Thursday, June 21, 2012

Guy and Marian A/U comic

I am sure all of us Richard Armitage fans have fantasized what might have happened if Guy and Marian had had a true romantic relationship.  Well, I haven't gotten around to writing fanfic yet, but here's my first attempt (in cartoon format!).

Have a gReAt weekend everyone!

And the Gizzy goes to...

Phylly's Faves has the honour of awarding The RACCA or 
Richard Armitage Caption Contest Award  
(fondly known as the Gizzy) to... 
(Drum roll, please).....

Faboamanto !!! 
Faboamanto has a fabulous blog called White Rose: Sincere and Simple Thoughts.

Here is her winning caption:

Thank you to all who participated, 
either by leaving me a caption suggestion, or by voting!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Richard Strikes Back!

I've been experimenting with a comic strip program called Comic Life.  
Here is my first attempt. 

I can see this might become addicting. :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rummage for Richard!

There's been another of those rare sightings of Richard Armitage thanks to Peter Jackson's video blogs via Facebook. Here is his 7th installment.  If you are not a fan of The Hobbit or are too impatient to watch 14 minutes of video for those rare seconds of Armitage spotting then you will be very grateful to Ali at Richard Armitage Net for her speedy screen caps. Click here to see them. Why not leave her a little comment in the Guest Book?

Here are some of my favourites:
Richard being HOT

Richard being COOL

Richard lighting up a room

There has been much discussion in the RA fandom about Richard Armitage's lack of availability since he began work in New Zealand.  The only work project he has been in since his ignoble demise in Spooks series 9 was in the sequel to Strike Back where his character was reintroduced only in order to assassinate him!  There were a couple of photo shoots and some voice work and commercials since then but most fans have been complaining of the drought. Still other fans have been losing interest or jumping ship altogether!

I appreciate the effort that the fan known as ArmitageWatch and her friends have done recently to keep us all engaged.  The Global Watch of North and South last weekend was well planned and went off without any trouble.  There are plans to continue this weekend with Robin Hood and Spooks. See the calendar here.

We can't be blamed for thinking Richard might be hiding from us a bit.  In fact, it's been noticed from the beginning.  If I hadn't circled him, finding RA in this Hobbit group photo can be almost as hard as finding Waldo.

In fact this next video, in which someone impersonating Werner Herzog does an amazing job of narrating the Where's Waldo? picture book, reminds me very much of the whole "where is Armitage?"controversy.

If you are the competitive type and want another challenge,
you should really try the game Tanni Tani created for his birthday.
You click on him every time he pops up and he gets a kiss!  Click here to play!

What do you think?  Is RA purposely playing hard to get?  Does he need his time to stay "in character" as Thorin and find it hard to be himself?  Is he just being his shy self?

Friday, June 1, 2012

World Wide Armitage Watch!

I'll be watching North and South on DVD at 7:00 pm Central time in Canada.  Part 1 anyway - then family obligations will take over.  I was planning to make it an all nighter, but since my nephew is in town I'll have to catch up sometime later.

But my tea is brewing and I've got a little snack. 

I will try to keep in touch via social media.  It sounds a bit complex, so I'll see if I can manage... 
For real instructions see here.  Sorry, I'm posting a link to more links but I'm getting short of time and I'm all aflutter!

This is why I'm so keen to watch...

And I'm a Goner!