Monday, August 22, 2016

It's that Time again!

I know... I know!  I have been a very bad blogger!  My last post was a year ago!  That's right, last Armitage Day.  So I guess I am now down to an annual post.

I haven't lost my interest in our dear Mr. Armitage.  It was just that I couldn't keep up with the intensity of it and well, there were other interests too...  Not other actors!  Oh no, I am still a one-man woman.

There is the wonder of Netfix though.  For the last several summers I have spent a lot of it binge watching whole seasons of certain shows.  Last summer it was Gilmore Girls.  The summer before it was Wallander (the Swedish series) - more about that soon (I hope!).  The previous summer it was Life on Mars (the English series - no, not the American one, sorry!).  This summer it was, and is... Doctor Who!  I have just started watching Matt Smith's version of the Doctor, and while I do miss David Tennant, I am still enjoying the show very much.

I first started watching Doctor Who many moons ago as a youngster when this guy was the Doctor.
Tom Baker - the Doctor from 1974-1981
 I was curious when they resurrected the series in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston.  I watched the first couple of episodes and enjoyed it, but somehow I lost track of it and never bothered about it again until the winter before last when I caught a Christmas special on cable tv - probably a rerun because it had Matt Smith in it then.  It was quite enthralling, and there was another episode after that, then another, and on until around 3:00 in the morning I finally decided I needed to go to bed!  Good thing this was during the Christmas holidays!  So I caught the Who bug, you might say.  But I didn't really do anything about it, until I Doctor Who showed up on Netflix.   I think the original episodes were on first.  I did try to watch the earliest ones -  but couldn't get past the really amateur special effects.  Then finally the new episodes showed up!  I was savouring them at first, but then I got worried that Netflix might discontinue them before I could finish with them (like they did with MI-5). I still haven't seen all of season 6 (or was it 5?).  Anyway, hence the summer binge watching!

As always, I would love it if my latest obsession could merge with my main one.  If that would be so, my dream would come true and I would see something like this:
Not sure who to credit for this, if it is yours, please let me know! 

From Tumblr: 
  Ahh!  He is wearing the MI-5 blue suit... Yes!

I found this picture a couple of years ago and I have been waiting to share it.
Once again I wish I knew who created it.

I was pleased to discover someone has actually created a fanvid with Richard inserted into the show.
How did I miss seeing this for so long?

Link to Youtube

I hope all the fandom has a wonderful time this Armitage Day