potter Land)
I did go.

To see the haunts of the Flopsy Bunnies
The centre of Peter Rabbit's world.
Little did I know she was such a hero
Her earnings saved the land from speculators!
And when she died she gave the land to England
Beatrix Potter -- Way to go!

Oh that Lad-eeee!
What a wonder she was!
An environmentalist!  Before her time!

Oh - ho - ho - ho! Beatrix Potter
Storyteller, artist, queen of the farm
Oh - ho - ho - ho! Beatrix Potter
A nature conservationist too!

This video is a lovely tour of her house and grounds at Hill Top which includes her illustrations.

Here is the intro to a DVD collection of her stories called 
"The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends".

Here is the entrance to the farmhouse where she did her writing.
Hill Top Farmhouse wth a random tourist in front

Beatrix married rather late in life, after her first fiancee died shortly after their engagement.  She was engaged to Norman Warne, the youngest of the Warne brothers who published her first books.  She met William Helis in the Lake District.  He was the lawyer who arranged for her purchase of the farm.

Beatrix and William as newlyweds

In the distance to the right you can see the house where she lived with her husband.  She seemed to have kept her two worlds somewhat separate, her married life in the house and the farmhouse as her retreat.

Here are some more of my photos of the countryside.  Many of these views were illustrated by Miss Potter in her books.

I like to imagine what Beatrix Potter might have thought of John Thornton
[if he were a real person and] if they met!

If Miss Potter had met Mr. Thornton
This was not the first time I have mentioned Beatrix Potter on my blog
(and probably won't be the last either).  Here she is on my basket themed post.


bccmee said...

Nice travelogue and pictures, thanks. I wonder if she was related to Harry Potter. ;)

Phylly3 said...

That would be a fun fanfic! I may have to post about that sometime! ;)

JeannieGisborne said...

I really enjoyed that! What a lovely person Miss Potter was :) BTW, you sing beautifully 1

Phylly3 said...

Yes, she was! As for the singing... I am embarassed of that already. I was just goofing around.