Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Caption Contest Winner

"Did she just call me John?"

The winner of Phylly's Faves first ever caption contest was tyme_4_t ! She received the majority of votes for her caption poking fun at the possible confusion one may feel for his character's name --being that so many are named John!

Congratulations dear and loyal blog reader, commenter (and fellow Canadian)! I have designed a special trophy for this auspicious occasion.  It is the RACCA (Richard Armitage Caption Contest Award). Though I believe I shall fondly refer to it as "the Gizzy"! (You may see the ressemblance if you look closely).

Thanks so much to all who participated either with captions or by voting!

This seems to be a popular time for awards ceremonies. Many bloggers have mentioned their happiness at Colin Firth's Golden Globe win for his performance as King George VI in The King's Speech.

I have yet to have the pleasure to see this wonderful film as I love anything to do with  
the Royal Family, Colin Firth in anything, and biopics in general.

Also my generous friend Dezmond from his wonderfully newsy film blog Hollywood Spy has posted his 2011 Annual Awards for his readers!  He was kind enough to mention me amongst a group of fellow Richard Armitage fans for his RA Angels Award! Isn't he sweet? :)


Avalon said...

Congratulations tyme_4_t!

tyme_4_t said...

Wow! Thanks!
First I'd like to thank the RAcademy for their votes. The "Gizzy" is a great award.
Some people like to write fanfic, others like to blog and yet others like to do vids. Me, I enjoy the caption contests (as well as the occasioinal limerick & haiku). It is my small contribution to this wonderful RA universe.

Now where is the afterparty for this award ceremony...New Zealand anyone?!? ;)

NovemberBride said...

Congrats on your award Phylly3!!! Wow, just think of it. I know a celebrity.

Ooo, an afterparty, Tyme?!! Who'd a thunk you'd pick New Zealand. Which, BTW, is a place I've wanted to visit since I first saw LotR. Honest.

Traxy said...

The Gizzy - great name. Great caption too! :) I thought Colin Firth's acceptance speech was fab. So it's either winning acting awards or getting a motorbike to solve a midlife crisis, eh? ;)

DEZMOND said...

he he glad you like the award, Phylly dahling :)

Phylly3 said...

@tyme_4_t -- New Zealand -- I WISH! Congratulations. You deserved it!
@NovemberBride -- A celebrity? Who knew? That Dezmond is such a generous soul. We should give him an award for putting up with so many RA fans who show up at his blog en masse to vote for Richard in his latest poll! :)
@Traxy-- Glad you like it. Anyone can borrow it for their own RACA presentation.
@Dezmond-- I DO! I really DO!