Saturday, February 5, 2011

Going Gaga for RA!

I guess I don't get out dancing much anymore, because until about a year and a half ago when I started watching fanvids for the first time, I had no idea about the pop sensation of  Lady Gaga! Then I saw Delicateblossom's Poker Face fanvid about Maid Marian and how she was playing Guy of Gisborne and I liked the video and song so much that I found myself googling Lady Gaga. I was a bit shocked I'll admit, by the overt  sexuality in her music videos, but I had to admire her style, her chutzpa, her clever lyrics, but mostly her vocal talent!

So I have once again gathered together some fanvids starring none other than my fave actor Richard Armitage (who else?!) this time set to Lady Gaga songs!

Poker Face / Delicateblossom

I really like this song, but especially the way it is used for this video. Maid Marian really does get very good at maintaining a "poker face".  She is playing the role of a lady who is "to the manor born", while secretly fighting injustice as "The Nightwatchman", aiding and abetting Robin Hood and his band of freedom fighters, and pretending to have a romantic relationship with Guy of Gisborne who is the enemy of her great love, Robin Hood.

Love Game / Princepessa55
Whew! Is it hot in here, or what? That driving rhythm and the suggestive lyrics mixed with pictures of you-know-who....well!  I just hope everyone here is over 18 (or just don't tell me!).

Alejandro / romana55
I wasn't crazy about this song (and I still don't really get it), but something about it just seems to work with Sarah Caulfield and Lucas North's relationship in series 8 of Spooks / M1-5. Maybe someone else can explain it to me?! :)
Annnnd....if this isn't seeing enough RA for you, here is a link to the Adult version of this video:

I Like it Rough / romana55

A homage to Guy of Gisborne in season 3 of Robin Hood.
Yes, the bad boy looks pretty rough all right, and yes! --I like it!

Beautiful Dirty Rich / Kitsunify

Well, we know who is beautiful here, and the Sheriff is definitely 'dirty rich'. This fun video shows the evil antics of the Sheriff and his erstwhile sidekick, the so-bad-he's-good Guy of Gisborne!

Telephone / mccpepper

Love this song! Lots of RA fans must agree because there are quite a few fanvids which use it. I thought this one best illustrates the lyrics of the song. It is a lot of fun to watch!

Have I missed any other good ones?  
Please let me know and I will update this selection.
Thanks very much to these talented vidders for sharing their work with us!


RAFrenzy said...

I think you got them all! :D

tully2shoes said...

I have them all too:)

Phylly3 said...

@RAFrenzy and @tully2shoes!
-- Which ones are your favourites? Do tell!

Maria Grazia said...

Great music down here! I've also just posted about dancing but, I'm afraid you are much ahead of me!!! :-) Love music vids + RA!

Fanny/iz4blue said...

That is MY story how I came upon Lady Gaga!! LOL You've got them all except that at least one other vidder has used Pokerface (looking for it now) and Trio used Alejandro recently! DB's version is our top favorite because the nightwatchmen story suites the song. The driving drumbeat in her songs makes them so erotic and it enhances Guy's •••appeal! LOL Lovegame has a LOT of innuendo referring to his sword. I never really took to "like it rough" Alejandro is so alluring about forbidden desire I LOVE it a lot. Telephone is a OK and so funny given the Lucas phone moments. Actually has been used twice too! LOL And kitsunify REALLY made him look naughty & nasty!! LOL and I just realize this one of hers I DON'T have!! *shock&horrors* I'll have to tell her about mobile syndication too!!
Thanks for the post my dear as you know I share your enthusiasm!!

Avalon said...

I love the Beautiful and Dirty Rich video, funny.

Didn't think Gaga would be your thing. You never cease to surprise me:)

I like her myself, I just do not care for the drama and controversy that follows. I think it was the same with Madonna when I was little, and no matter how hard my parents tried, I was watching her videos and buying her tapes regardless that it was against their rules.

I look at it like this; it is art, not real, just the artist's creation.

Phylly3 said...

@Maria Grazia -- LOL about the dancing -- they are certainly world's apart! I love your post btw! Dancing in Austen's time was all about communication between the sexes (both verbal and nonverbal). Today, it is still about communication but much less is left to the imagination and who could hear any conversation over the decibel level of the music? (Oh my! I am showing my age here!)
@iz4blue-- That's funny about how we both discovered Lady Gaga! You said "Alejandro is about forbidden desire" -- that makes sense about the Ice Queen and Lucas then. Because I think they both did desire each other despite the fact they were supposed to be spying on each other!
@Avalon-- Glad to surprise you! ;) I think Lady Gaga has much more talent than Madonna ever had. I was never a fan of Madonna, I'm still not quite sure why I like LG so much. Lyrics are very important to me so her songs must speak to me in some way. I really wish someone would make an RA video to the song "Bad Romance"! (It could be about GoG and Marian or Lucas and Sarah.)

NovemberBride said...

Yesssss! A video of Guy and Marion to Bad Romance. Video challenge time!! Someone? Anyone?

I am so behind. Again. First time I even heard of Gaga was when a friend sent a link to listen/watch the college guys do a flash video singing Bad Romance. I LOVED IT!!!! Especially their rendition. Later realized it was one of her songs. Acckk! Wish she'd get a clue but, I hate to admit it, I do like some of her songs. *hiding under desk from lightening strikes*

My fav of these? I Like it Rough. The beat, the visuals, the movement, but not the implication.
:( Or am I taking the lyrics the wrong way. I never know what these people are trying to say. Not worldly enough I guess, but then not sure I want to be. Naivete is my middle name.

Anonymous said...

There are some I haven't watch, so this is a great 'update' on fanvids.

My favourite is Lovegame, the rhythm, the scenes used are perfect for the song.

OML :)

Fanny/iz4blue said...

@Avalon & phylly3; I resisted Madonna until she did Vogue and then I was a gonner!! That and "holiday" my top songs from her; 2 opposites as can be!

RAFrenzy said...


I like all of these videos, but I have a special fondness for 'I Like It Rough' by Romana55.