Thursday, November 18, 2010

Spooks Series 9 -- Lucas North -- Lies

Dedicated to Lucas North (Spooks / MI-5 Series 9) ** SPOILERS**
It's hard to admit that I've been in mourning for an imaginary character for just over a week now, but I think I've finally come to my senses. What has helped me was the wonder of "music therapy", if there is such as thing, I can testify to its success! I have been reliving the last few episodes by watching some fanvids done by bccmee, Juliet D001, and GiztheGunslinger.  Lucas North, from Spooks / MI-5, I can now let you rest in peace, or not, as the case may be.

I had an idea I wanted to make another fanvid (or musical slideshow as that's as much as I've learned to do so far).  So I was scouring Youtube for music videos with the title Betrayal, or Lies.  When I found the song Lies by The Black Keys, I knew it sounded right, but I had to have a look at the lyrics to make sure. Well, it was like the Spooks writers had this song in mind when they were deciding what to do with Lucas's character this season.  So as much as I don't approve of what happened to his character, and hated the way the plot was thrown together like a vigorously tossed salad with some vital ingredients missing the bowl, I couldn't make myself look away from the screen, so as not to miss a nanosecond of Richard Armitage's magnificent performance!

So I'm over the bitterness. When I think of Series 9 now it will be with this song in my head and a bittersweet memory of a spy who wasn't who we thought he was, or even who he wanted to be.

I just caught the end of a very good biopic the other day The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (2004).
Peter Sellers was a brilliant comedic character actor who starred in one of my favourite movies -- Being There (1979).

What I learned about Peter Sellers was that he was so good at becoming the various characters he created that he believed he had no personality of his own. This reminded me of Lucas / John uttering the words, "I am nothing". The spy known as Lucas North was only playing a role, he was not really that person, but he had played the role for so long and so well, that he didn't know who he was anymore. As with the real life Peter Sellers, this lack of knowing one's self led to many relationship problems, broken marriages, drug and alcohol abuse and if his heart had not given out at the relatively young age of 54, he was probably due for a mental breakdown.  This made me feel a little more sympathetic to the spy a.k.a Lucas. And so I have put him to rest.

Here is my tribute to Lucas North in the BBC's Spooks Series 9:

I will miss the character I thought he was and believe he could have been.


bccmee said...

Even though I didn't take Spooks all that seriously, I still had trouble finishing my first post-series fanvid. The 9th season was sad on so many levels, particularly the writing, LOL! I'm glad you found a great creative way to get through this. I can't say enough good things about your YouTube slideshow. It's just amazing. Perhaps you will migrate to videos sometime.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace Lucas North. Great vid and interesting parallels between Lucas/John and Peter Sellers. I'll have to stew on that a bit.

Phylly3 said...

@bccmee-- Thanks for the compliment and for leaving a comment here! I would love to make real videos some day. Maybe Santa will leave some fancy software program under the tree. :)
@littlevictories-- I was very glad to see that biopic about the late, great Peter Sellers, especially when I did. It definitely is something to think about. Thanks for commenting!

Maria Grazia said...

Wow! Great vid and thanks for the explanations in this post. I didn't mind Lucas's journey in Spooks though I was bitterly angry when I started suspecting what they wanted to do. That was before watching or during the very first episodes of series 9. My final impression is ... I found it thrilling, moving, involving and a great occasion for RA to show off his great talent. I miss the Lucas I thought he was, just like you, Phylly. I know many many were and are hugely disappointed but I'm glad and grateful we had RA in Spooks for 3 seasons. I miss and I'll miss his Lucas North while watching Spooks next season. But what's most important is that Richard finds new amazing roles to give us other blissed performances. Thanks P. Sorry for my delayed comment. Hugs. MG

Phylly3 said...

@MG- Yes, Spooks is a great series! I liked it before RA was in it and I will watch the next series too. It gave him great exposure so I am greatful for that for him.
His acting has always been way beyond what is on any printed page. I felt like the writers were jealous of him and started writing the most impossible scenario just to see him jump through their hoops. But as always, he rises above the script and makes the character live and breathe and us feel his pain!