Sunday, January 20, 2013

SNL spoofs The Hobbit!

Thanks to Servetus for her post here:"More Hobbit" on SNL or Mr. Armitage, when they spoof you there, everyone in the U.S. will know who you are...
She thanks her Twitter friends for the alert.  I am very grateful too! But I couldn't play the link she posted (not available in Canada).  So I found this on YouTube and I couldn't resist posting it!

I wouldn't be surprised if this video disappears soon so enjoy it while you can!


Anonymous said...

Favourite line.... Gandalf's hat flies off and they chase it for two movies!

so funny


Servetus said...

Thanks for the link love!

Phylly3 said...

@tyme4t- My favourite line was when Bilbo calls the Elf Queen "an Elfish b*tch!" LOL!

@Servetus- No problem! Thanks for posting it in the first place! :)

Traxy said...

That was too funny! :D