Sunday, March 31, 2013

Good Egg / Bad Egg

Start with a RAw egg
I've been hunting for Easter egg treats for all of us Richard Armitage fans.  Now, we all have our favourite characters -- but some of them are much nicer than others.  I am partial to the good ones - like Harry Kennedy, John Standring, and John Thornton. So, because we shouldn't put all our eggs in one basket, I have divided them up between the good and the bad eggs.

What is your choice for best egg?

In North and South, it took Margaret Hale quite a while to realize than Mr. Thornton was not such a bad egg as she first supposed. The mini series had her encounter him in the cotton mill as he was beating a mill hand for smoking.  This was a very dangerous and foolish thing to do with flammable cotton fibres flying around in the air.  As Mr. Thornton later explained -- he had seen the results of a mill destroyed by a fire from someone smoking and the needless deaths it caused.

Mr. Thornton seemed like a bad egg to Margaret Hale
When she finally realized what a good man he really was - it was almost too late, as she feared she had lost favour in his eyes, and then she had to move back to London.  But, although he appeared to be a hard-boiled businessman Thornton really had a soft centre (much like a Cadbury cream egg)!  He tracked her down to London (in the book) or halfway between London and Milton in a train station (in the miniseries).  Either way, it was an EGGcellent ending!
Thornton's shell is finally cracked
Oh so sweet!

 Here is a collection of bad eggs.

 Clockwise from front left:  Guy of Gisborne, Lucas North a.k.a. John Bateman, John Mulligan, Bill Chatford, Heinz Kruger, Percy Courtney. 
(If you don't know who some of these characters are, check out the pictures at Richard Armitage Central Gallery.)

Probably you won't agree with all my choices.  For instance, it pained me to put Lucas in with the bad eggs, because he wasn't at first (well he was -- but he WASN'T)!  Oh dear, you see my dilemma?  Also I realize the Gisborne contingent will have a convincing argument why Guy does not belong in the bad egg category.  We all think the love of a good woman could have saved him.  Even though we know that doesn't really work in real life - but why not in a fantasy world?  

And the Good Eggs!
Clockwise from top left: Oh look! It's Lucas North again. You see?  Since he's a split personality, maybe he's really a good egg that got devilled!  Next to dear Lucas it's Claude Monet, then sweetie John Standring, then Thorin Oakenshield, Harry Kennedy, Alec Track, John Porter, John Thornton,  Ian Macalwain.

Doesn't he look wonderful 
all dressed up for a special occasion?
Those who follow in the fandom know that 
Richard Armitage is himself a very good egg.

Who are some of the characters I have missed?


Gratiana Lovelace said...

Hi Phylly,
Are Percy & Ricky up there? Ha!
This was gReAt! Have a Happy Easter!
Cheers! Grati ;->

Phylly3 said...

Hi Grati!
Percy is definitely in the bad egg bunch. But I couldn't decide about Ricky. He looked the part of a baddie, but the detective who suspected him of a crime ended up with egg on his face!

tyme4t said...

What an egg-cellent post!
I think guy could be in the good egg box too....he turned into a relatively good guy near the end.
Oh and Lucas in the good box - John B in the bad box...although in my world John B doesn't egg-ist but that's a whole other story!
Hope your Easter is filled with blessings, happiness and chocolate!
<3 tyme4t

Phylly3 said...

Haha! I knew someone would want Guy in the good egg category. I love him too - but his good deeds didn't quite outweigh his bad deeds for me anyway.
You are right about Lucas / Bateman. To tell you the truth I picked the wrong picture at first - and it was too much trouble to fix it. (Horrors! I'm admitting my laziness to the world!)
I should have had another category, I guess, like not-so-fresh eggs?
Cause once an egg's gone bad - there's no going back!