Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Heads Up!

If he could see his shadow he would want to paint it!
I've been especially sleepy lately. I would be quite happy to hibernate!  Over at Me + Richard Armitage blog, Servetus has a poll where we can vote for how we'd like to keep warm with our favourite RA character. If the choice had been there, I might have picked under the covers here with Monet!

Where I live I don't need a Groundhog to tell me that there will be six more weeks of winter. If there even was a groundhog in my neck of the woods, he would be very foolish to want to stick his head out of his nice warm hole in this climate.  There wasn't any blizzard raging outside, (it was a sunny day), but a wind straight out of the Arctic belied the thermometer's measure.

Here is a wonderful review of one of my favourite movies, that I would watch any time of the year but is especially relevant today.
Groundhog Day with Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell

So I hope wherever you are you can believe that spring is just around the corner.  We can look forward soon to some RA sightings if our friends from Downunder can help us out with that, please?  Right now in New Zealand the dwarves are just starting to come out of their Hobbit holes. :)

Happy Groundhog Day!
RA is more likely to meet up with a wombat than this critter!


RAFrenzy said...

I was waiting for you to do Bill Murray! ROFLOL!! Love it!

bccmee said...

Hilarious blogpost! And I love that movie Groundhog Day. :)

Anonymous said...

No wombats in New Zealand, Phylly!

Phylly3 said...

@RAFrenzy -- Thanks! I finally found that Do Wah Diddy Award you gave me way back in August. I've been meaning to pass that one on for awhile! :)
@bccmee-- That movie is entertaining on so many levels. Plus it's hilarious! :)
@Anonymous -- Oops! I wasn't sure about the wombat reference. Thanks for correcting me. I have just discovered New Zealand's adorable native pig -- the Kune kune! (no relative to a groundhog, but an acceptable substitute nevertheless!

Avalon said...

Lol, cute photo of RA and the little groundhog.

Chilly and rainy here, but craving spring.

MaryKwizMiz said...

Remembered Groundhog Day on 1st Feb this year, thanks to Canadian(s)' head-up :) and duly checked Phil's prediction (even though German meteorologists warned us of more 'winter') and was chuffed to read that no shadow had been seen. I could doooo do with early spring. It's still wet, and cold-ish and grey on most days but thankfully no more snow. A bit of sun would make life so much moer pleasant.
Let's hope Phil is right, and in the meantime I watch the movie again. One of my all-time favourites (can't listen to 'I got you babe' without thinking of groundhogs :))
Have a lovely weekend, snow or no... you're on the right way with the inner warmth :)

Phylly3 said...

@Avalon -- "Craving spring" is right! I saw they were selling hyacinth and other spring bulbs which were showing their little green shoots in the grocery store yesterday. I almost bought one but I couldn't decide which one, and then I remembered I had a black thumb and couldn't bear to kill another poor houseplant. :( But it made me think lovely spring thoughts to see them!

Phylly3 said...

@TeeTotallyNot-- Funny that a Canadian would remind you of Groundhog Day. I learned somewhere that it was from German immigrants that the practise of predicting spring from a groundhog became popular in North America!
Do they not talk about Groundhog Day in Germany? Maybe North Americans just like quirky celebrations? In Canada, anything to do with Spring is the best medicine for treating the winter blahs!