Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Although we've had a fair amount of snow here, the temperature has been very mild all through the holiday season.  This has been quite pleasant, but very unusual.  More commonly we get a real cold snap between Christmas and New Year's Day.  So just when you want to go out and visit people, you think you'd rather stay home and keep warm.  It seems silly, but I've actually heard people complaining it's too warm.  (Well, one was a child who was afraid the snow might start melting.  The other was a snowmobile salesman.)  So I actually got a bit reminiscent of colder days - which brought to mind the following song.  I really like this video version as it includes photos of Toronto, Ontario Canada (which is also the setting of the song).

The Coldest Night of the Year / Bruce Cockburn

I won't be doing anything special for New Year's Eve because my husband has used up all his holidays and I'd rather just stay home and watch a movie or something.  So I'll probably just be the D.D. (designated driver) for my son.

Speaking of Toronto... wouldn't it be great if RA came to Canada and somebody snapped a picture of him... say, in a shopping Mall?

If only it were true!

I hope everyone has a fabulous time in the coming year.  Welcome 2012 and remember it's only 11 more months until we can see The Hobbit!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lighten the darkness

A memorial candle brightens the darkness of the season.

Even though this is not a Christmas song, it seems appropriate.

Long as I Can See the Light / CCR

This time of year can be very difficult for people who are far from their loved ones or worse, have lost someone close to them.  The long periods of darkness also lead to depression in some who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  

Lighting a candle to remember a loved one is a time-honoured custom.  Although it was traditionally done in a church, the practise does not need to be religious.  It does not even have to be a real candle.  If you wish, you can follow the highlighted link to Light a virtual candle.

Wintersong / Sarah MacLachlan

Just belting out a tune can help to lighten a mood. So if you have the blues, there's nothing better than to sing the Blues!

Christmas Blues / Amy Sky and Colin James

The angelic tones of this boys' choir named Liberia is definitely in tune with the Christmas season.

Light the Candles of the World / Liberia

The Jewish holiday of the Festival of the Lights (Hanukkah) started yesterday. Servetus from Me + Richard Blog has made a Chanukkah video starring none other than RA to help celebrate the festival.

Here are some photos of Richard Armitage featured in various roles, illuminated by candlelight .
 As John Thornton in North and South (episode 2)

 As Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood (series 3).

As Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit (to be released in Dec. 2012)

Bask in the glow of his loveliness and experience the Armitage Effect!

The days are now starting to lengthen again at the passing of the Winter Solstice.  Likewise the lack of news from The Hobbit is over with the release of the trailer!

(for Canadians who like Richard Armitage and/or Dawn French)

Tyme4t sent me a note that Vision TV will be showing The Vicar of Dibley Christmas specials (2006) Tonight!: Thursday Dec. 22 (Part 1), and Friday Dec. 23 (Part 2) at 8:00 ET (7:00 Central time)

Watching Harry Kennedy propose to Geraldine Granger lights me up - every time!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Snow wonder

Guy of Gisborne looking snowy
It has been warmer than usual so far this winter. Many parts of Canada haven't received their usual amount of snowfall.  I can't conceive of a Christmas without snow, so please let me share with you some snowy scenes and songs of the season. These two songs were both new to me and are both by very talented young Canadians. 

I love the retro sound of this song.  It was written and performed by Meaghan Smith who hails from London, Ontario.  She has a lovely voice and I find the bouncy, upbeat vibe of this song is very engaging.  The video appears to be by and about some university students celebrating a "snow day" when classes are cancelled due to a snow storm.  They look like they are really enjoying themselves. 
Please click on her name to see Meaghan's webpage where you can read her bio and see some professional videos of her songs.

Snow Day (It Snowed) / by Meaghan Smith

This cover of The Little Drummer Boy is by a 16 year old High School student from Winnipeg, Manitoba named Sean Quigley.  He plays all the instruments himself, but especially loves his drums.  He also made the video himself with a bit of help in filming by a family member.  I love that he used the city of Winnipeg as his backdrop on a perfect snowy day.  The last scene from atop a building, showing the skyline is very effective.  Also very nice is that he shows friends of his holding up signs which read Merry Christmas in a variety of languages. If you click on his name below you can read more about him in a news article.  His video has quickly gone viral.
***Please Note:  Most people would not choose to wear shorts in the winter!***

Little Drummer Boy / Sean Quigley

You may think me a flake, but this is no snow job!  Looking closely will make my subject crystal clear.

Now that you are in a flurry of excitement - Here are some good wishes for you!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Crazy Christmas songs

Phylly finally feels festive!

Share in a silly seasonal sing-along.

I was dared to sing this once in public. I'd like to say I didn't take the dare but....

Porky Pig's Blue Christmas

We had a Reader's Digest Chistmas Collection of songs and this was our family's most requested one on the album:

All I Want For Christmas / Spike Jones

This is a fun song at the best of times but this is definitely a unusual version.

Must Be Santa / sung by Bob Dylan

This singing comedian can make a Christmas song out of almost anything!

I Am Santa Claus / Bob Rivers

Here's another childhood favourite.

I'm Getting Nuttin' for Christmas

And now a little something for my fellow RA fans!
Ooooo! I am soooo BAD! I really am getting nuttin' for Christmas!

 It seems so cruel to have him posing in a snowbank.
Here's one (by the artist who shall remain nameless) where he seems much warmer (and happier too!).

Best Wishes for the Holiday season!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Coldplay fanvids continued...

This is part 2 of an earlier post where I discovered that there were quite a few Richard Amitage fans who were also fans of the music of Coldplay.

If you haven't seen the original post (which was recently updated with a new fanvid for Spies) please click here.

The first fanvid up for your enjoyment is to the song Violet Hill.  The lyrics start with:
Was a long and dark December,
From the rooftops I remember
There was snow
White snow
which seems very appropriate for the current month.  It also fits well for the opening scenes of Thornton's mill in North and South with all the cotton flying around like snow.

The next video is from the short-lived television series The Golden Hour. I made reference to this video in my comments in part 1 of this post.  This is a private video on Vimeo but you will be able to watch it if you enter the password (which is supplied for you) into the box.

Fix You / by Yorkshirewench
(The password is butterfly)

The next three videos are by the same vidder and all are from the Robin Hood series. Liisakee is definitely a Coldplay fan as I had a couple of her videos in the Coldplay part 1 post.

 Lost by Liisakee

Strawberry Swing by Liisakee

Liisakee's last one is only for real Robin Hood fans.  There's not enough Guy in it to satisfy most RA fans, but if you enjoy the song and keep your eyes peeled you will be rewarded. As she states in her note headed by *please read* the song was picked for its faster beat and doesn't really follow the lyrics. But as she also says: "Coldplay + Robin Hood = Epic Win"

 Speed of Sound (Robin Hood Season 3) / by Liisakee

Here's a Coldplay song I wasn't familiar with. That's what I love so much about fanvids.  I have learned so many more new songs this way!

What If? / by Ganamona

This next video is based on a plot by Rosfan (I am guessing a fanfic?).  It imagines a deeper relationship between Ros and Lucas from Spooks in which they have both been deeply affected by the bomb in the series 7 season ender.  The song used in the video is Life in Technicolor (which is rather ironic since the video is all in black & white).  I also enjoyed the camaraderie of these two and every scene they shared very much.

"Fallout" (Lucas/Ros) / by JulietD001

The Scientist is the music for the next video by the same vidder.  It is from series 7 Spooks about the way Lucas North is yearning for some sign of love from his ex-wife Elizaveta.  It is really heartbreaking to watch Richard Armitage's portrayal of Lucas North's desperate attempt to connect with her as he is so coldly rebuffed.

Tell Me You Love Me? / by JulietD001

This vidder uses the sadness of the song 42 to help portray 
Lucas North's character for series 7.

42 / by salazarlp

The song Trouble seems perfect for the character of Lucas North in Spooks.

Trouble by misshale78

I am always interested to see more RAfanvids to Coldplay songs.  Let me know if you find some that aren't in my Part 1 or Part 2 posts.