Saturday, May 5, 2012

Have some Sombreros!

Man in sombrero by Diego Rivera
Thought I was done with hats?  What else could I possibly have under mine?

I have had the pleasure of visiting Mexico on two occasions.  The first time I was near Cancun at Playa del Carmen, and more recently on the Pacific coast near Puerto Vallarta, at Nuevo Vallerta.  Anyway, the first time I visited there, I couldn't leave without bringing home my very own sombrero -- even if it meant some creative rearranging of my suitcase to get it to fit in! I don't know why I felt the need to have it... but it was just so Mexican!

Well I happened upon this video done to Allan Sherman's The Hat Dance and I had to share it with you!

Of course that video brought back fond memories of this one by Battlemarchmedley.
I really love it!

Occasionally while researching these crazy posts of mine, I come across little gems I didn't even know existed... such as this song by ABBA.  The video is fan made, but looks very much like a music video from MTV.
Put on Your White Sombrero / by ABBA (video by RJS)

Here is a singer I enjoyed listening to in Mexico who is sporting an authentic sombrero.

I've seen better looking guys in a sombero.
Richardo Montalban

This is nice. But technically it's not 'on' his head!

Now this guy looks much better in a sombrero, wouldn't you agree?

Hold on to your hats Ladies!

*****UPDATE: May 6, 2012*****
Thanks to a helpful comment by Virna, who reminded me of another very handsome man in a sombrero -- Here is Alejandro Fernandes.  Please click on the link below to hear his excellent singing voice!
To see an Alejandro Fernandez video: click here


Servetus said...

The black hair with the mariachi outfit is really superior!

Phylly3 said...

Yes, his hair is a good match but what gets me about that particular shot are his "ojos de cama"! :)

Virna said...

Oh, girl... I love that pic, now all I can think of is a serenade under the moonlight... hmm, yeah!!!

by the way, for the sake of knowledge, you might consider a photo of Alejandro Fernandez as an example of charro? ;)

Phylly3 said...

Oh thank you very much for the suggestion Virna! I will definitely add a picture of him (with a link to a song) in an update. I appreciate your help! :)