Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meet Murray

Murray McLauchlan is a Canadian singer/songwriter who has been part of the Canadian music scene since the 1970s.  His first big hit was The Farmer's Song which didn't really appeal to me as it sounded very country style.  I didn't really take much notice of him until I heard Hard Rock Town, as the lyrics to this song really spoke to me.  When I heard his first Greatest Hits compilation, it made me realize what a talent he truly was.

Many years later I had the privilege of hearing him perform in my own home town.  Not many performers of his caliber ever make their way into my neck of the wood so I was very excited to hear him.  He did not disappoint! His performance was second to none, and even his between song chatting was pure entertainment in itself!  The only thing that bothered me was the behaviour of my hometown crowd.  They seemed barely energetic enough to give a decent applause.  I was mortified. I ended up trying to clap louder to make up for everyone else, until my hands stung and my arms ached!  I have seen this kind of reaction before in local crowds, and I really can't understand it!  If they had seen the same performance in a big city with a huge crowd -- they would have been screaming like crazy!  It's like they don't value anyone who would come to perform in such a small town. He actually came for our summer festival and because he had a friend here to stay with, the performance was just an extra treat he agreed to do.  I don't think he would bother doing it again, more's the pity.

Here is a short biographical video which discusses a greatest hits compilation produced in 2007.

Unfortunately, there are very few good videos of Murray McLauchlan's songs on Youtube.  I wanted to show you Hard Rock Town but the video includes Wolfman Jack (a radio DJ) dancing so it is pretty weird.  My other favourite song is Boulevard. I also am fond of Little Dreamer, but even better than that is Do You Dream of Being Somebody.  You can listen to short clips from his songs at  This next song is very nice too.  I am right in the mood for it too as it has been raining quite a bit here lately.

Whispering Rain

In this video Murray is accompanied by several other musicians including Ian Thomas (I mentioned him in my post Time Out with Phylly). This group is called Lunch at Allen's

I remember hearing that Murray McLauchlan quite enjoyed his visit to our little oasis in the wilderness.  Although he is from the big city of Toronto, he knows how to fly a bush plane and he enjoys fishing and hunting and that's what makes this dot on the map pretty special. 

I never really thought much about entertaining a celebrity here until very recently.  But I think this place would be a very restful hideaway for Richard Armitage, especially once he really hits the big time -- after his latest movies Captain America and especially The Hobbit are released.  I think it's a shame that he has a fear of dark water and I would do my very best to help cure him!  Almost all the lakes here have fairly dark water... but they are wonderful for swimming.  I wouldn't care how long it took for him to get over his fear.  I've got all summer while school is out!

I wouldn't suggest he wear this bathingsuit though. It might attract too much attention, don't ya think?


tyme_4_t said...

Murray McLauchlan - such a distint voice and one of those artists that I can't name too many songs but I know when I hear them I go oh yah I love that song. I do love Whispering Rain (the song....really sick of ACTUAL rain here in the maritimes!)

Didn't think you could link this one to RA...but WOW you got the speedo shot to work with the post :) LOL & applauding :) (although he is actually sexier in a white T & jeans ;) )

Phylly3 said...

Thanks stopping by and leaving a comment t4t! I was feeling a bit lonely here... :) MM has so many fine songs but it is very hard to find nice music videos for them.
Glad you liked my attempt at an RA manip. I don't have a proper graphics program so it is very rough.
I think I can find a way to link RA to almost any thought in my head!! But I'm not obsessed, oh no, not me! Couldn't possibly be, well ... maybe a little ... yeah, rather a LOT really!
I should be worried if it wasn't so much darn fun!

DEZMOND said...

thanks for that speedo naughtiness, Phylly :) That picture of RA is now a legendary one :)

Phylly3 said...

@DEZZ -- Don't I know it! Someday I'll have to do a better job of that manip. Thanks for your comment! :)