Saturday, January 7, 2012

Time to 'Fess up Phylly!

Of course Phylly3 isn't my real name, but it's close.  I haven't really come clean about my real life personality, but what I'm talking about here is my online personality.  I'm Phylly3 everywhere, except Youtube and Twitter where I had to add a "The" in front.  So if I am confessing something as an online personality, it doesn't really have the same intensity as I were doing it as my real self.

What I am referring to really is the Tumblr website Richard Armitage Confessions  which is based on the website Post Secret, where people send in a postcard with a secret on it they have never revealed to anyone before.  RA Confessions posted the one I sent in the other day and forgive me, but I have to share it with you.

 What prompted this thought?  RAFrenzy is having a contest to giveaway a Little Guy action figure!  I am really hoping to win!  The deadline is tonight so there isn't any time to waste.  Get over to her website and leave a comment.  Then email her some type of confession about that Guy of Gisborne character that we all know and most love.

I have been enjoying what ItsJSforMe has been doing with her collection of Little Guy figures on her new blog rather ironically titled:  Do I Have a Blog?  Luckily the subtitle sums up her purpose quite nicely "The Many Faces of Richard Armitage."   These action figure antics remind me fondly of Kiteflier's series of stories at Little Guy's Place.  I can't find the link to these right now, but here is a Little Guy gallery of pictures at Richard Armitage Net.  RA fans have even made some very entertaining videos starring Little Guy!

I have wanted one so badly that -- And here is my real confession  -- The first store (heck - the first anywhere) I went into when I landed bleary-eyed into England and couldn't get into my hotel room to sleep -- was a ToysRus store where I fruitlessly searched for a Little Guy of my own!

We all have some thoughts (or deeds) we might now feel comfortable revealing, or let's face it - that most people would rather not know about!  Some could be quite serious, and others a bit more light hearted.  But it is certainly interesting to see how creative some people can be about revealing (although anonymously) their innermost secrets.

Now I'd like to conclude with Guy's own confession, a wonderful fanvid with a song by Josh Groban.

Guy of Gisborne - Confession / OlerySt


RAFrenzy said...

Thanks, Phylly. Just so you know; I will accept anything posted up until Sunday, Jan 8th at 1:00pm GMT+5. Good luck!

JeannieGisborne said...

I have a Little Guy action figure that I bought on ebay. Never thought I would do it, but I did and just before Christmas. Since that time have taken pictures of L'il Guy with my daughter's fairy glen fairy figurines and even an eletric guitar! All posted on my FB. I bought The Doctor Eleven action figure set for my daughter so that I could photo Guy and 11 in different situations. LOL There's my confession:-)

Anonymous said...

I love your "confession"! Good luck, and if ya don't get it, as Jeannie notes, there is always ebay.

phylly3 said...

@Frenz - Thanks! I still have one more idea to send.
@Jeannie - Oh I would love to see those pictures! I would have done the same thing!
@heirsofdurin - Thanks! I guess I need to learn how to use EBay!

JeannieGisborne said...

Go to my FB album 'What a doll" Phylly. That's where you'll see them:-)

Gratiana Lovelace said...

Hi Phylly3,
Beautiful video and song choice!
Cheers! Grati ;->

phylly3 said...

@Jeannie--I've seen them now and commented on a few. They are fabulous! Isn't it great to be still playing with toys are our age? LOL
@Gratiana - It really is a lovely video! Thanks for visiting!

bccmee said...

Such a fun theme: confessions. I don't have anything to confess because I am pretty open about my obsession. :) That's a great video. I saw it when it was first posted but it's nice to see it again, thanks.

phylly3 said...

I agree with you because my obsession is pretty "out there". But I'd admit to almost anything to win a Little Guy! :D Plus, I really did try to shop for him in England while extremely jet lagged.