Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Catching up with FanstRA

What a fabulous outpouring of creativity this man inspires! I have barely scratched the surface of reading all the posts that were planned for last week's celebration of Richard Armitage blogs.  But what I have seen so far was amazing!  Please forgive me if I haven't commented on your posts yet.  I had a problem with Gravatar which wouldn't allow me to post a comment to any Wordpress blogs.

As you may have read, I was on a holiday in Mexico for March Break last week.  I was staying with friends in a condo right on the beach at Nuevo Vallarta.  It was paradise, except for one thing... barely any Internet connectivity.  Yeah, I know... I shouldn't be on a computer when I'm on holiday.  I should be having fun in the sun!  Well, I did!  But... it's not fair to have this huge blockbuster blogfest without being able to participate!

When I saw that Bccmee was handing out medals to her blog commenters, I started to pout, as her blog (being on Wordpress) was one I tried and failed to comment on.  So I emailed her my sad story and she made me my very own medallion.  Awww! Thanks Bccmee! :)  Last year I missed out on the Gold Coins she awarded, because I was in Hawaii!  Here's hoping FanstRA#4 won't have to happen during my March Break.. Pretty please?

By the way, thanks to everyone who visited here last week.  It was great to see the comments from new visitors and also from my much appreciated regular commenters!  I still intend to reply to everyone individually.

I only had 8 replies to my poll asking about problems people were having posting here.  There were 3 people who had an occasional problem, and 2 people have given up trying!  One of you, I already know. For anyone else having problems, please send me an email and perhaps I may be able to help you.  I am still investigating the problem.  I believe it has something to do with "cookies".  Erasing the browser's cache was one suggestion I found.  I certainly know how frustrating it is not to be able to comment, especially after this recent episode with Gravatar.  But whether you like to comment or not, thanks for visiting!  I hope you will keep coming back for more! :)

If you missed any posts from FanstRAvaganza 3, please check out this great directory to all the posts made by CDoart.


bccmee said...

The directory is very helpful indeed! :) What a great team effort was put into FanstRAvganza 3. Next year, maybe we can play "Where in the world is Phylly?" *giggle* Glad you had fun on your holiday.

Phylly3 said...

LOL *still giggling*! That sounds like fun! Thanks again for my medal! :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, and happy you had a great holiday. Still catching up, too. Servetus did a wonderful job of organisation!

Wasn't away, but it is a month of focusing on house maintenance/contractors etc. A bit late now, but sort of wish that Fanstra were around August? (Well, everyone is on summer vacation then. So maybe not a great thought.) Anyway, the March date is a good winter break, too. Except in the southern hemisphere?....Well, we can't cover it all. And it was terrific this year!


Phylly3 said...

Servetus did a wonderful job of organizing this ever expanding event! You are getting your house worked on? Wow! I'll bet that is hard to live with. I don't know when would be a better date for everybody. I'll just have to roll with the punches as I usually do. :) Thanks for visiting!