Thursday, February 14, 2013

Heart to Heart

In case I didn't mention it before, I am a Library Technician in a small elementary school.  I run a one-person library and rely on student helpers to do the little, but time consuming jobs like re-shelving picture books and novels, some cutting and pasting for displays and other simple things that they enjoy doing.  It frees up my time to do the many other tasks that fill my days. But since the Ontario government decided it was time to pick on teachers' unions I haven't been feeling very happy at work lately.  This work to rule situation means that I have to stick to my very limited job description (which does not include supervising students).
So my contact with students has lessened quite a bit.  Adding to that is the fact that our school, which used to be very open is now (since the latest school violence --which I don't want to mention - but I'm sure you must have heard about) under a very tight lock down.  The library is at the very end of the building next to a locked door - so there is much less traffic than usual.  Is it any wonder that I feel a bit lonely lately?

I cheer myself up by reminding myself that I have a wonderful husband who still manages to love me (in spite of myself!), two well-adjusted, polite, witty and good looking grown children (who also seem to love me) and a wider group of extended family and friends that are great for entertainment purposes and the odd favour or two.

Perhaps I need a bit more distraction?  Well, I have no better place to turn than The Armitage Army!  Yes that amazingly talented group of fans of Richard Armitage are always ready with all sorts of pictures, gifs, videos, blog posts, fan fiction - a regular potpourri of anything a fan could wish for!

This was the latest treat that arrived in my YouTube mailbox today...

A Valentine video from mezzym01

Did that get your heart going?  It certainly helped mine!

And now (because I feel the need) here is a blast from the past -- a hit from 1973
 (back when I was a teeny bopper).  This group was Canada's answer to The Osmonds.

Heart Beat, It's a Love Beat / The DeFranco Family

I've never been much for guitar or drum solos but this song will always be a favourite,
especially for the last lyrics at 1:30.

The End / The Beatles

And now my heart feels much better.
You might say it is overflowing with happy thoughts
which might possibly look something like this?


C. Doart said...

I needed a bit of Valentine happiness in the RA video too (the others I can't open), but the first did open my heart and bann my tristesse. Thank you, Phylly, and hope you have lots of RA-joy and happiness!

tully2shoes said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this Valentine's treat! The RA video had me smiling throughout, & the other two brought back fond memories. Thanks so much for sharing with us, Phyllys! <3

Servetus said...

Good on you for fighting the good fight, even when it hurts -- teachers have taken crap for way too long and need to make their value clear. Hang in there and enjoy the RArmy!

Phyllys Faves said...

@C. Doart - So sorry you couldn't see the other videos. Germany is so very strict with their laws on sharing music! Here is a link to the The Beatles song on Vimeo. It has some nice clips of the band but I don't think it is really this song they are performing:
And here is a link to the DeFranco Family website where they have the same video that I chose but in Quicktime.

Phyllys Faves said...

@tully2shoes - You are so very welcome. I am glad that I am not the only one that likes these song choices. Of course I knew everyone would love mezzy's video!

Phyllys Faves said...

@Servetus - Thanks! It is very difficult to be in this situation but the teachers really deserve all our support. I am in the same union too so we are all together in this. I just hope it resolves itself soon. It has been going on almost the entire school year!!

Collar City Brownstone said...

I really enjoyed the video of the Defranco's singing. I never heard of them before.

Teachers, in my opinion, don't really get the respect they deserve. Just look at how little they get paid, yet actors get paid millions of dollars. Where is the balance?