Monday, July 16, 2012

My second dReAm

Last night I had my second dream about Richard Armitage.  It was a bit more focused than the tiny scene in my previous dream, and probably influenced by some of the unrest in the fandom lately as well as some feelings of paranoia from my recent reading of The Hunger Games series.

Sarah Smart played Carol
RA looked like Spooks8 Lucas
In my dream, I wasn't myself (at least I didn't look like myself - I believe I may have looked somewhat like Carol in Sparkhouse, [wishful thinking indeed!]).  I don't remember how it came to be, but I seemed to be showing Richard around the capital city of my country, Ottawa, Ontario Canada.  (This is quite odd as I live very far away and have only visited there twice in my life!).  Anyway, I remember we were at a scenic spot and I was pointing out the Parliament buildings, which he seemed interested in visiting.  

As he was talking, I suddenly realized he wasn't using his normal speaking voice, with his mellifluous British accent, but I suppose was trying out a North American accent.  I noticed finally when he started to slip up and his natural voice kept slipping through.   I said something encouraging like, 'don't worry you are doing really great,' but he became very embarrassed and decided to hurry back to his hotel.  I followed along trying to find out what was wrong and hoping to help.  When we arrived at the hotel, suddenly it wasn't a hotel anymore but something like a Rest Home, which was filled with little old ladies who were treating him very carefully and making a point of keeping me from him in a rather aggressive way.

I awoke feeling quite sad, disappointed and confused.   I would be interested in anyone's thoughts as to what this dream means.  I could guess myself, but I'd rather hear other people's ideas.

Here is a lovely video by FedoraLady, just to make me feel better.

Dreamer: Richard Armitage / by Fedoralady


jazzbaby1 said...

The Armitage Biddy Committee strikes again is my guess but what do I know. Love the post, phylly3!

Phylly3 said...

Armitage Biddy Committee! LOL!! ABC for short - perfect! That part is pretty obvious, but the Carol part and the accent and the parliament buildings ... hmmm ... it's deeper than I thought at first!

Anonymous said...

Jazzy's onto something with the ABC. He has that new movie lined up, maybe he was working on his accent for that. I've got nothing for why you looked like Sarah Smart. Too bad your dream couldn't have ended as well as it started. :(

Phylly3 said...

Yes, there is that new movie coming out and some talk of whether or not he'd have his original accent or not. Good call, Memyselfandwhoknows!
I am thinking that since Carol's character is not much liked in the fandom, that might mean something. But I love her!

Anonymous said...

You're identifying with Carol because you are paranoid and feeling guilty about writing a blog heavily featuring an actor who is in dire need of ABC protection! :D :D :D (Good one, Jazz!)


CDoart said...

I like your 'old ladies' classification for the one's keeping you from him ;o)
I agree with the accent as an indication for future U.S. roles.
I think, when he spends more time in the U.S., the right accent will follow quite naturally.
But I have no idea regarding the parliament building, except it is a building I always wanted to see, so perhaps it appears in your dream, because it is such a beautiful place?

Phylly3 said...

@Fitzg - That sounds right. I am identifying myself with her because I have always been sympathetic towards her and felt people have not understood her character. Thanks Fitzg!

@Cdoart - I believe I was explaining to Richard about the House of Commons which is where our freely elected members of parliament discuss (very raucously most times) the laws of the land and our future role as a nation.

Servetus said...

We're all hopeful he can do that N. American accent with ease when push comes to shove. :)

I had a nightmare about this situation last night and have been debating about whether to blog about it myself.

Phylly3 said...

Oh dear - nightmares aren't any fun! You can see how upset we get when some of these incidents invade our dreamlife. However you have so much going on in your life right now, it's not wonder you are sleeping peacefully. :(

Phylly3 said...

I meant to say, "It's no wonder you aren't sleeping peacefully."

Jonia's cut said...

Hello Phylly :) Here is wonderful site with dream symbols
interpretation is very close to psychic condition of a man.

bccmee said...

Very interesting dream! A lot of the previous commenters have some good input. Many dream experts believe that dreams can only really be interpreted by the dreamer. They mean what the dreamer thinks they mean. :)

Are you going to check in with your final analysis?

Phylly3 said...

@Jonia - Thanks for the website. It didn't work at first, but I checked it again and it was very helpful.

@bccmee - Good idea, maybe I will revisit this when I've got it figured out. I am still hoping to get others' insights.