Friday, October 22, 2010

There and back again

Well, he's done it again! Yours truly has been inspired to attempt to reread a classic piece of children's literature that I couldn't get through years ago! Why did I decide to try it again? Simply because I just found out the exciting news that Richard Armitage has been cast as Thorin Oakenshield in a movie remake of The Hobbit!

I have never been a lover of the fantasy genre, and a copy of this book and I never crossed paths when I was a child.  But many years later as an adult, I decided that this novel was a necessary read.  However, when I realized that the hero of the piece was a stunted, gnomish little man WITH HAIRY FEET I couldn't go any further. If that makes me shallow then so be it! Just imagining those feet put me off poor Bilbo Baggins so much that I had to put it back on the shelf for the hardier, more imaginative readers.
Now I can let Bilbo alone and instead imagine Thorin as my hero! Yes, I know he's a dwarf! It will be interesting to see how movie magic can make a 6'2" dreamboat look like a dwarf! But that's okay, 'cause I'll be front row and centre when it hits the theatres to stare at Mr. Armitage in all his big screen glory!
See a much better rendering of Richard as Thorin here!
 Just please... don't give him hairy feet!


Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I think we posted at the same time, Phylly! :) Love yours- it made me laugh. I wish all of us blogging buddies could go to see this in the theatre together. Can you imagine everyone else's shock when a cheer errupted as Thorin the dwarf appeared on screen? haha!

phylly3 said...

That would be awesome fun! :) Thanks for visiting!

littlevictories said...

Now I can't get the image of RA's hairy feet out of my mind. Heehee. Great post. I've always loved Tolkien but the Hobbit holds a special place in my affections. When I was a kid, I'd watch the animated Hobbit with my brother over and over. We'd sneak downstairs early in the morning and play it with the TV muted so we wouldn't wake anyone up. Didn't need sound anyway, we could recite the dialogue by memory. Years later I read the books and much later watched the live-action versions. All great, but I still think back to the cartoon with the fondest esteem. BTW the cartoon's Thorin... not the slightest resemblance to RA.

tyme_4_t said...

Save me a seat at the theatre!!! I'll be there too!
Never read any of the LOTR or The Hobbit or even seen any of the movies. Just not my thing. But I will be going to this one!
Wonderful news for Richard!


As you say at the beginning of your post, he's done it again: I'm forced to widen my horizons! I must start to read Tolkien! It'll be hard but ... yeah... sacrifices must be done! I'm ready!!!
I'm really happy, so happy for Richard. He deserved more and finally got it. He has a great role in a big international production for the big screen and in a kind of literary adaptation he loves!
I've never seen LOTR, neither of the 3 but I'll be in the theatres with all of you, of course. Only, I'll hate to see Richard without hearing is unique voice! Oh gosh! I will not be able to bear that... I'll have to buy the DVD to fully enjoy his performance! It'll be done, of course!!!
Have a great weekend, P.

tyme_4_t said...

Giggled like a silly fangurl this morning while reading Halifax Chronicle Herald - RA mentioned in the casting news for the Hobbit...teehee...I know who he is but wonder if my fellow Haligonians / Bluenosers / Maritimers / Canadians actually know who he is or what he looks like (present company excluded)? Wait 'til they realize!! Hmmm maybe some were lucky enough to watch Strike Back on Showcase last night! Ah dear RA, the word about you is spreading!

phylly3 said...

@tyme_4_t--Such exciting news!!! I am so happy for him. I think this will bring him so many more fans. It will be nice to have more people at the party!
@Maria--Oh dear. Mr. A without his voice would be very sad indeed. You should really approach him about those Italian lessons you've offered. ;) Maybe then he could do his own voice-over! :P

mulubinba said...

I've dusted off my copy of TH and it is ready to re-read. Like you I read it first as an adult but couldn't put it down! This is a great coup for RA :), Now we have to ensure that the produxtion stays in New Zealand :)

phylly3 said...

@mulubinba -- I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

Myrtle said...

Bravo RA, Bravo!

Traxy said...

Well, it's only hobbits that specifically have got hairy feet. Dwarves probably prefer boots, so I think we're safe from RA's hairy feet. ;) (Although are they particularly hairy normally? Doesn't look like it.)

And now I realise I'll have to re-read that book as well. D'ohhh. Oh well, at least I enjoyed it more than I did LotR, if memory serves me correctly. Still got another year or so, though. *phew!* Kind of busy in the reading department at the mo!

collarcitybrownstone said...

I just The Hobbit for the first time about a month ago. I did enjoy it. I have to admit that even though I enjoyed reading The Hobbit it did not mesmerize me as it has so many millions of people worldwide. It is simply not the type of book that I normally love to read. I only read it because Richard Armitage is in the movie. I am very glad that I read it but it is not a book that I will read over and over.
I actually enjoyed the Harry Potter books much more than The Hobbit. Different strokes for different folks as the saying goes.

I tried watching the Lord of The Rings Trilogy but after the first one I did not want to see the others. Those types of movies just aren't my thing. It is a very well made movie though.