Friday, November 11, 2011

More poppies

Last year when I went with a poppy-laced theme for Remembrance Day, my blogger friend Avalon Medieval made me realize I had missed a very iconic scene about poppies from the movie "The Wizard of Oz".  As the Wicked Witch of the North cackles, "Poppies will put them to sleep!"  We see Dorothy and her fellow travellers in the midst of a huge field of magical poppies, which have the poisonous effect of causing eternal slumber.

 Please click this link to the poetry website of author Josie Whitehead to read her poem which is a tribute to Remembrance Day:  Flower of the Eternal Sleep.

Screencap from Strike Back courtesy of Richard Armitage Central Gallery

Canada's Military has lost 158 soldiers to the land of the poppies. This webpage honours all of the fallen Canadians who gave their lives in service to Canada while striving to help the people of Afghanistan.

A section of Canada's Highway 401 between Trenton and Toronto, Ontario was renamed the Highway of Heroes to honour Canada's fallen soldiers as this is the route of the family and the military convoy carrying the body from the ceremony at Canadian Forces Base Trenton to Toronto.

Highway of Heroes / by Pete Fisher (2008)

The Canadian Hero fund is a charity to provide scholarships
for the children and spouses of fallen soldiers.

Here is Rick Mercer proudly wearing a poppy
and reminding us to pay our respects on Remembrance Day.

Some people seem to feel that a white poppy (as a symbol of peace) is a better choice to wear.  I definitely agree that peace is what we all need to work at.  But for Remembrance Day, the traditional red poppy, which symbolizes sacrifice and honours those who gave their lives to protect others, is the respectful choice.  One can choose a white poppy on another day of the year.

Canadian troops began returning from Afghanistan in June 2011.  I am sure all the families will be breathing a sigh of relief this Christmas.

Gari Glaysher sings Bring Him Home : a tribute to the Afghan heroes, from Les Miserables

I can't mention poppies without remembering The Poppy Family one of my favourite Canadian bands from the 1970's.  The group included husband and wife Susan and Terry Jacks.  I love the sound of Susan's voice. I was going choose their song Evil Grows, but then I found this song which seems much more appropriate to this day.

I Was Wondering / The Poppy Family


Anonymous said...

Today I remember our father, an officer in the Royal Canadian Navy, and veteran of the North Atlantic convoys during WWII. Gratitude for the father and friend he was throughout his 87 years. And our mother, a "Wren" in the Royal Navy.

Though we have been a family of pacifism and peacekeeping and diplomacy, we know that war is an inescapable element of the human condition. And if war is inevitable, you go to serve, no matter what, for the future generations.

My thoughts today are with our 2011 Silver Star Mother, whose lost her son to the efforts in Afghanistan. And for all serving personnel remaining there.


Phylly3 said...

@fitzg - We are so lucky that our parents made it through such a dangerous time of their lives. Otherwise we would not be here! Thanks so much for stopping by with your heartfelt comment.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful remembrance post Phylly. Thanks.

Phylly3 said...

@calexora - Thanks Callie! I hope you are doing okay. Glad you stopped by.

bccmee said...

It's so important to remember, I agree! Wow I haven't watched Rick Mercer in years. He makes a great point here in a humorous way.

Phylly3 said...

@bccmee - I didn't know Rick Mercer was known much outside of Canada. I just love him! He always manages to say everything I wish I could have said, while also injecting some humour into everything.

bccmee said...

@phylly3: I don't think many in the states know Rick Mercer, but when I lived in Seattle I could pick up some Canadian stations. I also loved to watch Little Mosque on the Prairie. Is that show still on?

Phylly3 said...

@bccmee- Yes it is, but Season 6, starting after the New Year, will be it's last one. It is pretty amusing, but I haven't been a regular viewer. Here is a link to the very first episode:

Phylly3 said...

Unfortunately my comment options do not include clickable links, but if anyone wants to watch it you can copy and paste the address into your browser address bar.