Thursday, December 13, 2012

Strombo interviews RA

George Stroumboloupolous with Richard Armitage
From Twitter (thanks to Tracey)
To say I was thrilled to hear that Richard Armitage was going to be interviewed on Canadian television by George Stroumboulopoulos is definitely an understatement.  George (or Strombo as he is affectionately called) purports to be everybody's boyfriend. So to have one boyfriend interview the other one was a "squee" overload!  But seriously, George is one of the best interviewers I have ever known so I knew Richard would be in for a treat.

Even though the actual interview happened on December 3rd, it didn't air until December 12. (What a torturous wait!) But right off the bat, Strombo hit all the right notes with his detailed introduction.  The usual questions that interviewers begin with, Richard has repeatedly answered in as varied and enthusastic manner as he can manage. (He could probably do an interview in his sleep now). Anyway, those questions were answered by Strombo's introductory montage before Richard even entered the stage.  So when he finally sat down for the interview, he looked rather relieved and intrigued for what was going to come.

The highlights of the interview for me were:

  • Richard's insights into what might have inspired Tolkien's portrayal of the dwarven race.
  • Strombo showed the clip of RA's speech at the Maori welcoming ceremony
  • Richard's reaction when George and the audience donned their Gandalf hats.

  • His obvious discomfort with the discussion of "naughty grass". (He is so endearingly conscientious.)
  • Romana55's fanvid and Richard's reaction to that!

screencaps courtesy of RichardArmitageCentral

Apparently that was only a portion of the actual interview.  Here is another part.

The lucky fans that were in the audience remember a bit more of the interview than is shown here.  Here's hoping we get to see even more clips soon!

 Let me leave you with the fanvid Strombo highlighted which provoked such a hilarious response from RA.

by Romana55


NovemberBride said...

ahhh you Canadians are just too cute!!! Loved it and it WAS one of the best TV interviews I've seen this week. :)

Phylly3 said...

Haha! Thanks NovemberBride. I agree about the interview. As for cute Canadians - I'd say the really cute one was British! ;)

Traxy said...

It really is a great interview! His facepalm reaction to the fanvid is perfectly understandable, and you can tell afterwards that he's clearly very uncomfortable. Poor lad!

Leslieg said...

He actually handled it very well (I was in the audience)! They didn't show the bit with the CBeebies clip, but he did giggle at that.

George is such a good interviewer that I told him afterwards that it was probably the best interview I'd ever seen Richard have.

Phylly3 said...

@Traxy - I am hoping that wasn't quite as painful for him as it might have looked. He is very shy, but also quite playful.

Phylly3 said...

@Leslieg - Oh! I wish they would release the rest of the interview. Thanks so much for your comment here. It's great to have your insights, as you were actually THERE! :)

Anonymous said...

What was interesting was that both Strombo and Marilyn had RA clowning it up a bit. Thought we were a reserved lot - who'd'a thunk Canadian TV hosts could get the actor to loosen up? :)

Strombo's questions and prep. are not only good, he LISTENS...


Phylly3 said...

@fitzg - Yes. Strombo is a good listener. I did enjoy the Marilyn Denis intervew too. I'm so glad they pronounced his name properly!