Friday, December 31, 2010

Time Out with Phylly

The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali.
Time Is the Keeper 
lyrics and music by Ian Thomas

Everyone has a dream or a wish they would like to see come true
From the time you begin to crawl it's inside of us all
There are always those who go through life with a silver spoon
That can get so hard to take, just sit back and wait
Cause time is the keeper
(Time is the keeper)
Of the dreams you make
(Time is the keeper)
Dreams are the sleepers
(Time is the keeper)
Waiting to awake
(Time is the keeper)
You will get some of the things you want
But in your mind there's always more, guess that's the way we are
We all want to go so far
Patience is a virtue tried and proven, you get what's coming to you
You might as well have a seat, take a load off your feet
I had this album in LP and also (horrors!) in 8 track (I just dated myself!)
For time is the keeper
(Time is the keeper)
Of the dreams you make
(Time is the keeper)
Dreams are the sleepers
(Time is the keeper)
Waiting to awake
(Time is the keeper)
Time is the keeper
(Time is the keeper)
Of the dreams you make
Woah time is the keeper
(Time is the keeper)
Of the dreams you make
Woah time is the keeper
(Time is the keeper)
Of the dreams you make
Oh time is the keeper
(Time is the keeper)

I don't see this version available anymore but there is this one:
for the link, click here.

Ian Thomas is one of Canada's best kept secrets. I could never understand why he didn't make it big down south (the U.S.) but maybe he just never really wanted to leave Canada. He is still making music and touring around Canada when he can, but I haven't had the pleasure of seeing him perform yet.

There are so many great songs with a Time theme, that if I tried to post a video of all (or even most) of them, this post would be way too long.  So I have picked a few of my faves to highlight and a few more I give passing mention to (with a link) in the following paragraph:

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child (a long way from home). Mostly I know time is on my side -- yes it is! Although I spend so much time on the computer, you might think I have many wasted days and wasted nights. But time after time I find myself finding some bit of information or long forgotten bit of nostalgia on my journey through the past that I might save or pass on to someone else. If it makes them happy, then I am also happy also, but you can be sure that I am having the time of my life!

I had a pretty cool psychedelic video here before, but it has been taken off of Youtube (for some reason).  This is a concert version of the song which I hope you will enjoy.  Please let me know if any links stop working, or videos disappear (or even if I make spelling mistakes!)  I hate to waste your time. :)

Time (1973) / Pink Floyd

One of the few newer bands I totally love is Coldplay. If you share my love of Coldplay and Richard Armitage you will probably like my earlier blogpost Fanvidding with Coldplay. I looked for this song in a fanvid starring RA but couldn't find one, although there was one from Spooks starring Rupert Penry Jones. If anyone out there knows of one, please share it with me.  Or if anyone wants to make one, I would love to see the finished product!

Clocks (2004) / Coldplay

This one is a favourite because I really like the artist (she was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) and also the words and music are very meaningful to me.

Time  (2002) / Chantal Kreviachuk

This video is all the more poignant because it shows Brittany Murphy (in the 2003 movie Uptown Girls) who showed such promise as an actress. Unfortunately she passed away last year just when her career was starting to blossom.

The next video is of another artist whose career ended much too soon. Jim Croce (Jan. 10, 1943 – Sept. 20, 1973) died in a plane crash on his way to his next performance.  The video contains footage of him with his family and his song is so much more meaningful than he ever could have known when he wrote it.

Time in a Bottle (1973) / Jim Croce

This Canadian band has really stood the test of time. This video is from a concert in 2003 in which they sound just as good (or better) than they ever did!

 No Time (1970) / The Guess Who

This next song title could be my theme song. (I am time challenged!) It is very annoying for others but could actually be a good thing (as long as I am late for my own funeral!)

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? (1969) / Chicago

Franco Zefferelli's production of Romeo and Juliet (1968) was such a beautiful movie, I don't believe any version has surpassed it yet. I always found this song entrancing. It was in my sister's piano book and she used to play it often. I was very pleased to find a fanvid of the movie using the song (with words) as the soundtrack. I think in the movie the song was used for the credits but without the words.

A Time for Us

Wow! I didn't realize this post would be so sad. Think of all of what passed before as the death of the old year. And now for some comic relief...

George Carlin explains the concept of Time

I would really like a watch like this! I don't like digital clocks either, George! Really, unless you are timing a  soufflé, defusing a bomb (shades of Spooks), or doing a science experiment, do we really need to be so exact with each minute and second?  When I am outside I am fairly good at telling time with the sun. I am not suggesting that we go back to using sun dials or anything, just that we should lighten up a bit.
While I was in Northern England this year I heard people referring to "half two" which I assume is 2:30 or what we used to refer to as "half past two" (but does anyone say that anymore?). I guess half two is the same but leaving out the word "past".  (How's that for living in the present?)

Phylly's favourite Movies about TIME (not necessarily in this exact order):

Malcolm Macdowell (as H.G. Welles) chases Jack the Ripper into modern day San Francisco via a time machine. It makes for some very amusing fish out of water type antics, some romance with Mary Steenbergen and of course the thriller elements are very well done.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, you are overdue for some excellent entertainment. Michael J. Fox stars as Marty McFly in another time travel adventure where he must go back in time in order to ensure his parent's romance really happens. Unfortunately, his presence complicates their relationship so much that it threatens his very existence. Then there is the problem of returning to the present!

Even though this movie is about an extra-marital affair I can't help loving this movie! Ellen Burstyn and Alan Alda are so endearing as a couple who meet on vacation away from their spouses. It is a love story that is continued  for one day every year and endures longer than most marriages. I love how they change over the decades and how they have to get to know each other all over again. Ultimately they each help each other with their respective spousal relationships which is like a form of marriage therapy. It's hard to explain without seeing it, but the link is to the first part of the movie on Youtube. I also love the song which is played at the beginning credits, sung by Johnny Mathis -- The Last Time I Felt Like This.

Whenever this movie comes on TV (which is often -- probably every February) I have to drop everything and watch it. I never get tired of it! I love the whole premise of the movie. The miserable antisocial bachelor who somehow gets stuck in the same day and must relive it over and over until he finally gets it (and himself) right to win the hand of the fair maiden. By the end of the movie he is every woman's dream! Why he's almost as good as....Richard Armitage?  Nah! Close, but it's still Bill Murray after all! Oh, and did I mention -- it's hysterically funny!

Now here's a time travel romance with two of the best looking stars of the 1970s -- Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. Now I know it sounds smaltzy but it is very well done. Christopher Plummer also plays sort of a villain. It also has quite the cult following judging by the number of websites dedicated to it.
It is very romantic, well acted, touching and surprisingly believable.

What are your favourite movies about TIME?

If that's not romantic enough for you, here is a fanvid of the most romantic miniseries ever, the BBC's North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell starring Richard Armitage and Danielle Denby Ashe. This vid has time as its theme.

Thornton's Sorrow / Spikesbint

Wouldn't this be an exciting billboard for Times Square?
(Or anywhere else really!)

Phylly's Faves first Caption Contest
 Can you think up a funny caption for this picture?
Please send entries to by Friday January 7th, 2011.

Winner gets bragging rights! :)

Make this your count down to the New Year!
Delicateblossom's video 4 Minutes

All the best to my loyal blog readers for 2011!


Avalon said...

Thanks for the introduction to Thomas.

That was tragic about Brittany, I loved her in Just Married with Aston.

I love Romeo and Juliet! She made the best Juliette.

It is funny you mentioned Back to the Future, we watched all three of them the other day. All the kids in my house like them. We watch them every New Year.

I dreamed about Bill Murray the other night because we watched Ghostbusters, another fave in my house. I rarely dream about anything cool.

I will support you in the funny caption contest, but I lack humor and creativity, but I do think it is a great picture for a caption contest, looking forward to seeing the other entries.

RAFrenzy said...

What a great trip down memory lane. Thank you!!

And may you have a wonderful, wonderful New Year.

RAFrenzy said...

Wow. Chicago and The Guess Who still sound pretty good. I heard Three Dog Night live a couple of years ago, and they still sound good too. I hope some reading this listen to the originals if you've never heard them.

They don't make as much music like this anymore. That's why there's so many oldie stations. My kids listen to as much stuff that was popular when I was in high school as they listen to the new stuff. I just laugh and say, "Yep, we got it right." They don't groan either. They just agree with me. Smart kids. :D

Phylly3 said...

@Frenz-- Yes. I do have a lot of oldies! Well, they are my faves, what can I say? I am an oldie too! :) If there are some new songs with a time theme, I am not aware of them anyway. Anybody out there know some good "new ones"?
Actually my daughter is not a fan of George Carlin. She thinks his style of humour is "old". I think he's still hysterical!
Thanks for commenting and Happy New Year to you!

DEZMOND said...

ah, Coldplay's CLOCKS. The only better song of theirs than that one is VIVA LA VIDA! I also adore SPEED OF SOUND and TALK!

Traxy said...

It's confusing - in Sweden, we say "half four" to mean 3:30. In England, they say "half four" to mean 4:40, because it's "half past four" but with the "past" dropped. *scratches head*

Is that Olivia Hussey as Julia? :)

Happy new year, Phylly! Hope you have a great 2011 and once again, thank you so much! :D

Phylly3 said...

@Avalon- Yes. Brittany Murphy was a very talented comic actress. I enjoyed her voice work as well.
Everything about that production of Romeo and Juliet is so perfect and Olivia Hussey is certainly one of the best reasons to watch it.
LOL to dreaming about Bill Murray! Don't we wish it was more like Traxy's or Skully's dreams of RA!
I hope you DO send me a caption. I am dying to see what people come up with. My mind was blank, that's why I made the challenge!

Phylly3 said...

@Dezz - You must know some other more modern songs with a TIME theme, right?
@Traxy - Half Four (meaning 3:30) actually makes more logical sense, but it is still pretty convoluted. :) Time is a complicated entity.

Avalon said...

I even wish Traxy or Skully would dream one for me:)

MaryKwizMiz said...

what a fantastic send-off into yet another year :)
I personally try to ignore time (it mostly seems to reciprocate the favour :) but now and then I can't but ponder the hours, weeks, and years flying by. And looking at all the goodies you laid out, it's fun to reminisce..
Just reading your post, thinking about Groundhog Day makes me laugh out loud. Sometimes wish I could repeat days... probably wouldn't change anything the first 550 times :)
Time Bandits - one of my all-time faves. And 'Momo'.
Hope the remaining 363 days produce lots of great memories... have a fantastic 2011. Read you soon.

Phylly3 said...

@Avalon-- If you can figure out how that works be sure to let me know! :)
@TeeTotallyNot -- I have heard of Time Bandits but haven't seen it. And I had to look up Momo that looks very interesting. I wonder if it is still available? Thanks for your input. Have you got a caption for me?