Friday, March 18, 2011

Le Salon d'Armitage


Isn't he pretty as a picture with his head in a frame?
Many fans of Richard Armitage have been inspired to artistic endeavours.  There are all kinds of photographic artworks such as icons, avatars, siggies, banners, posters, not to mention videos which celebrate our interest in Mr. Armitage. I would like to focus on artwork that is more "old school".  To be precise, drawings or sketches, or paintings, done by hand. Not that I have anything against computer assisted graphics.  It is just that my theme is Monet in The Impressionists, so I am in an old-fashioned frame of mind. Or perhaps I am simply being as stuffy as the Salon members?  There are so many more fabulous works of art out there, I simply don't have room for them all!  The following is what I have managed to put together from the artists that I was able to contact and receive permission to display their work.
I hope these artists don't mind that I have framed their artwork.  But this is a fancy Salon after all!  So welcome to Phylly's Faves Gallery of Armitage Wonderfulness -- otherwise known as Le Salon d'Armitage. (Is my french phrasing correct? If not, please suggest a better term.)
Also, most of these artists have a page at You are welcome to visit their pages and comment with the link provided.

Richard Armitage
by Jafean at

Richard Armitage -- BAFTA 2009

The drawing above and the pen and ink below are both by GizTheGunslinger at, a multitalented fan who is also a wonderful fanvidder as well as who manages The Russian Richard Armitage website.

Lucas North

Lucas North

By obiskus at

Lucas North

These two are by Darkangel66a at

RA - John Thornton
by Theresebees at 

by zeldat at

by Elizabeth Alger (see Interview March 20th, 2011)

by VesperBond at

Stick Figure Richard  by Nat at RA Fanblog

I would like to thank these very talented artists for allowing me to publish their artwork on my blog.  This little collection is only a very small sampling of all the RA inspired artwork out there!

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mulubinba said...

These are all so clever! Glad SFR made an appearance :).

Avalon said...

These are awesome!

tyme_4_t said...

AMAZING talent out there...very impressed! Great feature to invite us into your salon Phylly!

Anonymous said...

I wish I was this talented, this drawings are awesome.
I liked that you framed the drawings, feels like I'm walking about the salon admiring them.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you featured a selection of these, because this is something that for various reasons I never really look at. Love to see how everyone draws Mr. Armitage in his various roles, and there are obviously some talented people out there!

Summer said...

So many talented fans! Thanks for putting together "Le Salon D'Armitage" Gorgeous work ladies!

Traxy said...

Seeing all these intricate drawings and then as a contrast, the handsome SFR made me laugh out loud. :D

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

LOVE the gorgeous RA drawings! Some of them I hadn't seen before. I hate to break it to the SFR fans... but he doesn't exactly compare to the other pencil drawings. :) (But it was fun to see him framed!)