Monday, January 23, 2012

By special request for RAFrenzy!

Not long ago when I came up with my third posting of Coldplay RA Fanvids, RAFrenzy commented that she wished I could post her favourite Coldplay fanvid by CrimsonCoat.  Apparently it had been previously removed from Youtube (by the powers that be) and she was hoping I might find it for her.

I was hoping someone out there might read that note and fill us in on how to possibly view it again.  But rather than wait for a miracle, I decided to do some detective work myself.  First I checked Youtube for CrimsonCoat which yielded no results. Then I tried Vimeo and also struck out.  So I tried Youtube again with just a general search.  I actually forget exactly how I found her because it could have been while looking at a list of subscribers on someone else's page but... when I saw the name ScarletBlazer it occurred to me that the name sounded very close to CrimsonCoat.  So I clicked on her channel to read this message:

About RedJackett CrimsonCoat -- I used to [be] someone else twice, but then I got removed yet again.

BINGO! (At least I hoped so).  So I sent her a message.  Last night I got a reply... She reuploaded the video!  So thank you for the request RAFrenzy!  I hope you enjoy the video. And thank you so much ScarletBlazer.  Let's hope your video is never removed again!

North & South: X&Y / by ScarletBlazer

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tango anyone?

Servetus has an amazing, analytical post about a snippet from a Spooks episode where it looks like Richard Armitage is using his tango dance experience to choreograph his moves with an undercover contact in The Bedoin Bar in Moscow.  I have been meaning to post about tango dancing for some time -- ever since I heard that RA was an afficiondado.  I am so bummed out that he hasn't performed one for the camera yet so that is why I got so excited about Servetus's post.

These ceramic dancers were in a store window in Leeds, UK where I visited in July 2010.  It was another of those little things that reminded me of  him.  I was unable to locate this picture amongst all our many picture files until just recently, which is why it has taken me so long with this post.
Here is a compilation of tangos from different movies I have enjoyed. You will see it begins and ends with a clip from a famous episode of "I Love Lucy" which garnered the longest laugh on television.  In case you don't remember this episode (I didn't), Lucy is hiding eggs in her blouse.

So Much Tango / by blackmamba111

You see a bit of this dance in the previous video, but as I love this scene so much, here is the complete scene.  If you haven't seen True Lies yet, I hope this bit doesn't spoil the movie for you. It is probably much more amusing if you have seen the movie. 

True Lies - Tango

I am sure most men would appreciate this tango!

Salma Hayek as the artist Frida Kahlo in Frida (2002)

Colin Firth is a heartthrob to many -  he was one of mine before I beheld Richard Armitage as John Thornton (who out Darcyed my favourite Darcy).  So this is the best I could do for a stand in (dance in?).

Colin Firth in Easy Virtue

Here we go! Thanks to Faboamanto who envisioned this little number for Percy Courtney in Miss Marie Lloyd.

Percy's Tango / by Faboamanto

It seems that once again, great minds think alike!  I must thank fellow RA blogger Gratiana Lovelace for finding this next video.  She was also inspired by Servetus's blog post into creating this post, with the help of her little mouse friend. :)

Guy/Merion - El Tango de Roxanne / by ChristianaRU

Ever wanted to learn to Tango?  There is this wonderful website from the Netherlands that is called Tango Style.  For the lessons videos:  Click here.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Funny Money for a song

Canadian singer / songwriter Corin Raymond has a very unique idea to raise funds for his next studio recording.  Since he wrote the song Don't Spend it Honey which refers to CanadianTire money, he wondered if his supporters might want to send him their Canadian Tire bucks since he found a studio which will actually accept it as legal tender!

Canadian Tire bucks, for those readers who are not familiar with this uniquely Canadian phenomenon are what the Canadian Tire hardware store gives out to customers with each purchase as a type of coupon which can be used with your next purchase.  Most Canadians save up this money and sometimes never even use it!

I have been a big fan of Corin's since first hearing him play with his friend and fellow bandmate Sean Cotton as The Undesirables.  I even posted one of his videos on one of my latest train themed posts. Currently Corin is working with a back up band called The Sundowners.  They are planning on recording a Live Album which on Jan. 24 & 25 at the Tranzac in Toronto.

Here is an earlier video of Corin singing about how music is more important to him than money.

Fill Me Up With Sound / The Undesirables (featuring Corin Raymond)

Unfortunately, independent artists trying to make it in the music business have to use a considerable amount of the cash earned from touring and playing gigs in all manner of places to pay for studio sessions. But that is how they get their recordings out there for people to hear and (hopefully) buy. 

Yesterday I attended a house concert in the home of a local supporter of the musical arts where we collected  a basketful of Canadian Tire bucks to send to Corin.

Here he is with a video explaining his campaign and singing the song that inspired it all:

If you have ever shopped at Canadian Tire and collected any Canadian Tire bucks, wouldn't it be fun to feel you had a part in producing a music album by a very talented, and deserving up and coming singer / songwriter? If you would like more information, along with the address to send this fun little currency, please visit a special web page created for this purpose:   The latest news is that if he can raise enough, the record producer is willing to carry some of the funds over to his next recording as well.  So that might mean he gets the next 2 albums paid for!

Now, you may be wondering, if you are a frequenter of this blog -- What has all this got to do with Richard Armitage? Wait for it, I am getting there I promise!

You see, when I visited England in July 2010 I happened  to stop in for a drink at a pub where the walls were decorated with paper currency from all over the world.  Of course I scanned the walls looking for a Canadian bill.  I should let you know that the lowest currency in paper is a Five Dollar bill.  There used to be One and Two dollar bills but they were phased out with coins charmingly knicknamed Loonies (after the Loon on the back) and Twoonies (just for fun).  I wouldn't say that Canadians are stingy people, but let's just say they are known for being more frugal than some other nationalities.  So I was getting a bit worried about not being able to find any Canadian bills -- until finally -- I saw it!  You guessed it -- a Canadian Tire buck -- right there amongst all the real money.  Well that certainly made me chortle (rather ashamedly actually).  I had to share my glee with the bartender, who practically rolled his eyes because I'm sure he hears the same story from every Canadian who ever comes in there!  Later, I did find a real Canadian fiver on the wall so my sense of national pride was restored.
Bar Bucks

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem
Don't you just wonder where this interesting pub was located?  First, I should tell you a bit of its history. 
Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem claims to be the oldest inn in England.  Although the actual building which stands today is not original, the location of the brewery dates back to 1189 AD (or CE if you prefer), the same year Richard the Lionhearted became King Richard I. Apparently knights would stop here on their way to the Crusades.  The brew house was located in the caves at the foot of the castle in Nottingham.
Yes! That is the Nottingham as in Sherwood Forest of Robin Hood fame! 

The caves below Nottingham Castle
My husband and I were visiting with friends and only had one night so we didn't have a chance to visit the castle other than to take a couple of pictures of it on the way to the pub.  Our friends didn't seem to think the castle was much to see, but I was quite disappointed not to have a better tour.  It is difficult to spend time with friends and sightsee at the same time, especially when short of time.  So I am determined to return someday and do a proper tour!

We did have a lovely visit with our friends and I must admit, the tour of their English garden was one of the highlights of our trip for me.  They even kept their own bees which made delicious honey!

Here is the view from their livingroom window.

You have probably guessed by now where I'm going with this post.  Since we have now arrived in Sherwood Forest, I can at last mention my favourite character in the BBC's version of the Robin Hood series.  He is none other than Guy of Gisborne as portrayed by Richard Armitage as the antihero with heroic tendencies.

Wouldn't it be a dream to meet Sir Guy at the local pub?

 Guy seems to be enjoying his drink.  
We must have spent awhile in that pub because his hair seems to have grown quite a bit!

Guy has a few too many brews and gets a bit flirty.  
Of course I don't mind, but my husband is getting annoyed so we have to say our goodbyes.

Luckily Guy pays the tab as all I had on me was Canadian Tire bucks!
I don't think Sir Guy is impressed. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Coldplay fanvids, part 3

I just keep finding more of these great fanvids done to Coldplay songs!  Rather than updating my older posts, I am just going to keep showcasing each new (to me) one I find!

Just in case that autosuggestion box doesn't turn up the previous posts, here are the links to Part 1 and Part 2 of my Coldplay RA fanvids collection.

Hmmm! Is it just my imagination or is Chris Martin is starting to resemble someone awfully familiar?

Here's one that's short and sweet - she calls it a vidlet.  Videosbyloo has cut out part of the song Spanish Rain to fit in with the story of North and South. It is amazing the lengths to which fans of Coldplay will go to get Richard Armitage into a video! :)

This is was Pemberley88's first video.  She used Coldplay's song Gravity as a background for the love story of John Thornton and Margaret Hale in North and South.

North and South is a very popular subject for Coldplay vids.  This one is by EvelinaKnightly to the song What If?

This next vidder has made quite a few videos since joining Youtube in 2007. There are over 30 featuring Richard Armitage and plenty more about other swoonworthy stars. (You can visit each vidder's channel to watch more videos by clicking on the highlighted name.)

The Hardest Part is by utubeacct2008

That last video had a rather sad ending, didn't it?  I think we need an oldie but goodie to cheer us up. Yes, I know this song has been used for RA fanvids before, but this one is actually an earlier one than the others I have featured.  It was made in 2008. I don't get tired of looking at these images, especially when listening to such great music.  And let's face it, I haven't gotten tired of North and South or of Mr. Armitage's wonderfully expressive (and handsome) face.

Here is: The Scientist by secludedeloquence

I hope you are not getting tired of all these Coldplay vids!  Please let me know which ones you like best.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Time to 'Fess up Phylly!

Of course Phylly3 isn't my real name, but it's close.  I haven't really come clean about my real life personality, but what I'm talking about here is my online personality.  I'm Phylly3 everywhere, except Youtube and Twitter where I had to add a "The" in front.  So if I am confessing something as an online personality, it doesn't really have the same intensity as I were doing it as my real self.

What I am referring to really is the Tumblr website Richard Armitage Confessions  which is based on the website Post Secret, where people send in a postcard with a secret on it they have never revealed to anyone before.  RA Confessions posted the one I sent in the other day and forgive me, but I have to share it with you.

 What prompted this thought?  RAFrenzy is having a contest to giveaway a Little Guy action figure!  I am really hoping to win!  The deadline is tonight so there isn't any time to waste.  Get over to her website and leave a comment.  Then email her some type of confession about that Guy of Gisborne character that we all know and most love.

I have been enjoying what ItsJSforMe has been doing with her collection of Little Guy figures on her new blog rather ironically titled:  Do I Have a Blog?  Luckily the subtitle sums up her purpose quite nicely "The Many Faces of Richard Armitage."   These action figure antics remind me fondly of Kiteflier's series of stories at Little Guy's Place.  I can't find the link to these right now, but here is a Little Guy gallery of pictures at Richard Armitage Net.  RA fans have even made some very entertaining videos starring Little Guy!

I have wanted one so badly that -- And here is my real confession  -- The first store (heck - the first anywhere) I went into when I landed bleary-eyed into England and couldn't get into my hotel room to sleep -- was a ToysRus store where I fruitlessly searched for a Little Guy of my own!

We all have some thoughts (or deeds) we might now feel comfortable revealing, or let's face it - that most people would rather not know about!  Some could be quite serious, and others a bit more light hearted.  But it is certainly interesting to see how creative some people can be about revealing (although anonymously) their innermost secrets.

Now I'd like to conclude with Guy's own confession, a wonderful fanvid with a song by Josh Groban.

Guy of Gisborne - Confession / OlerySt

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Good Wishes for the New Year!

I was watching a movie on New Year's Eve and missed the count down so I felt a bit let down that I didn't have that build up and then the big explosive release with all the hugs and kisses (like at a real party).  Oh my goodness!  On rereading that it sounds rather orgasmic!  No wonder I was disappointed... Anyway... from the better late than never department.  Here is a fantastic video made by Ine Braat from the Netherlands.  It has a great count down and all the best wishes I could ever think of (but now don't have to because she did it for me)!  The soundtrack to the video is Auld Lang Syne sung by the famous Norwegian soprano Sissel.  Plus the nature video clips of animals and  awesome views from around the world, make it truly breathtaking.

Happy New Year - Auld Lang Syne

 Another New Year's gift was this lovely wallpaper by "she who shall remain nameless".  I am so grateful to share her work with you! You will see she has a bit of fun with a reference to Richard Armitage's Christmas message. It was such a thoughtful gift to us of his time.  
We are also so grateful to Annette at Richard Armitage Online for hosting these messages for us and maintaining such a great website!