Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pick up the phone!

Why hello there!  Thank you for calling.

This is one of my usual sorts of posts, combining my love of music and popular culture with my current obsession fascination with actor Richard Armitage.  New visitors just here for RA stuff can scroll down to the end of the post where I finally get around to mentioning the real reason you are here...

My love of songs about phones goes way back... All the way back to a Warner Brothers cartoon that we got to watch in movie theatres before the main feature (back in the day before advertisements took over).  Later on it showed up on television on the Bugs Bunny Show, but there's no bunny in it.  Just a very unusual frog.  A singing frog!

I used to sing this song like crazy when I was a kid!

The next video was brand new to me, but apparently was a hit in 2009.
It is by a Canadian band from Toronto, Ontario.
It's very catchy, and has been remixed for dancing but I prefer the original version.
See what I learn when I do these posts?

Pick up the Phone / Dragonette

Phylly's Favourite Phone songs:

My all-time fave!

Operator/ Jim Croce

My second-most fave!

Brings back my teen years! It hit #1 in Canada in 1976.  I used to hang out in a local restaurant and get my friend, who was waitressing there to play this song over and over and over...

Other Faves:

This song is such a classic and brings back my childhood.  I just noticed that it has been covered quite nicely by R.E.M. but Campbell's version still does it for me

Witchita Lineman / Glen Campbell

Now, this song brings back memories of viewing Richard Gere's full frontal in American Gigolo. I sat through that movie twice so I could catch another glimpse!  But Blondie's music really can stand on its own.  She was a fabulous singer with an original sound that was captivating!

Sylvia's Mother / Dr. Hook
This song is so pathetic it is almost funny.  But I love it very much.  It is great fun to sing!

I have to give the RA fandom credit for introducing me to Lady Gaga. I hadn't heard of her until I started watching fanvids back in 2009.  There are at least two RA fanvids to her song Telephone.  One I have already featured on my blog in my fanvid tribute to La Gaga.  Here is the other one:

Telephone- Lady Gaga (Lucas fanvid) by  Behind Blue Eyes - mixed Armitage roles

Many fans of Richard Armitage have noticed his characters seem to spend quite a bit of time on the phone.  In fact someone has devoted a whole blog to just this theme!

Here is RA fan blogger / graphic artist and fanvidder Bccmee's contribution to this theme which she featured on her blog awhile ago:

Please follow this link to her blog post: 

I love it when a fan turns one of his commercial voice-overs into a video!

Richard Armitage reads 02 Offer ("Better Connected") advert / by NotEvenAnOuch

Oh yes!  Before I forget... Check out this page at Richard Armitage Central for 
Richard Armitage's voice on a Ringtone!
RAC RA Ringtones

I've got to try one of those!

One more song I just love to sing is
I just called to say I Love You /  by Stevie Wonder
I can't help it! I love this song right down to the "cha-cha-cha"!

So I couldn't help myself... I had to make this video.  (Please forgive me!)
If the sound doesn't work - try this link:

Do you have any favourite songs about telephones?
And... which ringtone would you prefer?

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Anonymous said...

Mr Armitage, this is crazy,
Here's my number, Call Me Maybe ?!?
Oh, you're messing with our heads by reminding us that people actually do get calls that start with: Hi this is Richard/Rich!
Now I'm jealous of his local Chinese takeaway restaurant!!!

Collar City Brownstone said...

Richard's characters do spend a lot of time on the phone but no other man looks as good as Richard doing so.

Happy FanstRAvaganza Phylly!!!

Faboamanto said...

I love Jim Croce too - you're bringing back sweet memories...and I used to watch the Glen Campbell show in the old days ;)

No one looks as good with a phone whether cell phone or land line as our man! Great FanstRA post!

CDoart said...

My very German absolute favourite about telephones is the following: YouTube - Kein Schwein ruft mich an, sung by Max Raabe Translated it would be something like 'no pig calls me, no 'pig' (other word for it) is interested in me, as long as I live here, the telephone remains silent ...'
Very funny song and I already have laugh tears in my eyes alone from writing this and remembering this song ;o)

Anonymous said...

If I could just switch the multitudinous 1-800 calls to all chirping, "Hello, it's Richard. Dinner tonight?"


tyme4t said...

I have 7 numbers for you....
8-6-7-5-3-0-9 (love this song)

Love to have Richard read the phone book to me...only he could make it sound sexy!


Servetus said...

I have zero positive associations of any kind with phones -- but Armitage sure does look great with his fingers wrapped around one. Or maybe his fingers look great with Armitage attached to them? :)

Phylly3 said...

Thanks for all the comments! Sorry I haven't been diligent in answering right away!
@Agzym - Oh, to hear his voice on my phone would drive me CRAZY! - but that is what the Ring tones are for! :)

@Xenia- Yes, he certainly does look good on the phone. Maybe it is because we get to see his hands and his face at the same time?

@Faboamanto - Glad I could bring back some good memories. That video of Jim Croce is pretty special. I hope it doesn't disappear!

@CDoart- Thanks for mentioning that funny phone song and for the link! I wish I could understand it all. I should show it to my sister-in-law as she can understand German. I have actually heard of Max Raabe. It was on the Letterman Show when Julianna Margulies was being interviewed - She said her husband was a big fan of his. Here's the interview:

@fitzg - Wouldn't that be a dream come true?!!

@tyme4t - Great song! Thanks for mentioning it. I had forgotten about that one.

@Servetus - It must be the hands to the face that is extra attractive. Now I'm interested in your negative phone associations. Perhaps we could treat that if you were bombarded with pictures of RA on the phone? :)