Saturday, October 9, 2010

North by Northwest

Cary Grant, now there was a movie star. Didn't we all love him? And who didn't like Hitchcock thrillers? Put them together and you have a very exciting thriller with darling Cary Grant called "North by Northwest" (1959).

You know who else likes this movie? None other than Richard Armitage himself! As quoted in an article by Natalie Graham in the Financial Times:
Natalie: What is your money-saving tip in hard times?
Richard: I would have a good night in with a bottle of wine and a DVD of a classic film, like Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, one of my favourites.

Here is a trailer for the movie:

Now we can either take that little tidbit of interesting information for what it is, a little fact about himself that he felt free to share with us.  Or as some of us fans like to do, we could interpret this statement to mean, perhaps he is putting it out that he would like a Cary Grant-like role.  I, for one would think he would be perfect in such a role. Maybe even a remake of this very movie! Can't you just picture it?....


kaprekar said...

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It's bizarre isn't it that virtually everything he says in interviews makes us love him even more.  I adore North by Northwest which is a fantastic film, arguably Hitchcock's best and it's the only one I have a copy of (amazingly!)   I don't think he said this remark because he wants to star in a remake, though I would personally love that of course.  Great blog!

Phylly3 said...

You are so right kaprekar! In fact, as much as I loved him as John Thornton, (and any other role) it was as himself in his interviews that really made me his fan for life! He's just so amazing, it's hard to believe he's for real! (I have to stop gushing now!)
Thanks for visiting and commenting!

mulubinba said...

I loved North by Northwest too .... and Cary Grant. I'd be quite happy to see RA in a Hitchcock thriller:).

MaryKwizMiz said...

LOL at the pic - he looks dead scared.. unlike Cary Grant :P
One of my all-time favourites (both Cary Grant and North by Northwest..).. not sure all CG roles would fit Mr. A but that one I could totally see (I'm still holding out for a remake of High Noon, he'd make a great Gary Cooper too)
as for North by Northwest - I now have this bizarre pic plot in my head about climbing and noses..and a stupid joke involving North...
thanks a lot for the inspiration :P

Phylly3 said...

@mulubinba -- Me too! Thanks for dropping by!
@TTN - Yes! He DOES have a ressemblance to Gary Cooper. I can totally use that! Glad if I can inspire you as you do me!

Unknown said...

Could the man be more perfect?! I love that he loves North by Northwest...that's one of my favorite Hitchcock films. In fact, if they ever remade it...oh my but wouldn't he be perfect in the Cary Grant role?!