Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Warmest Wishes for Christmas

I found a lovely Christmas wallpaper on Tumblr by Anna on Richard Armitage Poland Fanpage.

And here is my contribution...

I hope everyone out there has a wonderful, safe and peaceful holiday season.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

November, Revisited.

I apologise for neglecting my blogging duties lately.  It's not that I haven't had ideas, I just lack the energy to put it all down in some kind of logical manner. November's weather was very gloomy, and winter has set in for the season.  I was considering whether I wanted to do a Remembrance Day post, but the Sunday before the date, we were invited out for dinner so that meant if I wanted to write something I would be up most of the night.  Then that night we heard the news that there was a plane crash at our local airport.  This was something that had never happened here before.  Sure, there were sometimes accidents with float planes, but never a passenger plane.  With sick hearts, we went to bed knowing that in our small area, it was a certainty that we would know at least one person who died in that crash.  We learned the names of the victims the next day.  There were three local people who were killed, as well as the pilot, and copilot.  Miraculously there had been 2 survivors.
That was a dreadful time of mourning for our town.

The other thing that has been occupying my every waking moment was getting ready to transfer to another elementary school library in our area.  It was very bittersweet to say good bye to such a wonderful group of students and teachers.  It was hard work trying to tie up all the loose ends I had built up over the dozen or so years I had been at that school. But I received such a fabulous send-off in a school wide assembly - it was truly overwhelming.  I am still going through all the lovely notes and drawings I received from the students.

The other preoccupation around here lately has been antics of Toronto's mayor.  It is a Canadian truism that everybody hates Toronto (except Torontonians).  While some might think that it is a western Canadian thing --  I can assure you that Northern Ontario has a much bigger grudge.  So of course we can delight in the world wide mockery that Rob Ford has made of his city!  Almost every day there he was on the news making an even bigger ass of himself than the day before!  My favourite comedians didn't have any trouble coming up with something to say- they just basically needed to repeat his quotes.  I love the look on Stephen Colbert's face after Ford's last infamous quote.

But as always, Rick Mercer manages to bring everything into perspective.

I was dying to write something about this ridiculous excuse for a public figure, but I have tried not to be too political on this blog, although it has been difficult at times.  Why did I wish to reign in my very strong opinions? -- Just that I had no wish to offend anyone.  So imagine how thrilled I was when I read Richard Armitage's statements in the New York Moves article!  Nothing he said really surprised me, but I was glad that he had the courage to share his opinions.  Since he is a British citizen, it isn't hard to believe that he would be pro gun control and pro National Health Care. Most Canadians would also agree. (Not too sure about Rob Ford, though!)

Well, with all this talk about guns and Rob Ford, I can't help thinking about one of my favourite songs from Elton John's fabulous "Rock of the Westies" album.

These lyrics in particular:

Like a child when his toys have been stepped on
That's how it all seemed to me
I burst the bubble that both of us lived in
And I'm damned if I'll ever get rid of this guilt that I feel
And if looks could kill then I'd be a dead man
Your friends and mine don't call no more
Hell, I thought it was best but now I feel branded
Breaking up's sometimes like breaking the law
Breaking up's sometimes like breaking the law

And I feel like a bullet in the gun of Robert Ford
I'm low as a paid assassin is
You know I'm cold as a hired sword
I'm so ashamed can't we patch it up
You know I can't think straight no more
You make me feel like a bullet honey in the gun of Robert Ford

I Feel Like a Bullet (in the gun of Robert Ford /Elton John

I really couldn't resist this!

I've been meaning to post something for ages...  There is nothing like a good belly laugh to finally get me motivated!

Voice-over Switch: The Hobbit / North & South / by Buchjj
Thanks to fellow RA well-wisher Teresa Armitage, 
who posted this on The RA Friends Network Facebook page.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Killer in the corn

What makes a cornfield so scary?  Last year I posted about scarecrows, but sometimes a field can be spooky looking even without the scarecrow.

 In Season 6, episode 12 of BonesDr. Brennan and FBI agent Booth discover
a grisly murder in a cornfield.

Recently I had the pleasure of hearing Brock Zeman perform  a crowd favourite,
his spooky song: "Killer in the Corn"

If you click on his name it will bring up his touring schedule.  He may be coming to a place near you!

In the Alice Sebold's novel, The Lovely Bones the main character, 14 year old Susie is murdered in a cornfield and she tells the story from her perspective as her soul lingers nearby her family while they try to cope with her loss.  Here is an excerpt of the first chapter which describes what happened to her.  (It is quite graphic so don't read it if it might disturb you.)

Saorise Ronan stars as Susie Salmon in The Lovely Bones

A film adaptation was made from the book in 2009 and was directed by Peter Jackson.  (It just happens to be his birthday today! ) Here is an interview with Jackson where he discusses the movie.

Director Peter Jackson has just wrapped up filming of his 3 part adaptation of The Hobbit, starring Martin Freeman as hobbit Bilbo Baggins and none other than Richard Armitage as the heroic dwarven leader Thorin Oakenshield.  There have been many interviews since part 1, An Unexpected Journey hit theatres last December.  Part 2, The Desolation of Smaug will be this Christmas season's offering.  The interview I would like to feature here was a film screening, and an interview session from Sydney, Australia known as Popcorn Taxi.

View the photo gallery here!

There are quite a few videos of this interview on Youtube and even on the Popcorn Taxi site, but I like that they also have the transcript here.
I have enjoyed listening to this interview more than once, but this time it was this quote which stood out for me.  When asked if he considered himself a "method actor", here was his response:
We were always told, ‘Don’t bring the character to you, go to the character’. I always preferred leaving lots of myself outside the room and exploring the world through the eyes and the body and the mind of a different person who is ultimately better than you are. Even if they’re a mass murderer, they’re infinitely more interesting than you are. People talk about The Method, or whatever. I don’t think I’m a Method actor. I have a method but I don’t believe you have to be a mass murderer to play a mass murderer.

So there you go.  Thankfully, Richard Armitage is definitely NOT the killer in the corn!
(I know I'll sleep better tonight!...)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Time

We've been having some lovely fall weather lately, nothing like last year!  I only wish it could last longer.  But some strong winds keep blowing away that glorious golden foliage.  My back door (which needs replacing) keeps banging open and shut and it startles me every time.  This is also the time I am cleaning up our cabin to close it for the dreaded winter!

The song Four Strong Winds keeps running through my mind.  My favourite version is sung by Neil Young with Nicolette Larson from his Comes a Time album (1978).  This album is not only one of my favourite Neil Young albums, but also one of my all-time favourite albums period!

I found this video of the title song from the album.  The video seems to suit this season quite well.

I love Neil Young songs, but mixed with the harmonies of Nicolette Larson - it is so good it makes the hairs stand up on the top of my head!  I love to sing -- I used to be in a church choir, very small but we had some very good male voices and we were able to do 4 part harmony.  Sometimes, when I was singing and I hit a certain note, it mixed with the other voices I was hearing and gave me a buzz like a micro-second eargasm!  Have you noticed I love harmony?

But wait, now I'm off on a tangent -- this was supposed to be my Thanksgiving post.  I guess I get bored doing similar posts every year.  What else can I say?  Here was my post in 2010, my first year of blogging, where I attempted to explain our Canadian tradition of Thanksgiving:
It's Thanksgiving in Canada.
The next year I was lucky enough to be able to share a Gizzy cartoon, especially made for Thanksgiving by a fellow Armitagemaniac who is much more talented than I! :
Give Thanks for Gizzy!

So while Canada celebrates our Thanksgiving Day, I hope Armitage fans around the world have seen this wonderful video from Morrighan's Muse.  She has just celebrated her first anniversary as a fan of Richard Armitage.
Thank You Richard Armitage / by Morrighan Muse

Tomorrow I'll be baking some pumpkin pies and 
taking them over to my sister's house for our big turkey feast!

This is the best I could muster from my limited graphic skills, 
thanks to a couple of great free apps on my iPad.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In a whirl!

Richard Armitage fans have been impatiently awaiting news of his "Tornado movie".  Originally referred to as Category 6, then listed on IMDb.com as Black Sky, it is now in post-production after various delays and possibly another title change - (Into the Storm).

A few lucky fans were able to meet Richard when he was on set in Michigan last summer. You can see some of the pictures on the RA Central gallery. Fan pictures here!

Graphic by blogger JTisforme from DoIHaveaBlog? 

Although we were hoping to see Richard Armitage 
in theatres during the summer of 2013, 
we should be very grateful he wasn't in 
this tornado film that came out this summer...

Sharknado Trailer

Whoah!  Flying sharks?  Is this why CGI was invented?  I seriously doubt that this film could take a real bite out of the box office. Because unless it fits into the "so bad it's good" category --  it looks like it really bites!
Anyway, that's what I thought when I stopped laughing!

Awhile ago, I was so desperate for new pictures from this film that I resorted to making this one!

It was an ill wind...
But producer Todd Garner has been active on Twitter sharing a picture now and then. Have a look at this page at RACentral to see all his tweets.

This is one just tweeted tonight. 
I like it!

I really love this gif by Bccmee
(She's on Tumblr now!)
RA drops keep falling on his head
which of course, has me singing this song

I'm a sucker for lyrics like this:

But there's one thing, I know

The blues they send to meet me
Won't defeat me.
It won't be long 
'till happiness steps up to greet me.

So, I'll just have to be patient and wait for the darn movie to get released.  But it sure doesn't help to be tormented like this!:

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Musical greetings for Armitage Day

Although this blog's main preoccupation is my favourite actor, Richard Armitage, the second most interest (if you go by the tag cloud on the right sidebar) is music.  So I thought it would make sense to have a musical birthday celebration of his favourite bands.

Awhile ago I was reading a post over at Ancient Armitage (one of the newer blogs I've discovered thanks to Servetus @ Me + Richard Armitage) where Obscura (the blogger) discusses an interview where Richard names a few bands he likes.
The interview is by Aubry D'Arminio from 2008, so his musical tastes have undoubtedly changed since then.
What’s your favorite music group? At the moment I’m really into Coldplay just because that last album was so good. But I’m really into Keane and Radiohead. The Feeling are great at the moment, I really like that band.
I have previously posted quite a large collection of RA fanvids done to Coldplay songs.  I was thrilled to find them, as I really love that band's sound.  But I was not as familiar with the other two groups mentioned.  So, of course I needed to see if there were any fanvids set to those band's tunes!

Bingo! Lovely fanvidders never disappoint me. I especially love the lyric to the following song "You Don't See Me" which seems appropriate to this fandom:

Oh, truly we are a fortunate few, who turn on your axis, revolve around you
Read more: Keane - You Don't See Me Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

Richard Armitage Fan Video / by Luigina Ongarato
music by Keane: "You Don't See Me"

The lyrics to this next Keane song are so heartfelt and seem somehow very appropriate for RA.

Hamburg Song /by Luigina Ongarato

And here is the only fanvid I could find with a song by Radiohead.

Guy/Marian Exit Music Robin Hood fan video / by tsora17
Radiohead : Exit Music (For a Film)

Also I am glad he mentioned the name of the band The Feeling because (I'd never heard of them and) they were responsible for the song, Fill My Little World, which was the song they played right after Harry Kennedy and Geraldine Granger said their vows at the end of The Vicar of Dibley!

Here is a link to a clip, (I believe it will start at the beginning of the song).
The Feeling, Fill My Little World (The Vicar of Dibley)
If you wish to watch more of that clip just start it back at the beginning.

In one of his many interviews after the success of The Hobbit movie, Richard Armitage happened to mention that he enjoyed the music of Goyte.  How excited he must have been to be one of the presenters at Australia's Aria Awards where he was able to hand over the Best Pop Release to none other than Goyte!

ARIA Awards 2012 - Best Pop Release - Gotye / video by Bccmee

Last month fanvidder candy varty put Goyte's big hit together with some clips of RA's interviews and here is what she came up with!

Richard Armitage Fanvid ~Somebody That I Used To Know / by candy varty

I really appreciate all the fanvidders out there.  I hope everyone enjoyed Armitage Day.  I have only watched 2 new birthday videos so far and they are both excellent!  In case you missed it - this was a fabulous birthday surprise.... Bccmee is back!!  Check out her fabulous video here!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

You can Bank on it!

The idea of Banking has certainly changed over the years.  The Banks used to be regarded as a venerable institution.  But now, Banks and bankers are seen as a greedy, gouging scourge on society.  It's not like they don't deserve that reputation either!

From the recent world-wide financial crisis, precipitated by deregulation and the institutions' own inability to police itself, to here in Canada where our Banking system remained relatively intact -- we have recently been disgusted with the Royal Banks' treatment of their employees who were expected to train their own replacements before being let go.

Back when I was little, banks seemed like very respectable places. When I was in Grade One, our teacher sent a letter home to our parents stating that each child would need one dollar to open a savings account at our local bank.  When the day came and we all had our dollar bills, we marched en masse from our school down the street to the Bank of Nova Scotia.  Each one of us opened our first savings account.  What a perfect first lesson in civics and early economics.  I had the joy of watching my small deposits accumulate interest at quite a significant rate.

I used that account to save for buying Christmas presents for my family, and later to deposit my revenues from babysitting and other jobs.  My favourite teller had a head for numbers and knew my account number better than I did. She still remembered it, after I moved away and only came back for summer holidays! That branch (now known as Scotiabank) is closed now "in order to serve us better" so they said. (?)

This was all I knew about banking as a child.  You put money in the bank and as it acquired interest, the amount kept growing. If only it were still that simple!  That was also in the days before bank fees gobbled up more than the pittance of interest they are giving for savings accounts nowadays.

Ahhh!  If only things were like the good old days! 

British Bank Singalong from Disney's Mary Poppins

Two Scenes from Mary Poppins

Fidelity Fiduciary Bank Song

I guess some bankers were greedy back then too!

This commercial is a great portrayal of how the banking community is viewed today.

Capital One commercial "You've Got Bankers!"

And I can't resist sharing Rick Mercer's take on Canada's Banks. 
Of course it's a few years old now, but still good for a laugh!

 Rick Mercer (2009)

 Here's an Australian spoof which attempts to explain 
The Reserve Bank:

Newstopia Explains the Reserve Bank (2008)

  Is it any wonder that with what has been going on in the world that someone would want to murder a banker? 
Here is an episode from the first season of the BBC's Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch which is about the murder of a banker.  But there is another reason I am showing you this clip. (Hint: it is in the last few seconds of the video)

Sherlock BBC: The Blind Banker / by GriddlePop

If you were watching closely, you would see a character in this episode is the same actress who starred with Richard Armitage in The Golden Hour.  In this program Zoe Telford plays Watson's girlfriend.

 Zoe Telford in The Golden Hour (top) and Sherlock (bottom)

In Spooks (MI-5) series 7 episode 5, Richard Armitage plays the role of a banker while the Grid is spying on a millionaire high roller who is toying with Britain's banking system so he can make more millions on the resulting mayhem.  RichardArmitageOnline.com has a great pictorial summary of this episode here.  Also on this website is a video clip of one of my favourite scenes. Ros and Lucas are posing as an engaged couple.  They certainly look lovely together!

The following is a fan made video of the same episode meant to be a spoof of an actual bank's commercial.  Their real life motto is "which bank?"

Which Bank [spooks] style / by DeltaTango45

Fans of Richard Armitage are familiar with his voice overs for Santander.  But this vidder has gone one further and turned another Spooks episode into a Santander commercial.
(Thanks to NotEvenanOuch for reuploading this video just the other day!)

Richard Armitage reads ''Santander" advert / by NotEvenAnOuch

And that's not all!
Fellow blogger CDoart wrote a fan fic about RA 
which begins in a bank.

My money is on Richard Armitage.  
I have certainly invested a lot of time admiring him! ;)

Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm still here....

Sorry, I've been neglecting my blog for so long.  I know there's no shortage of blog reading in the Armitage World as I've been trying to keep up with some of them all summer.  If I haven't left many comments it's because I am usually reading on my iPhone, and it is not fun for me to type very much on it.

My summer holidays are officially over today, so I should be trying to get some shut eye so I can get up bright and early this morning... but here I am back to my old habits!

It is the week of Richard Armitage's birthday, (as we rabid fans know it is) on August 22nd.  So I will be actually finishing off a few of my partially written posts and finally pressing the "publish" button at long last!  I may have a new post up my sleeve too, we shall see how my first week back at work goes.

In the meantime, here is a certain smiling face to enjoy.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cory Monteith - We hardly knew you...

I was so sad to hear the news that this talented young rising star had died. I didn't even realize that Cory Monteith was a Canadian.  I have been enjoying his work on GLEE on and off since it started, but had no idea of the personal lives of the cast.  Too bad I had to learn about him in this way.
Here is an article about what is known so far.

I wish I could find a video of him singing...

My heart goes out to all who knew and loved him. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Canadian Steele

2013 is the 140th anniversary of Canada's national police force - The Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  Canada Day seems to me a fitting time to pay tribute to one of Canada's most well known symbols.

 Is there any more iconic figure of a Canadian than a mountie? Dressed in bright red, mounted on a horse, upholding  justice in the wild frontier.... it's enough to make a fan girl's heart go aflutter!

"When I'm calling you-oo-hoo-hoo-oo-oo-oo!"
Nelson Eddy and Jeannette MacDonald in Rose-Marie (1936)
Listen to Jeannette MacDonald sing!
An even more over-the-top version of this movie was made in 1954 
starring Howard Keel as Sgt. Bruce of the Mounties and Ann Blythe as Rose Marie.

I think that lady is laying across his big brass bed!

Who can forget Paul Gross as a Mountie in the television show Due South (1994-99)?

The Mountie Song /by the Arrogant Worms
has been nicely illustrated by clips from Due South
video created by Leony331

And a sillier mountie was never born than Duddly Do-Right!
Shown here with his commanding officer Inspector Fenwick

The problem with all these versions of Mounties is that they are all extreme caricatures of what a real mountie is supposed to be.

For a true-life example there is none better than Sam Steele, the unsung hero of the Klondike!
Here he is at Fort MacLeod, Alberta with his wife Marie Elizabeth Harwood.
Bruce Peel Special Collections Library, University of Alberta (2008.
A series of  commercials to honour special moments in Canadian history, called Heritage Minutes were broadcast on CBC several years ago.  Here is the one about Sam Steele.

A simple commercial is not enough to tell how special this man truly was.
Apparently there is a movie in the works, but not much has been heard about it for several years.

Might I suggest a certain actor for the main role?

He is extremely heroic

 and looks great on a horse.

But perhaps we need to see him with a moustache?

This graphic is my very untalented contribution.

 Also I have dressed him as a mountie once or twice before.
This graphic was shared with me awhile ago by a very talented friend!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Great Dads

My father has been dead now for 10 years.  No worries, because he lived to the ripe old age of 90 and was more than willing to leave sooner.  He deserved a good rest.  I've written about him before.
 I think of him most around his birthday which is the day before Remembrance Day.

He was an interesting person, very witty, charming when he wished to be, but also extremely volatile -- perhaps not the best role model for a father.  So I was fortunate to have some great examples of  fathers provided by television shows that influenced me throughout my childhood, and provided great role models.  Sadly, in today's television wasteland there are a lot fewer examples of excellent fathers to point to.

Here were my favourite Dads on television when I was growing up.  But keep in mind, I only had one channel for most of my childhood, so not as many programs were available to me until much later.

The Andy Griffith Show, Andy Griffith as Andy Taylor
with Ron Howard as son Opie

My Three Sons, Fred MacMurray as Steve Douglas

Little House on the Prairie, Michael Landon as Charles Ingalls

The Cosby Show, Bill Cosby as Cliff Huxtable

The Waltons, Ralph Waite as John Walton, Sr.

These TV dads were calm and caring, always there when they were needed with exactly the right thing to say. (No wonder - they had great writers!)  I know that in reality, no real-life Dad could compete with these paragons, but I still think it's important to have something to aspire to, rather than settling for what modern television shows seem to reflect as the reality of today.  A growing child needs a role model, especially if there aren't many good examples close to home.  

I love this selection of great Dad moments from the movies, courtesy of Movieclips :

Here's a big hug to all the Dads out there.  Just keep doing the best you can.  
Your kids will love you for it!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Here kitty!

I do love cats...even though I cannot have one of my own as I am very allergic. :(
So I have to love them in theory, rather than in practice.

As I am a Beatrix Potter fan - I had to include this one.

My personal favourite cartoon kitty was Warner BrothersSylvester the cat
voiced by the inimitable Mel Blanc.
Warner Bros. Sylvester the Cat

Since this blog is inclined to be fairly musically oriented, here is Sylvester attempting his musical debut:

Unfortunately he didn't get a warm reception.

 There are many other fabulous cartoon cats, if you are interested in seeing some more,
here is a link to a great article: Famous cartoon cats

The AristoCats was a Disney cartoon feature film which I enjoyed very much when it hit theatres in 1970.  I probably had to wait awhile to see it though. Even though we still had a theatre in our town then, it usually took about a year before it found its way to my neck of the woods.
The music was very memorable.
I was delighted to find this clip from a television special which reunites
two of the best voices in all of moviedom!

Everybody Wants to be a Cat / The Aristocats

 I also remember being inspired to sketch some of these cats,
probably from a comic or possibly colouring book.

This movie, An American Tale : Fievel Goes West came out when my kids were little and I am sure my husband and I enjoyed it as much (or more) than they did.  I particularly liked Dom Deluise's tubby cat named Tiger who was a friend to Fievel Mousekowicz, unlike the bad guy cat who was voiced by John Cleese.  This clip has Tiger rushing to catch a train (while being hindered by countless dogs)!

Dom Deluise as Tiger in Fievel Goes West: An American Tale (pt.2)

Do you remember The Stray Cats?  I loved their retro Rockabilly sound back in the '80s.
This next video includes cute pictures of real kitties.

Stray Cat Strut / The Stray Cats
video by Dayniac4324

Love this next song, and although it is not about cats,
the video cleverly features claymation cats.

Nina Simone _ My Baby Just Cares for me
video by pluisje666
Do you think that Tomcat is a bit of a stalker? Hmmm.....

You may be wondering.... 
What has all this cat stuff got to do 
with Richard Armitage?

Well ... some of us cats know that Richard Armitage 
appeared in the 1994-95 production of the musical Cats 
in London's West End.

Lots of gReAt bloggers have already written about it, but I believe Jonia (Jonia's Cut Blog) was the first to get the scoop on all the best information.  Here is her post about it. (Click Here).
Apparently Richard played the dual roles of Admetus and Macavity.

Jonia has some great videos on her blog but more recently Crystal Chandlyre saved us all some time but compiling several videos to highlight just the parts that Richard Armitage appeared in.

Richard Armitage as Admetus in CATS - Pas De Deux

/ compiled by Crystal Chandlyre

As quoted from the Wikipedia article on Macavity:
Macavity is typically depicted as a cat with a chaotic array of red, orange, white, and sharp black stripes. He is often portrayed with very long claws and wild dark hair. The role of Macavity is usually played by the same actor as Admetus...  His costume is ginger and white, and specifically includes a simple make-up design that the actor transforms into the elaborate Macavity make-up, and then re-applies after the featured scene. Admetus/Plato is also often recognizable as one of the tallest cast members, as the fight scene between Macavity and Munkustrap requires him to be able to lift other male dancers. 
Richard Armitage in the 1994 cast of Cats, on London's West End (photos from Jonia's Cut Blog).

I was rather thrilled to hear he had played the Macavity role because I was very familiar with the poem (from  Old Possum's Book of Cats by T.S. Eliot).

Way back in my elementary school days I performed that poem on stage in our local Festival of the Arts. As it is a fairly long poem I was given kudos by the adjudicator for my (I believe she said) "prodigious" memory (if only it were so good today). But I was also criticized for not putting more feeling into it.  I remember being a bit shocked, because no one else had suggested that I should do that.  My mentors, who were family and friends only helped with my lines, but never did it occur to me that I should do more than get up on stage and recite it!  It made me wonder how differently I could have done it had I actually tried to perform it rather than just recite it. This was long before Andrew Lloyd Webber's  musical CATS was inspired by the poems. If I ever wanted to try the poem again, I think I would rather sing it!

Then, there is the Tumblr blog entitled: 
Richard Armitage with Cats!

When I saw these pictures for the first time, 
it was a very happy day. :)

Here are two of my faves!

This next video is very cleverly done by Ana Cris 
who hosts the blog La Loba.
She has combined clips from the documentary narrated by Richard Armitage
with clips of him in Spooks / MI-5.

Richard Armitage_Eye of the Tiger / by acrl2

Imagine if all the characters in The Hobbit movie were portrayed by... you guessed it -- Cats!

Trailer Cats version of The Hobbit trailer

More Hobbit Cats!
The longer I wait to post this, the more great stuff I find!  This is the newest one. From the fantastically creative graphic artist Tannni  - where she compares the cast of The Hobbit to various cats.

Oh course I had to show you a couple.

She has several options for Thorin.

You simply must click on this to see the whole page!

I know! That was amazing!

You think that's something?  Look at this..
Another great graphic from Tannni!
Watch Richard Armitage transmogrify into the King of the Beasts!

How are you "feline" about cats?  
What is your favourite cat from literature, 
stage or screen?