Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fanvidding with Coldplay

I love this band's music and I have noticed that quite a few of us fans of Richard Armitage seem to feel the same way. No wonder there seem to be so many fanvids set to Coldplay songs which also feature Mr. Armitage (in various roles)!

So here we have it. Sit back and enjoy the music and feast your eyes on some great videos!

I'd like to start off with my favourite Coldplay song, Yellow which is also the first tune I ever heard by this band. I always loved the music but the lyrics had me stumped for quite awhile. I couldn't figure out if it was complete gobbledygook supposed to sound somehow meaningful, or it was actually quite brilliantly deep! I finally decided that since I loved the music so much I was going to have to believe the latter, just to make myself happy!

I was very pleased to find how well Liisakee made this song fit with the BBC's Robin Hood miniseries. (I knew the lyrics were brilliant!!) Love her use of colour to emphasize the theme. Oh...and watch out for Season 3 SPOILERS!!

yellow3 from Liisa on Vimeo.

Liisakee must really like Coldplay because she also has another song, Spies which of course fits very well with Lucas North and the gang in Season 8 of Spooks / MI5.
UPDATE:  Oct. 13, 2011 Unfortunately her video has been removed from Youtube for some reason.  But I have just found another video with the same song done by PrinceZukoFanGirl.

And now, here is a fanvid about my favourite miniseries North and South using Coldplay's The Scientist. I know that quite a few vidders have used this song as well, but Videosbyloo's version is definitely my favourite!

I am very happy to include a video by graphic artist and fanvidder extraordinaire HeathDances. This song has special meaning for her as it was made during a very difficult time in her life.  Here is her version of Fix You, based on Season 7 of Spooks / MI5.  It is very suitable for Lucas North, who was just released from a Russian Prison Camp. All his fans would certainly love to "fix" him! You can really notice HeathDances's editing skills near the end of the video when the music speeds up and the clips are perfectly in time with the music.

And now for a little break in the RA fanfest, here are a couple of different videos to Coldplay songs.

First we have a lovely video from KatSw3 which celebrates so many wonderful movies using the film Pleasantville as a frame in which to set the lyrics for the song Life in Technicolor.
Unfortunately she has not enabled embedding so I cannot display her work on my blog! So here is a link to follow. Don't miss it, it's worth a bit of inconvenience to see! You might even catch a glimpse of a couple a quick scenes from North and South!

Trixterrr has done a tribute to one of my favourite detective shows starring Nathaniel Parker and Sharon Small, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries. Remember I posted about him before? This one is to the song Green Eyes. This video really shows their complex relationship very well. I was always hoping they would get together -- the romantic tension was incredible!

The last two videos are from Robin Hood BBC again. They both contain spoilers, especially the last one -- so beware!
The following video is by QueenBee2881. It is a wonderful tribute to Robin Hood and all who follow him to the tune of Viva La Vida.

Last but not least, this video by Giz the Gunslinger really ties up the Robin Hood series. It is very touching -- and like I said -- BEWARE of SPOILERS! The title might give you a clue why it is so sad: It's called Those Who are Dead -- otherwise known as 42.

I have so enjoyed watching all the fanvids which I never even knew existed until I began my obsession with that certain actor! I have discovered so much new music (new to me at least), which has been such a joy. I have also discovered new movies and television shows which I have since seen or at least attempted to watch. 
Thank you to all those talented vidders out there. Keep up the good work!


fitzg said...

I really liked the Coldplay vid featuring Robin (Jonas A.Look How They Shine). While being a committed RA fan, felt young Jonas was a bit disadvantaged by the casting/writing, etc. He had some very strong scenes, and I hope he has been able to continue and develop to his strengths.

fitzg said...

PS. Posting again, because I like your blog, etc.

Green Eyes was super, too. Major Sharon Smart fan here. Always felt Elizabeth George, in the books, stereotyped the Upper Class English characters, but caught Havers beautifully. And in the TV Lynley series, the actors were better characters than in the books. They were all immensely lifelike and believable.

Which is not say that George is not a master of mystery. I look for every new publication! (just IMO)

Phylly3 said...

Hi fitzg! I agree that Jonas Armstrong did a fine job as Robin Hood, but very few actors could withstand RA's mojo especially when the writers were so willing to get on the Gisborne bandwagon. (And what a thrilling ride it was!) The whole series was such a departure from the traditional legend that I believe it has become somewhat legendary itself!
As for the Inspector Lynley series, I agree that the television show made the characters much more interesting than the books. If I remember right -- wasn't Havers supposedly to be rather big-boned and rough? Not like the delicate Sharon Small. I don't recall any romantic tension in the books!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Great vids, Phylly! There were a few here I hadn't seen before and enjoyed checking out. I also like Coldplay, so you can't go wrong with them + RA, right? :) My favorite RA/Coldplay video is probably Heathra's "Fix You" even though Lucas isn't my favorite RA character. The scenes she used and edited and music combo is just awesome.

DEZMOND said...

Oh, VIVA LA VIDA is my personal favourite from Coldplay songs, and then CLOCKS, TALK and SPEED OF SOUND. I love them almost as much as a love ONE REPUBLIC.

Phylly3 said...

@ Dez --Totally love "Viva La Vida" now, (because of the fanvid). I had vaguely heard it before but never really sat and listened to it.
"Speed of Sound" is great and of course "Clocks", especially the instrumental part in the middle (sheer genius)-- unfortunately so many other people think so too, so it's been rather commercialized! I hadn't heard of "Talk" before.
Thanks for mentioning One Republic (I had a listen -- they are very good. I will have to look for more of their music!)
@Nat -- "Fix You" is marvelous! It has been used quite a few times by RA fanvidders. Heather's version is uniquely her own and I love it. But I also like a version done by Yorkshirewench using clips from The Golden Hour.
Here is a link to her webpage. This page is the one for the Golden Hour video. You can click on Vimeo to watch her videos. She has posted her password as "butterfly".

Maria Grazia said...

My favourite vid with Coldplay's music is Fix You. I find it a perfect blend of images, lyrics and pacing, but we know Heather is unbeatable in that.
I 've got another one which I like to watch, it's by Juliet D001. It's a B/W Lucas/Elizaveta video on the melancholic "The Scientist". Do you know it?
Thanks, Phylly, for this lovely post full of good music and gorgeous images. Enjoy your weekend!

Phylly3 said...

Yes, I love that video too, MG! I love the way Juliet D001 shows the relationship between Lucas and Elizaveta. But I didn't want to repeat any of the songs and I also didn't have another North and South video. Videosbyloo's video just knocked my socks off right from the get go with the scene from the end of N&S where Margaret goes to Milton and we hear the Coldplay lines..."come up to meet you..." etc. It is soooo perfect. I love the thrumming music at the end where we see the train running and then Martin's Woo-hoooooo! as she gets off the train and sees Mr. Thornton. It is perfection, IMO. Thanks for mentioning the other one though, as I do like it very much!

Avalon said...

Very nice!

Fanny/iz4blue said...

Great post. Heathra's fix you is the only one I had seen before and N&S to The Scientist is marvelous. I love how videosbyloo starts w a shot from the end to the lyrics of the song and it makes sense, just fantastic! But my favorite is the one of RH to 42 by GiztheGunslinger Its epic because I did fall in love with the other characters too besides RA. The Technicolor vid is pure art. The link is actually easier for me as it opens op the YT app and I can save it or fave it which I can't do when embedded. I'll be checking those other vids too.

Phylly3 said...

@Avalon -- Thanks!
@iz4spunk -- Yes. videosbyloo's version of The Scientist is sooo well done. It fits the lyrics perfectly.
I hadn't heard the song 42 before and I love this video too. It's such a great tribute to all those characters!
Glad you liked the "Life in Technicolor" video. It's one of the first fanvids (other than RA ones) that I favourited.
Note to anyone reading this, you can go straight to Youtube if you click on the Youtube symbol or the title of the video (within the screen). They are all better to watch if you maximize the screen and watch in the highest resolution.
If anyone has any other Coldplay videos they love, please mention them!

fitzg said...

Phylly, I do agree, Sharon Small is much prettier than the book Havers. And I didn't really see a romantic connection between the book Havers and Lynley, either. That's TV!

PS, Librarians of the World Unite! Even if you're not Canadian - librarians are colleagues, too. A community.

fitzg said...

Dezmond, lovely to see you here!

Twinkling_moon said...

Hey everyone!

Gotta agree with Nat's comment: Coldplay + RA = winning combination :)

@phylly I have seen some of these vids before, I think it's great that you are using your blog as a way to highlight the great work out there!

Phylly3 said...

@fitzg- I wouldn't be surprised if there are quite a few of us library workers who are also RA fans! He does seem to attract the literary types. LOL
@Twinkling Moon -- Thank you! I had noticed while reading the profiles of my Youtube subscriptions that a lot of them mentioned they like Coldplay. So there was no shortage of fanvids out there! I am glad I was introduced to a couple of songs I wasn't so familiar with before.

Amber said...

I really liked the Coldplay vid featuring Robin (Jonas A.Look How They Shine). While being a committed RA fan, felt young Jonas was a bit disadvantaged by the casting/writing, etc. He had some very strong scenes, and I hope he has been able to continue and develop to his strengths.