Wednesday, April 20, 2011

There's nothing like a good rant!

My son phoned from University to tell me he was all finished exams and he had just voted in an advance poll for Canada's upcoming Federal election.  He always makes me proud but today -- I was even prouder than usual!  Last time there was a Federal election he was away at University and in the middle of exams, and well, he just didn't take the time to exercise his democratic rights.  Even after being encouraged and reminded by both his parents.  Not even comedian Rick Mercer could persuade him last time.

Rick Mercer's rant from 2 years ago.

Since that last election not too much has changed in Canada.  Sure, we had a worldwide recession, but Canada fared much better than a lot of other countries.  Prices are higher, wages not much, so you would think it should be business as usual in our Nation's capital (that would be Ottawa -- not Toronto, not Quebec City, and not Calgary) -- Ottawa, Ontario, the land of minority governments since 2004.

Canada is not a stranger to minority governments. In fact, it might seem that Canadians actually prefer them, since we elect so many of them.  Of course the governing party would prefer to have a majority, but since the voters have agreed to disagree, we expect those elected officials to just carry on and get along with the governing of our nation.  Sure, we know there will be a few disagreements, maybe even a little name-calling (not too much that the Speaker of the House can't handle), but basically -- we expect them to find a way to make things work.

Except that the minority government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper just can't seem to accept that it is in a minority.  It has tried twice before to get a majority and failed, and now here we go again with another expensive election so that Stephen Harper can attempt to achieve a majority government.

I love how Rick Mercer explains the likelihood of that happening:

Unfortunately that video was filmed a year ago and some people think Harper's chances are much better now to get his majority...

Two weeks ago Rick Mercer makes another appeal to the youth of our nation to exercise their freedom and get out and vote!

You tell 'em Rick!

Well, guess what?  This time they actually listened!  Students at the University of Guelph staged what they called a "vote mob".  It is a fun, positive, non-partisan student rally to encourage students to vote.  The movement has spread to many other Canadian universities across the country.

Is it any wonder that Canadians voted Rick Mercer one of our Greatest Canadians?  He came 50th in a poll that included politicians, scientists, sports stars, music and movie stars and many other celebrities.

Anyone who can inspire that much passion about the political process is a very special individual!

And just in case you thought I forgot ...Here is another special individual who inspires passion (at least to the female heart). ;)

Many of his fans have been voting for him lately in polls @ The Hunkies.


tyme_4_t said...

Rick Mercer for PM!!! And while I am at it...Jon Stewart for Prez!

Love the Slap Chop piece (no pun intended)

And that is a pic of RA I had not seen before...that just made my day!

Anonymous said...

Yup - we need the youth to go out and VOTE!!! We stand a much better chance of avoiding a Harper majority (yikes!) if they do.

Love Rick Mercer and Jon Stewart....Both of these talented individuals are so much more compelling, thought provoking and - dare I say it - intelligent than (most?) politicians.

Phylly3 said...

@tyme_4_t -- I know! Rick Mercer would be really should be in politics but he has said he won't do it, because then he'd have to rant at himself. :)
@calexora-- Hi there! I agree totally. I also like watching The Colbert Report. What part of Canada are you from? tyme_4_t is from the Maritimes, and I'm from smack dab in the middle of the country.

§arah said...

Hooray for Guelph, hooray for Rick Mercer, and hooray for democracy!

Also, IF social media has even a fraction as much influence as it did in this year's mayoral race in Calgary, and IF the youth actually do go out and vote this year, Stephen Harper's gonna get a a big shock on election day...

Avalon said...

Good luck with Canada's election. Wish we Americans could get it right:)

RAFrenzy said...

Oh, I know how you feel about your kid. I've only got one of mine so far who's said a thing about civic duty without me bringing it up first, but I was tickled.

And thanks for educating me about Canada. I'm really enjoying that.