Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Look of Love

I had a completely different post planned -- more holiday pictures, etc.  But then I watched the third episode of Spooks / MI-5!  I suppose this post is a spoiler but I have to mention -- the KISS! It's totally squeeable!
Spooks 9.3 from Richard Armitage Net
Since I had already been working on a new video with Dusty Springfield's classic hit  "The Look of Love", I quickly revised my screencaps, throwing out some to make room for the fabulous NEW ones!

So what has inspired my latest video?  I have been thinking about my fascination with Richard Armitage, and while I've been going on for quite a few posts about his eyes -- I never could quite grasp what it was about his eyes that so enthralled me. Yes, the colour was entrancing, the way he blinks while thinking is bewitching, his gaze is certainly mesmerizing. But then it occurred to me that it was the object of his gaze that made the whole package so sizzling, he can turn otherwise normal females into puddles of drool.

The way he focuses his attention on a woman (even if she is an actress -- and he an excellent actor at the top of his game) makes the observer really believe that he is feeling overwhelming desire for her.  Although I have enjoyed many romantic films before, I have never seen such longing and passionate emotion play over an actor's expressions before to such a degree. It is totally believable and how every woman wishes her man would look at her. And well... if her man would kiss like him too...then who needs movies?

I really must thank those tireless screencappers at Richard Armitage Net and Richard Armitage Central and also now Skully at Spooks Fan Blog has her own Screencap Gallery. I couldn't do without all your hard work amassing, organizing and storing these pictures!

 If you are not afraid of spoilers, check out RAFrenzy's latest post, where she decides she is a fan of Lucas North after all! Season 9 to the rescue!  She has a film clip of the lovely kissing scene and also a link to her slide show.  Me + Richard Armitage also has a very meaty review of the new Lucas this season. Her site is password protected for the people who are trying to avoid spoilers. (We all seem to be enjoying the kissing scene). :P


Avalon said...

I am not into series 9 yet, so this is quite a surprise!

Unknown said...

I think you're of the (many) keys to Richard's appeal is his ability to focus...makes the actress in question...and by extension me, as the viewer, feel like whoever he's focusing on is the center of the world. *swoon*

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

You hit the nail right on the head- it's RA's focus on his leading ladies that make his gaze so darn irresistible! I really like what Ruth said about us viewers feeling like by extension, we're part of that moment too. :)

Myrtle said...

Oh yes, the kiss at the end of ep 3 is gorgeous, 2nd only to the train staion kiss in N&S IMHO.

His nose did get a little squashed :)

Skully said...

I love Dusty Springfield! Thanks for the shout out :)

Phylly3 said...

@Avalon--Oh, it must be hard to hear us all gushing about something you haven't had the pleasure to see yet. I had a link to where I have been watching online, but then I took it down, as I was afraid if I further publicized it, the site might not put up the next episode. Then how would I get my Spooks fix?
@Ruth--It's a powerful talent he has!
@Nat--Yep. We definitely are!
@Myrtle--Agree! Anyone notice he didn't do the face cupping this time? Perhaps someone pointed this trait out to him and he was trying to be different? No matter -- it's really the lip action that makes it really special! :))
Squashed nose was unfortunate (I did notice that in the screencaps, not so much on the clips.)
@Skully--Love Dusty too! Your screencaps were the first ones I noticed so I used them in my video. They are a bit darker, but that was okay as I didn't really want the focus on Maya so much. :)