Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Armitage Therapy

This one's for you Servetus!
Anyone feeling a little down-in-the-dumps? Has cabin fever set in? That time of the month? Well, forget chocolate or any other coping mechanism you might have. Here is a simple solution for you. Simply rest your eyes on one of your favourite pictures of Richard Armitage, and all your troubles will seem to slip away...
Don't try this at work though! (It is difficult to stifle the inevitable squeeing sounds.)
This picture is courtesy of the Robin Hood Promo Gallery at Richard Armitage Net which has lately updated some pictures (for which I am eternally grateful.)  I was alerted to this godsend by a Twitter from bccmee .
However the idea for this post was inspired by Servetus's latest offering:


Avalon said...

I have cabin fever too:(
Sick of cold weather..

tyme_4_t said...

Anyone feeling a little down-in-the-dumps? YES
Has cabin fever set in? YES
That time of the month? you guessed it....

Oh if I didn't have RA in his various forms on my computer background at work...I'd lose my mind! I would say on a good day, I only change my background once a day. Yesterday however, I kept my "happy file" (which includes pics of Matthew Macfadyen & Rupert Penry-Jones & Bruce Springsteen) OPEN all day - I must have changed my pics at least 10 times.

Cmon March 14th! BTW LOVE the Monet banner for the RA-ganza!

Traxy said...

As I've recently signed up for Slimming World, having calorie free alternatives for down-in-the-dumps days is very welcome! Thank you for this excellent idea!

... Although I still fancy chocolate ... A GUY OF GISBORNE COVERED IN IT! ;D

Anonymous said...

Oh man. Yum.

I almost never crave chocolate. I would say five or six times that I remember in the last two decades. Does that make me strange?

NovemberBride said...

Once I got the jam finished, I went SHOPPING!! Just groceries and the bookstore but it was out of this house!!So that took care of cabin fever. Plus, my littlest grands will spend the AM w/me. No time for dumps!! And I'm "that time of the month FREE",Glory Hallelujah! So no, no and no. =0) Yes, on the chocolate. I'll take two please. Make that the whole box.

That pic is one of favs. Have it on my hard drive along w/several others. Problem is, when the grands are here and one pops up on the screen, they'll yell, "Meemaw! Who is THIS man?!". Uhhh, a cousin in TX. Yeah, that's it.

Tyme, it thrills me to know about the puter background changing. I feel so goofy when I do, can I not make my mind up about ONE THING?! And what kind of granny would NOT have her grands up? They are BTW. For the moment!

RAFrenzy said...

@Servetus, I'm not a chocolate lover. Rarely eat it, so I understand.

@Phylly, Liking that Twitter, huh? :D