Thursday, September 1, 2011

Roman Bath

A bus trip to Bath was an exciting daytrip during last summer's trip to Britain.  The focus of our short visit was the Roman baths.

This wasn't my tour bus, but it made for a colourful shot.
Our day of touring started out at Windsor Castle. (I had a previous post about that.)  We had to cover a fair distance to get to Bath but it was beautiful countryside along the way.

The Roman Baths

The underground hot springs

The complex during Roman times

Medieval architecture looms over the ancient structure

What the pool looks like today. 
No one bathes there now!


And this was the pool guy!

I couldn't help but be reminded of one of my 
favourite Wayne & Shuster skits.

So here we have my favourite Roman soldier!

Richard Armitage in Cleopatra
(photo courtesy of Richard Armitage Net screencapped by Jonia)
RAFrenzy has a great post about watching this movie. I haven't seen it yet. Richard doesn't have more than a tiny role, but he makes the most of it.  If there was an Oscar for "best background" actor he should get it!


LadyCassia said...

Like the jokes on Romans so much.
Like the video you posted. Classic comedy is always the best!

Phylly3 said...

@LadyCassia -- Thank you. I so love Wayne & Shuster! The martini joke is my favourite!

LadyCassia said...

Would you provide the link?
Must say I don't know Wayne & Shuster very well and cannot find the sketch you say. Thanks.

Phylly3 said...

@LadyCassia -- The joke is in the video I posted. If you click on the name Wayne & Shuster (above the video), it will take you to a link with information about this Canadian comedy duo. For more of their sketches, you could search their name on Youtube.
I have fond memories of their comedy specials on CBC television when I was growing up.
Thanks for your interest! :)

LadyCassia said...

Hey, thank you for the update.
Right now, I am watching the Brown Pumpernickel series.
It is great fun!!

JaneGS said...

I still haven't been to Bath, but hope to before too many years pass by! I loved the pictures. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

OH thanks for that, Phylly! W&S were staple viewing for our family! And "I told him, don't go, Julie"! Loved their wordplay...and now - A Shakespearian Baseball Game, please? (Are these available from CBC archives? Must check)


Traxy said...

Beautiful photos! Would love to visit Bath because of the history and it's the place to be according to characters in Jane Austen's novels. :) Guessing no one takes baths there anymore because of health and safety concerns? Typical! Give me a hot spring and you wouldn't get me out of it!

RA really makes them sandals work, heh.

Phylly3 said...

@JaneGS- You are welcome. This is actually only part 1 of my Bath trip. Stay tuned!
@fitzg - Shakespearean baseball? I must have forgotten that skit. Must check out Youtube for it! I still love Wayne & Shuster!
@Traxy - I think they said the bacteria count was too high. I'm not sure what the problem is besides it's such a historical treasure I am sure they don't want to change anything even if it means an improvement. There are some lovely Hot Springs in Canada (Alberta and B.C.)

Sandals, eh? I didn't notice. *goes back to look at photo more closely* They ARE very sexy aren't they? (The things I get into!!)