Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

I'm getting a headache too, trying to figure out this plot!
Season 9 of Spooks has been quite confusing for those of us lucky enough to watch it. Where I live PBS has finally gotten around to showing season 7 (called MI-5 in North America), where the character of Lucas North (played by Richard Armitage ) is introduced. On another channel, they are showing season 6 (which is fine as I haven't seen it yet).  But in order to watch the current season, I have taken myself to the internet where the joys of illegal downloads exist (thank you to those generous rule breakers out there!) Without getting into a big discussion about copyright and all the intricate legalities and moralities that go with that, let me just say that in this day and age if there is a television show available somewhere in the world that people want to watch, and the local/national television network is not providing it, then who can blame someone for getting that program elsewhere?! The internet is a revolution in giving power to the people and even if that power is only the mundane choice of what entertainment they wish to consume then let no trumped-up authority get in their way!  ** cough** (getting off my soapbox now!)

SEASON 9 SPOILERS TO FOLLOW: (But I will try to minimize them)
Lucas or whoever you are...WHY do you put up with this guy?
So now, after watching episode 6 of season 9 I am not only still confused, but also thoroughly depressed. It's a character assassination going on against our hero, and I'm not sure I can stomach the way it's all going down. Lucas's personality has been gradually devolving into some other unknown mystery person that is understood only to another mystery character named Vaughn. It is never really explained what hold this man has over Lucas (other than the knowledge of his past life).

Some great scenes with this character, until....(I don't want to talk about it!)
Lucas had a great moment this episode foiling his enemies' plans by not following orders strictly. He demanded further proof that the order was actually coming from Harry. There was a lovely scene where Lucas is reunited with a former grid member.  But later in the episode I was left shocked beyond belief by his behaviour. WHAT is he thinking!! This Maya person is not worth this kind of grief!! And if Vaughn is causing him so much trouble -- how about getting rid of HIM? Hmmmm? Wouldn't that solve everybody's problems?   I can't take much more of this edge of my seat, nail-biting, "oh why are you doing this?!" agony much longer!!

Lucas is getting screwed this season worse than he was by last season's femme fatale Sarah Caulfield. At least we knew what was up with her. She was bad news from the get go. But Lucas, although he was needy and fool"hearty" still saw through her in the end and behaved admirably.  This season, it will take a minor miracle to redeem him now. Come on Lucas, come clean and tell Harry your problems! I don't trust this Maya person, and if love for her is having this effect on him then it does not bode well for this relationship.  Doomed from the start, I'd say! Give it up already!

Even before this episode I couldn't help feeling somewhat sentimental about last season's much more straightforward plot. Then I heard a song which always brings a smile to my face and seemed to fit with Lucas and Sarah's relationship (in a goofy kind of way!). The song also seems to portend the coming troubles of the following season!

 So here is my musical slide show #8 set to the song 
"You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" by Bachman Turner Overdrive.


Traxy said...

Agree wholeheartedly about everything. Lucas is getting royally screwed and his actions make less and less sense. The whole Maya thing which was suddenly dropped on us in this series is also seeming less and less plausible. So if she was the love of his life ... why did he marry Elizaveta? And so on and so on. If he wanted to find Maya, he could have done so in season 7, considering how easy it was to find her in s9. No, I think Lucas is coming to an end one way or the other. I just wish they wouldn't have screwed him over so much in the process! :(

TeeTotallyNot said...

Gaaaaaaah. I love that song. ****ing UMG!!
As for 9.6 - I'm still computing. He is (or EVE or the writers are...) just breaking my heart. I sooooo want him to get out of this and run away and be happy. Although Maya (or what little we see of her) is getting on my ***s now (as is S9 as a whole..)
What TF are they doing to him (character assassination is the appropriate term)?!?!? Must make more WPs...(the song I've had in my head since S9 started - Bruce Springsteen's 'Brilliant Disguise'...)
Will rant-a-lot, later...

iz4blue said...

Well said! All I want to say is most misgivings for last season shrink to what we're given in this. Things at least made sense.

Avalon said...

I only watched the seasons with RA....I am a terrible Spooks fan:)

littlevictories said...

Jesus, John and Maya! So agree. I must say though, RA has done an excellent job playing the rogue. I have genuinely fallen out of like with his character.

phylly3 said...

Well, we have 2 more episodes to go folks! I am trying my best to remain positive. Things are looking very bad for Lucas, but they have seemed bad before and he seemed to work things out. I am biting my nails already in anticipation of this next episode!
Good luck Lucas fans!