Saturday, November 24, 2012

I Got Mail!

Yes indeed!  A package arrived for me today, the old school kind of mail - in a big blue bag labeled Royal Mail!  Score!  My copies of Empire Magazine have finally arrived! I ordered all five covers. Of course I am especially pleased to have this one.  It was also the first one to be SOLD OUT!

Empire Magazine Cover
3D photography by Nels Israelson
(Thanks for sharing the link Meredith!)

I am getting very excited about The Hobbit movie.  Christmas will almost be an afterthought once I have experienced this long awaited triumph!  To sit in a darkened theatre seat and finally see my favourite actor in a major role on the big screen in 3D no less!  I can only hope I don't have a heart attack!!

I haven't posted any trailers for this movie yet, but now I've come across a fan-made compilation of all the trailers so far!  Thank you to Diane at C19 for posting the link to this!

I won't be getting into the city to see this when it first premieres but hopefully by the next week I will have seen it.  How will I stand the wait?!


Jonia's cut said...

YAY!!! I'm so happy!!! I was hearing that this cover is mindblowing!

Phylly3 said...

Ohhhh yesss! My precious!!

Collar City Brownstone said...

Good for you! I am still waiting for mine. It has been at least three weeks now since I received a confirmation email saying that the magazine has been dispatched to me. Pray for me please....LOL

Phylly3 said...

Oh Dear! I thought I would be the last one to get it! But I ordered it the same day I heard about it.
My fingers are crossed for you!!