Saturday, February 2, 2013

Phylly's Day Off

I love when several of my interests merge themselves into one example.  Here is a video I recently happened upon that shows a scene from a very popular '80s teen movie that takes place in an art museum and has a beautiful soundtrack song from The Smiths.

The scene was filmed at the Art Institute of Chicago, which I have never yet had the pleasure of visiting.  I do love to visit art galleries and museums and I can see by several of the works showcased in this clip, that it would be a real thrill to visit this one.

Museum Scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off

I like the song even better with lead singer and lyricist Morrissey's distinctive voice singing the very meaningful lyrics. Another RA fan obviously thought the lyrics fit very well with Guy of Gisborne's relationship with Marian in the BBC's Robin Hood series.

Guy of Gisborne - Please let me get what I want / by hedgeypig

Most of us RA fans have our own collection of "art" taking up quite a bit of computer memory.
But wouldn't it be fun to see some of it displayed museum-sized on a wall?

...Just one of the places I'd visit on Phylly's Day Off!

If you would like to see some real RA fan art visit
where you will find artwork like this one :
by  ~Essinvrok


prue batten said...

Very nice gallery, Phylly. Quite an exhibition...

Phyllys Faves said...

Yes, I agree. It would have to be a special room in The Institute of Armitage Studies.

Traxy said...

That would be an exhibition worth travelling to for sure! :D

I went to the BBC Robin Hood exhibition at Nottingham Castle some years ago. Quite by accident, really - I was showing a friend around Nottingham. Unfortunately, I wasn't a fan of the series at the time, so I didn't go around thinking how awesome it was ... but I remember the life-sized picture of Guy on the wall, and feeling slightly hot under the collar! :D