Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Passing on the Do Wah Diddy Award

I have been remiss in not passing on the honour of this Award much sooner.  Frenz created the Do Wah Diddy Diddy Award as a tribute to those who like Bill Murray as well as music and good times!

I was eligible because of my Dentist themed post where I included a scene from Little Shop of Horrors where he plays a cheerfully masochistic patient to Steve Martin's role as the sadistic dentist.

I also blogged about the movie Groundhog Day last year, which I consider his best role yet, although I thoroughly enjoyed him in Ghostbusters and What About Bob?

This is what Frenz has stipulated as the criteria for the award:
It may be passed onto two bloggers who have you musing, “Yeah, I’d like to party with them.” But only two since oftentimes finding more can be a real hassle. Most important the recipients must not take themselves too seriously, which means they have to have some affection for Bill Murray. No Bill Murray love, no award. Fine Print: must like at least one thing — skit, movie, whatever –with Bill Murray.

So now, finally... Be it known that Phylly is passing on the Do Wah Diddy Award!  (The hardest part is finding the Bill Murray enthusiasts).  There are lots of RA fans I would like to party with!

I hereby award the Do Wah Diddy Diddy Award to....

1.  RAFrenzy-- I would dearly love to meet this fun loving lady as we do seem to have a LOT in common (besides the obvious admiRAtion for a certain actor).  I first "met" her on Nat's RAfanblog.  Than I came to admire how she has made her blog the go-to place for examining everything to do with the RA fandom from an ever increasing Addict list to a lexicon of the fan lingo. 
I am quite sure any get together with Frenz would be a party in itself!  It only seems fair to return the favour, since she created the award, she deserves it the most herself -- and also should have another chance to award it to another blogger! 

2. Jazzbaby1 --  I enjoy the musical interludes and spoken poetry featured on her blog which is always mixed with a healthy dose of insightful humour.  We must have a lot in common as I was going to choose that same blog background as she has - with the blue sky, and green grass. It's one of my most fave colour combos as it makes me feel very cheerful!  It was nice to read her opinions of that ceRtAin actor we all know and love during FanstRAvanganza 3 week.  And now I have recently learned she is also quite fond of Bill Murray!

So there you go ladies, your turn to pass it on...

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jazzbaby1 said...

Wow, thanks Phylly3! I'd love to party with both of you, too. *Skips off happily humming the lounger version of the "Star Wars" theme."