Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fire Away!

 I am catching up on some posts, some of which I started quite awhile ago but didn't have the time or the inspiration to finish. Please bear with me!  Would you believe I have over 40 unfinished posts?...

Things were really heating up in RA Land this July!
And believe me, it was pretty hot here too **fans self**

Richard Armitage as Heinz Kruger in Captain America
 Captain America had its North American debut on July 22, 2010. I had to wait to see this until I travelled to a city to get to a theatre. I couldn't wait for the DVD! Besides, I  had to see Richard Armitage on the BIG SCREEN (even if it was only for a few moments of glory). I thought it might be hard watching him as a badass Nazi spy, but I knew he would put his heart and soul into it (as he always does) so it would be very memorable and worthwhile.  I am impressed again with the background research he did so that he could immerse himself in the role.  If you haven't already seen it Servetus at me + richard armitage blog has an excellent analysis of the real-life person upon which RA based his character.

He looks really nasty in this shot!
Oooo! You are very scary like this Richard!  I wish you were the hero!

I dedicate this song to Richard Armitage because of his amazing talent, he can draw hundreds of middleaged women into a theatre to watch a movie made about a comic book character (that they would normally have absolutely zero interest in).  But not only that, they are not there to watch the main character and star of the movie, but to see a cameo performance of a relatively unknown actor playing a minor role as  one of the villains! Here is RAfrenzy's post about that! :)

Hit Me With Your Best Shot / Pat Benatar

My husband and my daughter came with me to watch it.  We all enjoyed the movie, and I behaved myself and didn't make inappropriate squeeing noises when Richard was on screen.  But I opened my eyes as wide as I could and prayed not to blink so I wouldn't miss a nanosecond of his performance!  
The whole movie was much better than I had even hoped.  I would have gone to it even without Mr. Armitage in it, as I do like comic book heroes and World War II movies too.  All the actors were very good in it, but I have to admit, I was just not as interested once RA's part in it was over.  Too many action scenes usually bore me, so when the explosions started getting out of hand I nearly nodded off.  (Mind you, the movie ended near midnight - but I am a nighthawk so whatever!)  I am not much for writing movie reviews so if you want to read a really great detailed review, see this one at my blogger buddy Ruth's Book Talk & More.

 3-D was not available at this theatre in lovely Banff, Alberta.

Chris Evans as Captain America is manhandling the Nazi villain Heinz Kruger 

played by, (you guessed it!) Richard Armitage.

Yes, he's a Nazi spy who just killed the scientist, 
but if you knew him -- he's really not so bad!!

 Look at the absolute conviction on his face in this gif made by Jonia.  (It might not work on my page so please check out her post here at Jonia's Cut).

For more information about this Heinz Kruger character, 
please see Musa's post at her blog: White Rose: Sincere and Simple Thoughts.

It was amazing to watch him on a big screen! 
How can we be patient until The Hobbit finally gets to theatres?

Here's a sampling of most of the best RA scenes from Alenanok


bccmee said...

It's such a pleasure seeing Richard Armitage on the big screen! I enjoyed his performance immensely. :)

phylly3 said...

Totally agree. He was thrilling to watch! I think my family agreed but they don't like to encourage me in my craziness. :)

DEZMOND said...

he sure is looking dangerous in those pics! :)

phylly3 said...

@Dezmond -- He was a very naughty boy! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Phylly, 40 unfinished posts? LOL!
My impressions were similar to yours. It was so exciting to see Mr.A on big screen for the first time, even for a few minutes! Intensity, credibility...and some great close-ups too. I'm looking forward to buy the DVD, then I will watch RA's part again and again. He was gorgeous in that 1940's grey suit, wasn't he? And played the baddie sooo well, as always!:D

LadyCassia said...

Hi Phylly, I shared the same experience. I went to the cinema with husband and my two sons and I behaved very well.
My children did not. As they recognised Richard they started making jokes (as usual) and ruined the spell, but the movie was awesome for at least 5 minutes!

phylly3 said...

@Fabi - Yes. Must. buy. DVD! I really do love that suit on him. We need more screen caps!

@LadyCassia - So fun to pick on Mom, eh? It was such fleeting joy seeing him up there on the silver screen.

Ruth said...

Thanks so much for the link! I really want to see this again!

phylly3 said...

@Ruth -- You are welcome! I want to see it again too (especially certain parts!).