Monday, November 28, 2011

Richard III Fan Art

I've been meaning to get to this post for quite some time!  CDoart has been running this Richard III fan art theme all month on her King Richard Armitage blog.  Recently the petition has passed the 500 mark!

Then, just when I was almost ready to post, my computer crashed.  It is now in the shop and I am praying I didn't lose my RA picture collection (which is replaceable but took many months of joyful snaffling to compile). What is not so easily replaced are the downloaded fan vids from some vidders who are no longer anywhere to be found -- hello Sooth -- are you out there?  (Not to mention my holiday snaps and personal photos -- waaaahhh!)
Anyway.... back to this topic...

I did a Richard III post back in August for Richard III week where I had a few Face in Hole pictures of Richard Armitage as Richard III.  Here is a new one with a different background.  This one is from Al Pacino's portrayal of the monarch in Looking for RichardGuy of Gisborne looks very regal in this crown, eh?

But rather than me messing around with Face in Hole (which I love, of course) because it is so easy to use!  There are real talented artists out there who know how to do a real work of art or proper manip with better graphic software!

Here are two from TeaTotallyNot. In the first one see how she brings a Renaissance look to the portrait with her use of light.  It looks rather like a Dutch master!

The next one is even more stunning.  Although it looks more like a photograph than a painting, the details are amazing.  I am wondering especially how she did those hands!  The placement of the fingers and the rings are just like the painting!

This is proof of a real master of photomanipulation at work!

Now I will need to repost a painting done by Elizabeth Alger.  I interviewed her during the FanstRAvaganza last March. Elizabeth is an author and illustrator who is also a fan of Richard Armitage and Richard III.

You are welcome to check out the other artists' Richard III fan art here.


Gratiana Lovelace said...

Hi Phylly3,
I'm a knight in shining armour girl, so I really love the pix with RA on horseback. The others are very nice, too.
Cheers! Grati ;->

Faboamanto said...

These are fabulous Phylly! I think Richard looks so good in armour. Always fun to discover new artists.

CDoart said...

What a wonderful fan-art collection, even with his motto. King Richard looks so very fetching!
This knight surely gets all the hearts of all ladies around and can collect tokens of their favour ;o)

Phylly3 said...

@Grati - A Knight in shining armour is certainly worth dreaming about especially if played by RA! I need to try and get my hands on Elizabeth Alger's new book. She writes about a knight who is modelled after Richard!!
@Faboamanto - Yes, it is great to see new artists. I need to check out your latest post in more detail. The artist you have spotlighted looks very interesting, and very talented as well!
@CDoart - Yes that motto is a nice touch. This painting is so realistic it seems like a photo!

MaryKwizMiz said...

probably because it is a simple photo manipulation.. I wish I had the time to paint ;)

bccmee said...

These are great compositions! I'm really enjoying all the talented RA cReAtions! Thanks to you and the artists.

des pinceaux et des aiguilles said...

Thoughtful blog, thanks for sharing