Thursday, February 14, 2013

Heart to Heart

In case I didn't mention it before, I am a Library Technician in a small elementary school.  I run a one-person library and rely on student helpers to do the little, but time consuming jobs like re-shelving picture books and novels, some cutting and pasting for displays and other simple things that they enjoy doing.  It frees up my time to do the many other tasks that fill my days. But since the Ontario government decided it was time to pick on teachers' unions I haven't been feeling very happy at work lately.  This work to rule situation means that I have to stick to my very limited job description (which does not include supervising students).
So my contact with students has lessened quite a bit.  Adding to that is the fact that our school, which used to be very open is now (since the latest school violence --which I don't want to mention - but I'm sure you must have heard about) under a very tight lock down.  The library is at the very end of the building next to a locked door - so there is much less traffic than usual.  Is it any wonder that I feel a bit lonely lately?

I cheer myself up by reminding myself that I have a wonderful husband who still manages to love me (in spite of myself!), two well-adjusted, polite, witty and good looking grown children (who also seem to love me) and a wider group of extended family and friends that are great for entertainment purposes and the odd favour or two.

Perhaps I need a bit more distraction?  Well, I have no better place to turn than The Armitage Army!  Yes that amazingly talented group of fans of Richard Armitage are always ready with all sorts of pictures, gifs, videos, blog posts, fan fiction - a regular potpourri of anything a fan could wish for!

This was the latest treat that arrived in my YouTube mailbox today...

A Valentine video from mezzym01

Did that get your heart going?  It certainly helped mine!

And now (because I feel the need) here is a blast from the past -- a hit from 1973
 (back when I was a teeny bopper).  This group was Canada's answer to The Osmonds.

Heart Beat, It's a Love Beat / The DeFranco Family

I've never been much for guitar or drum solos but this song will always be a favourite,
especially for the last lyrics at 1:30.

The End / The Beatles

And now my heart feels much better.
You might say it is overflowing with happy thoughts
which might possibly look something like this?

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Penny...dropped

This is where Phylly gets all sentimental about  pennies.  Why?  Because as of Feb. 4, 2013 the Canadian penny will no longer be included in our national currency.  I can't say I didn't see it coming.  They've been talking about getting rid of it for years.  But being a history buff, I hate to see the demise of such a colourful symbol of our country.

The last Canadian penny rolled off the production line at the Canadian Mint in May of last year.  But the termination of the penny from use in stores was postponed until after the Christmas season. Apparently it costs more to produce a penny than it is worth.  It isn't even made of copper anymore (other than an thin outer coating) but is mostly just steel.

Although I can understand the practical reasons for doing this, it doesn't make it easy to accept.  I know that Australia got rid of their penny coin years ago and doesn't seem to miss it.  But change is not easy, and making change will be much more complicated... by rounding up and rounding down!

 I am not as happy about the situation as this guy obviously is, but
I certainly couldn't explain this situation any better than he does!

Since there will be no more new pennies minted,
I guess if you are a Penny Lover  you will have to get your Pennies from Heaven!

I'll never forget this unusual musical 
Pennies From Heaven 
starring Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters.

Pennies From Heaven
(Scene with Steve Martin and Vernel Bagneris)

This next video is my favourite song about a penny.  (I didn't think The Beatles' Penny Lane should count because it's about a place, not the currency.)  I do love the harmony of The Bee Gees and this song is from the almost unknown album Mr. Natural, but it has some great songs on it.

Throw a Penny / Bee Gees

I suppose what  saddens me the most is the loss of understanding of all those great sayings about pennies.  How will future generations understand them if they don't know what a penny is?
Here are some sayings about pennies.

The most well known saying became the plot of an episode of The Twilight Zone back in the '60s.

The Twilight Zone: A Penny for Your Thoughts

A penny for your thoughts Mr. Armitage
FAULT magazine photo shoot 2012

Here's a Penny that I'd like to see in circulation!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Phylly's Day Off

I love when several of my interests merge themselves into one example.  Here is a video I recently happened upon that shows a scene from a very popular '80s teen movie that takes place in an art museum and has a beautiful soundtrack song from The Smiths.

The scene was filmed at the Art Institute of Chicago, which I have never yet had the pleasure of visiting.  I do love to visit art galleries and museums and I can see by several of the works showcased in this clip, that it would be a real thrill to visit this one.

Museum Scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off

I like the song even better with lead singer and lyricist Morrissey's distinctive voice singing the very meaningful lyrics. Another RA fan obviously thought the lyrics fit very well with Guy of Gisborne's relationship with Marian in the BBC's Robin Hood series.

Guy of Gisborne - Please let me get what I want / by hedgeypig

Most of us RA fans have our own collection of "art" taking up quite a bit of computer memory.
But wouldn't it be fun to see some of it displayed museum-sized on a wall?

...Just one of the places I'd visit on Phylly's Day Off!

If you would like to see some real RA fan art visit
where you will find artwork like this one :
by  ~Essinvrok