Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Add glasses and stir...

... my heart, that is!

Sometimes we fans like to wonder, what the real Richard Armitage is really like.  Could he possibly be a geek?  This could be a problem for some (not that it really matters since most of us have a snowball's chance in hell of actually meeting him)!  But for me, his perceived geekiness (if that is a word) would not be a turn off at all!  The opposite would in fact, be true!

An article from The Times Online (April 13, 2005) hints at his geekiness. Richard says of his childhood,“I was quite solitary. I would be up in my room reading books so I developed a vivid imagination.”   Hey! That's just what I was doing too! Is it any wonder I feel an affinity to him?

This article from the UK online journal The Telegraph says that women actually find intelligent men very sexy.  That's not really a surprise is it? Even Marilyn Monroe was noted for preferring men of notable intellect. Before being romantically linked with the Kennedy brothers she was married to playwright Arthur Miller.

Here is a Canadian singer who likes smart and funny men.
(She's pretty funny herself!)

Intellectual Boys / Coco Love Alcorn

And now for our mutual delight, here are some pictures of some of my previous celebrity crushes sporting spectacles.

I know I'm dating myself, but I was at an impressionable age when The Waltons graced the Sunday night TV schedule. I fell hard for this character, the sweet, good-hearted big brother and soon-to-be writer.
Richard Thomas as John-Boy Walton

Yeah, I know he looked better sans glasses and wearing the big hat, but look at the stubble, hmmm? And hey! Aren't those John-Boy's glasses?
Harrison Ford as Prof. Indiana Jones

Okay, not so much this guy. As far as Elvises go, I actually prefer Elvis Stojko!
Elvis Costello as himself!
But Diana Krall obviously thinks he's cute!

Elvis with wife Diana Krall

Dr. Who anyone?  This guy has a HUGE fan club!

David Tennant

I have to admit, I am rather fond of this guy.
And his glasses are pretty cool too!
Patrick Dempsey

Lookin' good!
Robert Downey, Jr.

Brooding expression -- check!  Open shirt collar -- check!
Colin Firth in A Single Man

Okay now, there should be no argument here!
Even the Vicar of Dibley is hot for this guy!
Johnny Depp

Now here's what I'm talking about! 

Richard Armitage as villain Heinz Kruger in Captain America
Richard Armitage in Spooks/MI-5 Episode 8.6

Oh yeah!
He's number one with me and The Vicar.
Richard Armitage in The Vicar of Dibley

Geek or Nerd?
The definitive answer!
Diagram is from the blog Great White Snark

I am grateful to see this discussion laid out so nicely in a diagram.   My opinion was basically the same as this person's but I never could have explained it so precisely. So now I can see that I am in fact a geek! However, that puts me in company with any fan who is obsessing over Richard Armitage -- we are all Geeks! :)  So, no wonder we all like him, since perhaps he is too?  I submit that his obsession is his talent for immersing himself in whatever role he is currently playing. Because that is in fact, exactly what started me noticing him in the first place! (Besides his looks, I mean... and his charm, and humble sweetness... but I digress!)

This online magazine proudly calls itself Nerd Reactor and as it specializes in "Geek Culture news". Well, lookee here -- it's an article about Richard Armitage in The Hobbit!  Pardon me while I "geek out" about this for a minute! (Squee!)  There... I'm back!  It's just so nice to see other people (besides us obsessed bloggers) writing about him.  And yes, I realize that article is old news now.  I've been obsessing over this post for so long, but now I just have to get it out there!

But, I'm not through just yet...

How about Sunglasses? 

Yeah, this guy has been a fave for many years now!  
Just couldn't leave him out!
Robert Redford

Who else looks good in shades?  
Oh, probably lots of guys.  But this post is getting too long -- even I'm getting bored!  
Let's get to the real point shall we?  

Richard Armitage in Strike Back
Ah! That's better!

I love the quality of the light in these shots!


Latest picture of Richard wearing cool sunglasses at the July 19th
LA Premiere of Captain America
Check out this post about his sunglasses at Jonia's Cut blog 
photo courtesy of Richard Armitage Net (dot) com

Sunglasses are definitely more cool than regular specs.
But wearing them at night?  Sounds kind of dorky to me! :)

Sunglasses at Night / Corey Hart

Don't miss the Literal version of this video. It's pretty good for a laugh! ;)

Here is another Canadian singer listing what she wants in a lover.  I'm pretty sure the person she is describing would be pretty geeky (somewhat like herself). 

 21 Things I Want in a Lover / Alanis Morissette

Some of these qualities do remind me of Richard Armitage.
Could she be a secret fan?


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love that picture of Robert Redford with the glasses and the first one of Richard as JP with the glasses! LOVE THEM!!! And ya, I'm definitely a geek too....Wouldn't it be great if he was too? But a sexy, sweet, geek! Best combo!

Mulubinba said...

Actually, I have a better pic of Redford in glasses ..... I'm going to have to hunt it our for you :) (MTA: He was my idol in teenage years).

Yes, I'm also rather partial to RA in glasses as well :)

Phylly3 said...

@Calexora -- Yes. that JP picture is luscious! :) So you like RR too, eh?
@Mulubinba-- Yes, I remember discussing RR on one of your posts. If you find the other picture, send it along, please! :)

mulubinba said...

Just revisited The Way We Were: Two pics for you (I hope the links work):

I wonder if it is actually the noses and jawlines I go for ... RR has quite a large nose just like RA. The jawline isn't that dissimilar either ... I think Redford has the squarer features though. (This ages me!!)

Phylly3 said...

I agree, there is something about the jawline! Who knew? I am admiring that first picture of RR in tennis whites! Reminds me of another picture of RA:

bccmee said...

Men in glasses...mmmm.... I have my favorites. Of course John Porter in sunglasses is #1 if that counts.

Harry Kennedy is my fave in ordinary eyeglasses. Not too keen on those Lucas glasses though. They don't suit him. Do adore the Heinz Kruger glasses too. Too bad he's a bad guy, but I'll still enjoy looking at him!

Oh are there other men on the page? I must need glasses because I'm RA-myopic!

mulubinba said...

@Bccmee - love Harry K's glasses. I think the putting them on and then taking them off scene made me first fall for RA. "You owe me the sum of one kiss..." as he takes his glasses off .... gush!!! On that note, I shall head back to bury myself in Tolkien!

@Phylly - yes, he (RR) did look good except I preferred him in his Navy suit. In that pic, I made sure that I didn't include RR's legs as they were veritable sticks! (I'm not sure what RA's are like, but its clear that actors nowadays need to work out a lot more than in the '70's). I think RA is the more handsome actor and I hope he has as much success in his career as RR!

MUSA said...

I also adore RA in glasses. His face is perfect for them, no matter what the style. I love Harry's glasses, make him look so adorable, and I think Lucas in glasses as the fake Russian Oligarch is very, very, sexy. Yes, I agree, he looks great in those Heinz Kruger retro glasses. Can't wait to see him in 3D.

I also loved the Walton's and John-Boy, it was my favorite show for a long time.

I agree with absolutely everything you say Phylly, being "accused" of being a nerd myself, and I wear glasses :) His looks and his brain and talent - devastating combination.

Fanny/iz4blue said...

I like every single man you listed and that is my favorite Harry picture ... won't tell you what that finger does ;-) RR is a classic. Great post from geek to hot and as usual love your songs *_*

Phylly3 said...

@bccmee -- Love Harry's glasses! Lucas's Russian fancy guy glasses were interesting, but I wasn't nuts about Heinz Kruger in glasses until I saw the close up! The lighting in those shots is purposely not flattering for him. But when I see his eyes... there he is! RA is back! He is hiding behind his comic book mean expressions (very well done I'd say) but it is difficult to hide true beauty as his!
RA-myopic is very good! I may have to use that sometime!

Phylly3 said...

@Mulubinba -- RR legs are like sticks? Never would have guessed! If you want to look at RA's legs, see his Cold Feet piccys where he's at the pool. They are strongly muscled -- dancer's legs!
@Musa -- Are you sure you're a nerd? Check out that diagram, perhaps you're a geek instead!
Glad you liked John-boy too. I even read the book that series was based on. It's called Spenser's Mountain. His name in the book was Clay-Boy Spenser.

Phylly3 said...

@iz4blue -- So glad you like my music choices! Actually I based my post on that first song and some comments around the blogs. I've always liked the Sunglasses at Night song but the last song was a real lucky find!

PoliCBA said...

Hi, Phylly!

It's the first time I post a comment on your blog. I'm still dicovering the fab RA blogs from around the world ;)

Love your post! I love men in glasses :)

My favourite ones, from among the names you listed: Robert Downey Jr. (do you remember his character in "Ally Mcbeal"? I loved him -- and his glasses), Colin Firth and, of course, Richard Armitage.

Oh, and Richard simply looks STUNNING in shades, whatever its design.

By the way, I am geek too ;)

Anonymous said...

(And another RR fan here. Sundance and indies also=GOOD!)

The lighting for that H. Kruger photo is interesting; the decidedly down-turned mouth is new.


Anonymous said...

I like men with glasses too, you just have to find the type that suits you it does wonders for a man in my book.

Ohh that first pic of JP in sunglasses, I hope he could keep them or if he couldn't he went to the nearest shop and bought a exact pair ;O)

OML :)

Phylly3 said...

@PoliCBA -- Welcome! So nice that you found me! :)
Oh yes, I remember Ally McBeal. I forgot that Downey was in that.
I forgot to include Harry Potter! I like him, but the post was getting too long.
Stunning is the word for RA with or without ANYTHING!
@fitzg -- I think his expression there is interesting too. He is definitely in character there as he hardly looks like himself.
@OML-- Yes those shades look fabulous on him. His whole look in Strike Back is amazing!